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Looking For Motivation

S had a second surgery to remove additional tissue two weeks ago. Test results indicated that S was just over the line that is used to determine whether or not chemo is needed. S decided to have chemo. S changed her next hair appointment from a $200 color update to a buzz cut session. S scheduled her first dose of chemo for April 10th and tried to mentally prepare herself for the chemo side effects.

S stopped by yesterday while I was working in the yard on spring clean-up. S’s surgeon had returned from a medical conference where a new test was announced that is more accurate in determining the need for chemo. S scheduled the $2,000 test which is not covered by insurance. The buzz cut has been put on hold pending test results.

I’m hoping S doesn’t need chemo. I’ve had chemo so I know what it can do to one’s body and mind. It’s a difficult road to travel.

I continued to work in the yard for four more hours while memories from my cancer treatment ran through my mind. My body aches today. I’m having a hard time finding motivation to continue working on the clean-up. The new roof is on so perhaps I’ll clean and re-hang the fifty something pieces of art that are leaning against walls and furniture. For now, I’m going to have a lazy morning lounging in the family room with my feet on the ottoman while I look through a stack of garden books Trish dropped off last weekend.

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Re-launch Cancelled

G cancelled two hours before dinner claiming a lingering sore throat he had all week took a turn for the worse. He did sound congested but why wait until the last minute? We spoke last night and he sounded fine. Tentative plans were made for next weekend. I’m not going to be waiting by the phone for a call.

I didn’t want to stay home on Friday night so I jumped in the car and headed to the galleries. I managed to hit RiNo, Navaho and the Santa Fe art districts in just a few hours. Ice Cube had a stellar show of works by Kristen Bartel and Amber Fries. Pirate had wonderfully crisp wall sculptures by Collin Parson in the main gallery. Edge had a group show with outstanding paintings by Sue Simon and Terry Lee Maker. Spark had beautiful pastel abstract drawings by Keith Howard. Kate McGuinness had an intriguing monotype in Spark’s north gallery member’s show. Sue Simon also had an abstract painting in the member’s show that would great in my house. I may have to splurge on a new piece of art.

I had to eat dinner alone but I saw some unbelievably beautiful art tonight. It turned out to be a great night.

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Date Night

I had two dates with G last summer. He asked me to dinner on a Friday night and then to brunch the following weekend. G never returned my call after the second date. I didn’t follow up with a second call thinking he wasn’t interested. I ran into a mutual friend at a holiday party who said G was still interested. I told the mutual friend to have him call me after the holiday season. G called on Tuesday. We’re having dinner tonight. He’s a few years older than me so we should be able to have an interesting conversation. I’m not sure if this re-launch will be successful but it’s worth a try.

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The roof replacement starts tomorrow. Materials will be delivered later today. It’s a two and a half day job. I’ve had to remove the artwork from the walls so it doesn’t fall from the vibrations of removing the old roof and nailing the new one. The interiors look naked without art on the walls. The winning bid, along with two others, came in about four thousand lower than the bid from my neighbor. I guess that’s why he drives a Cadillac Escalade and his wife has a BMW convertible.

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I ran into Davis at the gym on Saturday afternoon. I met him shortly after I moved to Denver in 1989. I used to run into Davis at charity fundraisers and Pridefest but I haven’t seen him much in the last few years. He’s a good looking guy in his early sixties. We always have a nice chat when we see each other.

Davis told me he’s been dating a guy for the last few months but was pulling the plug last night. Davis said didn’t have a lot in common with the twenty-seven-year-old guy. Davis called me a bitch when I said the guy was young enough to be his grandson. I wished him well before he went to the locker room to get cleaned up before heading to the last supper.

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I had to work on two smaller product lines this week. It’s been a trying experience because I’m working with two software engineers with questionable skills and abilities. They seem to screw up simple tasks yet get an attitude when I reject their code. Both men have many years of experience which make wonder why they perform so poorly. I miss the team I work with on the flagship product. They are humble and do a great job. I’ll resume working with them next week. I’m looking forward to the weekend.

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Sentence Of The Day

This gem was in an email I received this morning:

Our review on Thursday will be from 8:30 – 10:00 since I have another call than but if we run over I’ll just miss the change control call but if we don’t run over I’ll join the change control call in any case I’ll update the calendar to and send out a new meeting invite.

What a mess!

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