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He Gave Me Life

My father only answers the phone on his birthday and father’s day because it’s the woman’s job to answer the phone. I’ll be calling my father in a few minutes. I know he’ll answer the phone. We’ll have the same conversation we always have about current events. He’ll thank me for the gift basket I sent. The conversation never gets serious or emotional. My father has never said he loves me or that he is proud of my accomplishments. I have accepted the fact that my father will never say these things. He’s one of the reasons I never wanted to have children. I didn’t want to treat children the way I was treated. I didn’t get one of those wonderful fathers that other bloggers write about. At least my father gave me life and I was able to make something out of it.

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Donnie and Peter, two of my long-time best friends, are moving from Dallas to Santa Fe. The guys have been talking about moving to Santa Fe for a few years. They’ve secured job transfers, which is a good thing because Santa Fe is not a mecca for employment opportunities outside of the tourism industry. Mr. B, another long-time friend, has listed their house. Peter’s ex-wife and her partner have offered the use of their second home in Santa Fe until the guys buy a house. It’s uncanny how quickly this move fell into place in such a short time. Since Santa Fe is a nice six hour car ride I predict more frequent trips down to New Mexico. I’m glad I didn’t buy a house in Preston Hollow when I was house hunting in Dallas last year. It would have been me and Mr. B who is frequently away visiting his boyfriend in another state. Living in Dallas would not have been the same without Donnie and Pete. Everything seems to happen for a reason.

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She’s Alive

I joined a small group of friends yesterday afternoon on the rooftop deck at Vita in the Lower Highland to celebrate Cindi’s birthday. Lena was there when I arrived. She immediately jumped out her chair to hug me before apologizing profusely for not getting together back in March. I sat next to Lena and chatted while waiting for Cindi and Joe to arrive. It was like old times. Lena and I seem to be able to pick up where we left off. I hope to see her again soon.

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An Old Friend

I ran into an old friend at the Art Students League Summer Art Market yesterday. At first I didn’t recognize him. His hair was longer with a side part and he was wearing glasses. A, who is a doctor, told me he is burnt out on health care and is working on exit strategy so he can devote his time to volunteer work. A told me he never liked being a doctor but kept up a ruse to please his parents who paid for medical school. A feels trapped in his job because he employs a number of people who depend on him for income. He’s made a lot of money along the way which enabled him to pay back his parents, live in an art-filled swank house in a much sought after neighborhood, drive expensive German cars and run with a well-healed crowd. All along he volunteered for various non-profits in order to give back and provide meaning to his life.

At one point we were much closer friends but had drifted far apart in the last ten years. I hadn’t seen A for at least five years. I was stunned that A was pouring out his feelings to me. Perhaps he felt safe since I’m no longer part of his inner circle. I was a little shell shocked as we parted ways. From outside I always thought A had a perfect life but in reality he has regretted the house of cards he built. I question if A would have longed for the things he has today if had given up medical school and gone directly to work for a non-profit. Would he have longed for the house, the cars, the art, the trips and the other things upper income earners can afford? Material things and prosperity have not made him happy. Giving back has enriched his life. It’s a good lesson to learn no matter how long it takes.

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The New Fence

I’m posting a few pictures my backyard. The new fence is up which has been graciously paid for by Tom and Sheila. The fence is powder-coated steel posts with charcoal-stained cedar planks. The workers will apply a second coat of stain on Monday. The new fence has given the backyard a new look and depth which really brings out the plantings. You can see the princess palace in one of the pictures. Notice the copper chimney toppers. It looks like another stucco box from the back. Does it look like a French-country farmhouse? I’m hoping their landscape plan calls for large trees in their backyard so they will help hide this monster.

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It’s Torture

It’s Friday. I’m working from home with nothing to do. I’m getting paid to sit here in case something comes up that needs action. It’s pure torture sitting here tied to a laptop waiting for something to do. I’ve read blogs, checked out the world news, talked to Mike while he drove to his office in the Tech Center and looked at Vivienne Westwood t-shirts on sale at an online boutique. I’m beyond bored. It seems like the end of the workday is a million hours away.

I’m meeting up with G & D tonight in the Golden Triangle for dinner and art. G & D left the corporate world a few years ago and bought a coffee shop in Golden (A city west of Denver, which is home to Coors Beer, and not to be confused with the Golden Triangle, which is a neighborhood close to downtown by Denver Art Museum.) After dinner, we’re checking out an art show one of G & D’s employees is having tonight. We’ll probably also hit a few galleries over on Santa Fe since most will be open for the First Friday art walk. It will probably be an early night since G & D get up before dawn to supply caffeine to the coffee addicts that frequent their café.

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Cindi Update

Cindi called to check in a few days ago. She had house guests stranded at her house last weekend when a torrential hail storm washed out the canyon road. Only high clearance four-wheel-drive vehicles could make it down the canyon road. Her guests had a 3 series BMW so they had to spend the night.

Cindi recently provisioned flowers for a new client in the Country Club neighborhood who was hosting a casual buffet luncheon. Here’s Cindi’s description: “The woman looked like Phyllis Diller but sounded like Minnie Mouse. She’s from an old-money family but has no money. Everything in the house was inherited. The Aubusson rugs were threadbare and the furniture needed to be reupholstered. She served generic-brand potato chips in a $2,000 Lalique Nemours bowl.”

What a riot! Cindi meets the strangest people. Thankfully, they don’t mind dropping big bucks on parties. We’re going to try to rendezvous this weekend to check out the Art Students League Summer Art Market. It should be a lot of fun.

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