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Hanging With Lena

I met Lena at the art museum yesterday morning to check out V3H1CL3, a cardboard and Styrofoam installation by Jason Rogenes. I thought the installation would provide inspiration for Lena’s set designs. She loved the piece and immediately listed a number of upcoming projects where she could use Jason’s technics. We wandered through the most of galleries in the Hamilton building and checked out The American West in Bronze, 1850–1925 exhibit before having lunch at Cap City Tavern.

I was happy to see Lena. She is so much fun. She’s an amazing and incredibly talented artist. Her critiques and opinions of the art gave me a new perspective on the works.

Lena told me she’s cutting back on set design because the manufacturing business has taken off and she needs to devote more time to making money in order to support her artistic adventures. She’s a partner in the enterprise along with being head of design. I never thought Lena would be a business woman but she seems to acclimating to her responsibilities. Success seems to be just around the corner.

I have tentative plans to take Lena to an artist’s studio next Saturday to get her opinion on a painting I’m considering for purchase and to see the upcoming Tom Wesselmann retrospective at the DAM in mid-july. I’m hoping she doesn’t flake out again.

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Instant Landscape

Yesterday afternoon I went out to feed the koi and was surprised to see trees had been planted in princess’ yard. Six tall mature trees now line the south end of the back yard screening the most of the two-story house from my view. An additional twelve trees are planted along the east and north sides of the back yard. The trees range from twenty-five to thirty feet tall. I was elated. I was trying to figure out what I could plant that would quickly grow and provide privacy. Princess has solved that problem. The only down side is the trees are deciduous so there will less privacy in the cold months. Princess must have spent a fortune on these trees.

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Pictures Of My Garden




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Natalie & Chihuly

Double A scored eight free tickets to the Natalie Cole concert at the Denver Botanic Gardens tonight. Double A has a high profile position so we don’t have to stand in line with the other attendees who starting lining up early this morning. Eileen planned a picnic dinner before the concert. I was assigned dessert so I whipped up a batch of oatmeal craisin bars last night. It’s the first concert of the summer season for me. I’ll also get to see the Chihuly show which opened last week at the DBG. It should be a fun evening.

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After The Party

It was Pride weekend in Denver. It was a non-stop tour of bars, parties, dinners and meeting friends that started on Friday night with Double A at a big bear-oriented dance party and ended last night at the Wrangler with Mike, Chris and Mr. K. The local news reported 100,000 people lined the parade route while a friend from The Center said overall attendance was 350,000. That’s a lot of people having a lot of fun.

I’m having a hard time focusing on work today. I have a pride hangover, not from alcohol, but from a long weekend of fun with friends. I wonder if I’ll make it to the gym today.

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Rabbit For Breakfast

There’s nothing like being awakened by the sound of a young rabbit pleading for its life before your cat bites its head off. The cat has been on a relentless hunt for rabbits and birds. I have found countless remains in the rear courtyard garden. I wish Ferdinand would find a new killing field so I don’t have to see the carnage every time I walk out the family room door into the garden.

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Sunday’s Adventure

A quick trip to a local garden center with Mike on Sunday afternoon soon turned into an adventure. Stops were made at Home Depot, McDonalds and Ace Hardware followed by trip to a First Bank ATM so Mike could get cash. Along the way Mike was texted by Neill, Garrett, Sharky and WD which led to a meet-up at the Wrangler. The group was soon joined by Anthony and Mike’s partner, Chris. A few guys who attended the Denver Comic Con showed up in costume. After a few hours at the bar, Mike, Chris, Neill and I hightailed it to the Ship Tavern in the Brown Palace Hotel for a much needed dinner. Mike graciously picked up the dinner tab so we were off to the valet to retrieve the car. Mike, Chris and I headed home after dinner while Neill left to meet other friends for darts at the R&R.

Getting in Mike’s car is like being taken by a friendly kidnapper. You may not want to go but you know it’s going to be an adventure. You never know where you’ll stop, who you’ll meet or what will happen. Sunday afternoon was no different.

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He Gave Me Life

My father only answers the phone on his birthday and father’s day because it’s the woman’s job to answer the phone. I’ll be calling my father in a few minutes. I know he’ll answer the phone. We’ll have the same conversation we always have about current events. He’ll thank me for the gift basket I sent. The conversation never gets serious or emotional. My father has never said he loves me or that he is proud of my accomplishments. I have accepted the fact that my father will never say these things. He’s one of the reasons I never wanted to have children. I didn’t want to treat children the way I was treated. I didn’t get one of those wonderful fathers that other bloggers write about. At least my father gave me life and I was able to make something out of it.

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Donnie and Peter, two of my long-time best friends, are moving from Dallas to Santa Fe. The guys have been talking about moving to Santa Fe for a few years. They’ve secured job transfers, which is a good thing because Santa Fe is not a mecca for employment opportunities outside of the tourism industry. Mr. B, another long-time friend, has listed their house. Peter’s ex-wife and her partner have offered the use of their second home in Santa Fe until the guys buy a house. It’s uncanny how quickly this move fell into place in such a short time. Since Santa Fe is a nice six hour car ride I predict more frequent trips down to New Mexico. I’m glad I didn’t buy a house in Preston Hollow when I was house hunting in Dallas last year. It would have been me and Mr. B who is frequently away visiting his boyfriend in another state. Living in Dallas would not have been the same without Donnie and Pete. Everything seems to happen for a reason.

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She’s Alive

I joined a small group of friends yesterday afternoon on the rooftop deck at Vita in the Lower Highland to celebrate Cindi’s birthday. Lena was there when I arrived. She immediately jumped out her chair to hug me before apologizing profusely for not getting together back in March. I sat next to Lena and chatted while waiting for Cindi and Joe to arrive. It was like old times. Lena and I seem to be able to pick up where we left off. I hope to see her again soon.

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