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Looking For Relief

I find myself counting down the hours left in the work week on Friday afternoon. I’ve been testing multi-media traffic calculations used to appropriately size servers for sophisticated call center applications for the last few days. It’s been driving me crazy but it made me thankful I took calculus in high school. I’ll be hitting the galleries after dinner tonight. I need to escape into the art world as I need a relief from all the craziness going on around the world and differential equations. I’ll be able to get bed early tonight since I will not be bar hopping and watching strippers with guys like last weekend.

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Angry Black Bitch

Check out Angry Black Bitch’s post about the Ferguson fiasco:


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I Left

I grew up in the city next to Ferguson, MO. My parents still live there. I’m not surprised by the shooting or the rioting. I was taught to stay away from certain neighborhoods because I was white. Racism was common in the area when I lived there. It’s one of the reasons I moved away when I graduated from college. I didn’t want to live in a city that always seemed to be racially divided.

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More Incompetence

One of my peers across the pond went on vacation without finishing his projects. Mr. I, who manages the team, did not realize the projects were not finished even though the projects were tracked in two different systems. Mr. I discovered the unfinished projects on Friday which was the last day of the production cycle. The projects were given to me to complete. I’m still working on them today. The peer returned from vacation yesterday. Do you think he offered to take his work back? Of course not.

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Friday night I was walking over to Mike’s house and found Sheila standing in the street by her side yard talking to a policeman. Someone had set up camp behind the bushes that line the fence on the south side of her yard. A sheet had been laid down on the mulch. A bottle of Gatorade, a glass pipe, a few odd socks and pair of men’s underwear were strewn about the area. The policeman gathered everything in the sheet and shucked it the trash. He told Sheila that it would send a message to the person that they were not welcome and that we didn’t need that type of thing in a neighborhood like this. I wasn’t sure if he meant the drug pipe or homelessness in general. I thought it was an odd thing to say but didn’t have time to discuss it with Sheila. I made my way over to Mike’s and was soon headed to Jay’s birthday celebration.

We stopped at Voodoo Donuts to pick up a dozen including one of their voodoo doll signature donuts. The birthday boy has a degree from a theological seminary so we thought Voodoo Donuts would be a humorous substitution for a birthday cake. And the Jay loves a good joke. The donuts were a hit.

Mike ordered tequila shots shortly after arriving at the club. I ran into KC, a lawyer, who was with Bradly, a bail bondsman. They joined our group for the show which turned out to be a lot of fun. Never bring donuts to a drag show unless you want to be unmercifully teased by the overweight drag queen hostess of ceremonies. The hostess sauntered over to our table and fished a donut out of the box to enjoy after the show.

The drag show was very entertaining. The hostess managed to insult most of the patrons during show which only made the evening more fun. Suburban housewives should not come to a drag show with their hair teased up like Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous unless they want to be invited up on stage and added to the show. Consider yourselves warned!

Jay was taking photos of our group and the performers which he posted to Facebook. About forty-five minutes into the show Mike got a text from a very conservative client asking if he’s at female impersonator show at a gay club. That got a good laugh at our table even though Mike was outted to the client.

The show ended around midnight so the straight couples made their way back to suburbs while the gay guys headed to the male stripper bar to keep the celebration going. The strippers were mostly short, inked and straight but it doesn’t really matter when they have a hot body. Mike and I left the guys at the bar tipping strippers a little after one and headed home. It was a fun evening but I was glad to get home and hit the sheets.

I told you it was more innocent that it sounded. You probably thought one of us got arrested and called a lawyer and bail bondsman to get out of jail.

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A Friday Night Adventure

Friday night’s adventure included a homeless camp, Voodoo Donuts, drag queens, tequila shots, a lawyer, a bail bondsman, an outing on Facebook, and male strippers. It’s more innocent than it sounds but you’ll have to wait for details as I’m going back to bed.

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End Of A Sad Week

It’s been a strange week. I really felt out of sorts because of WD’s suicide. I don’t know why his death would have such an effect on me given we were just casual acquaintances. Mike called on his way to work to invite me to a drag show tonight. Jay, WD’s best friend, is celebrating a milestone birthday and wants to go to a drag show. I agreed to go so gallery hopping will be put hiatus for a week. It should be an interesting night as the combination of Mike and Jay often leads to shots of tequila follow by crazy antics.

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