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Another Bait And Switch

I met another guy for coffee. His profile said he was forty-eight. His pictures looked good. Turns out the pictures were taken before he gained twenty-five pounds. I guess he thought I wouldn’t see that big stomach hidden under his t-shirt which doubled as a muumuu. Also, he was not forty-eight. He wouldn’t tell me his real age but he did admit the leading digit was a six. Check, please!

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The Jewish Family Services benefit on Thursday night turned out to be a lot fun. Garrett arrived at Mike at Chris’ a few minutes after I got there with his new Range Rover. We piled in Garrett’s SUV and headed to the event only to get stuck in the evening rush hour traffic.

We arrived a little after six and hit the bar for cocktails. With drink in hand we headed for food area only to be stopped by a young waitress offering pigs in a blanket. All of us burst out laughing which puzzled the young woman. Mike explained that she was serving pork, which isn’t kosher, to room full of Jews. The waitress ran back to the kitchen only to appear a few minutes later offering beef links in a blanket. Crisis averted. The food buffets offered Kobe beef sliders, sushi, street tacos and stir-fry made to order.

The crowed was filled with a lot bold type society names who were either Jewish or just supporting the cause. Mike, who was one of the high level patrons of the event, knew almost everyone there from Temple. He made many introduction but after a while it became almost comical. There was no way to remember all these people.

The formal presentation included the expected speeches and awards one always hears at these type of events. Two women were honored for their tireless charitable support and volunteerism. Both gave touching speeches while trying to hold back tears of joy.

We left after the formal presentation grabbing a few cookies off the dessert buffet on the way out. It was nearing nine and all of us had been up early.

It felt good to be included in the event. Mike does very well and generously gives back to the community. I’ve known Mike for twenty-something years but I saw a different side of him at the event. He is well respected by the members of the congregation. I often only see the jokester but that night I got to see the serious business man.

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Go Back To Europe

Last week in Santa Fe, my friend, D, and I stopped at a local coffee shop after a couple of hours of touring art galleries. As we got out of the car, three young dark-skinned men walked by and told us to go back to Europe. It was dark so it was hard to tell if the men were Native American or New Mexican. This was the first for me. Given the current debate over immigration reform, the remark was taken in stride. It was also a reminder that I am a fifth-generation immigrant.

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