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Does An Old Lady Live Here?

In the last few weeks I was invited to small gatherings at two different guy’s houses. I know both guys from the gym. They are fifty-something hyper-masculine guys. I found it odd that both of their houses were furnished like an old lady lived there. Perhaps the furniture, china, curio cabinets and Hummel figurines were inherited and had sentimental value that did not allow the items to be stored away or replaced. The house décor didn’t match the masculine package that both men present to the world. There was a disconnection between the men and their homes.

I wonder what impression my house leaves on visitors. Does my house project my personality? Do visitors think I have too much abstract art? I may have to run this by Cindi to see what she thinks.

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It’s His Loss

Men may disappoint me but art never will.

Coffee guy suggested getting together on Friday night to check out the art gallery openings. We texted on Wednesday and it was a go. I was to pick him up at six. I planned a gallery tour that would highlight the best galleries on Navajo Street, Santa Fe Street and in RiNo.

Coffee guy texted at little after noon asking if we could meet at six-thirty. At four he texted asking to push it back to seven. I was a few blocks from his house when he texted asking if he could push it to seven-thirty. It seems he met a friend for dinner downtown and was running late. I told him no and headed to the galleries on Navajo. He sent another text asking me to meet him downtown as I was leaving Navajo. I declined the offer and headed to Santa Fe to check out the opening at Vertigo, my friend Kara’s gallery. Kara is a visionary who curates magnificent trend-setting shows. I had a great chat with Kara before heading down the street to check out the offerings at Spark and Core. I was running late when I left Core and Spark so I skipped a number of galleries to see the new show at Point. Point was showing new works by David Menard which were mostly show-stopping beautiful cityscapes. Paintings by Michael Dowling were hanging in the back room. Michael remembered me from his opening so he introduced me to guys who own the gallery. We chatted briefly before I headed to the opening at Space Gallery which would be the last stop for the night. Space was packed with a young party crowd. The DJ had the party hopping. The mostly large scale paintings were from the Furtherrr Collective.

I was growing weary so I headed to the car in the light rain that started falling while I was in Space. Kara texted me with an invitation to her after-opening party at the Four Seasons while coffee guy texted asking me to join him at a wine bar on 17th Street. I told coffee guy I was headed to Kara’s party while I told Kara I was headed home. I’d been up since five-thirty so it was time to head home.

Coffee guy was a disappointment but it’s his loss. I don’t need an inconsiderate man in my life. If you want to spend time with me don’t double book yourself. I’m not going to allow myself to be treated that way.

I saw some beautiful art and had a stimulating conversation with Kara. Kara invited me to her new house to see her private collection and help hang paintings. I probably had more fun by myself than I would have with coffee guy.

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A Coffee Date

I had a coffee date on Sunday. He’s fifty-six and has two adult children. He’s retired thanks to a high-paying job and investing wisely. The date went well except the conversation mainly centered on him and his life. He only asked me two questions; where I lived and what I did. I thought that was odd and it sent up a red flag. The other red flag went up when he told me his partner of eight years died in April. I agreed to see him again so we’re hitting the gallery openings on Friday night. I may keep this one in the friend column too.

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Sentence Of The Day

This is the response to an engineer asking if an engineering review meeting will be held.

Yes – sorry the plan was to always at least go over what is being done here and unfortunately there were some issues that this team keeps saying were not working correctly from previous requirements so I’m trying to finalize on that and I still need to make a few more updates so let me see if I can get this done by 1:00 and then we can decide when we want to review.

The author of this gem has an MBA. I’m guessing somebody else wrote or edited the author’s term papers.

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Am I A Picky Bitch?

I met a guy for dinner Saturday night at a Thai restaurant. I took the time think about what to wear so I could make a nice impression. I wore a blue-plaid button down shirt, a pair of dark-grey five-pocket cotton pants, black suede chukkas and a black moto-inspired leather jacket. He showed up in a t-shirt, jeans, running shoes and a nylon jacket with the Broncos logo. He looked like he was ready for beer bust at the Wrangler. I realize we met at a casual restaurant but would it have killed him to throw on a shirt with a collar and wear something other than running shoes and Broncos jacket? Overall, I had a nice time as the conversation flowed and he was an interesting guy a few years older than me. I guess putting effort into his appearance is not important to him. Am I being a picky bitch?

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A Date With Kate

Kate was invited to show her work at ArtDenver held at the Colorado Convention Center in conjunction with Denver Arts Week. Kate invited me to meet at her studio this afternoon to preview the monotypes she’s printed for the show. She emailed a couple of pics as a teaser. Once again, she’s tweaked her color palate a few degrees so the new work looks fresh and inviting. I’m hoping to pick up two prints for living room to replace two of Kate’s pieces that departed with K. The new living room sofa will be here in ten days making the room complete once again.

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