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Getting Dumped At DSW

I was out running errands yesterday and decided to pop into DSW to see if I could pick up a new pair of gym shoes. It had been a while since I spent money on clothes or shoes since my focus has been on refurnishing the house. I had worked out, took a yoga class and washed the car. It was a beautiful sunny day. I was in a good mood. It was time for new shoes.

I quickly found a pair of gym shoes at a price I couldn’t pass up. I decided to check out the boot selection. I noticed a strikingly handsome man trying on a boot while talking on his cell as I entered the boot aisle. As I got closer I noticed the man was crying. I didn’t want to intrude but a pair of black Steve Madden wingtip casual boots caught my eye a few feet from the man. I couldn’t help myself so I stopped to examine the boots while eavesdropping on the man’s conversation. The man just got dumped for uncertain indiscretions. He was in tears pleading for a second chance. I pulled my size off the shelf and walked down the aisle away from the man to try on the boots. The boots were a great fit along with being thirty percent off. I headed to the cashier avoiding the handsome man still on his cell.

I left the store with my new shoes and headed home. Once home, I got a text from a guy I was meeting for dinner. It was to be a first date but he cancelled due to a cold. Is the universe punishing me for eavesdropping on the man’s conversation? I spent the night at home alone in front of the TV wearing my new boots in an effort the break them in. Lesson learned.

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Can You See The Penis?

I was so thankful to close the laptop yesterday afternoon. It marked the end of tough work week. I hit the gym for a leg and shoulder workout which helped put me in a good mood for the weekend. I threw together a simple dinner consisting of an egg white omelet with smoked ham and a protein shake. I showered, dressed and headed out the door for the Peter Yumi/Lyle West opening at Ironton Studios in RiNo.

Ironton Gallery is a wonderful expansive complex with a courtyard, sculptural outdoor fireplace, arbor strung with twinkle lights, gardens, numerous seating areas and a large tree like metal sculpture. The gallery is an L-shaped room with white walls and a very tall ceiling. It’s a great space for art. Ironton is off the beaten path in the more industrial part of RiNo.

I met Peter at Kara’s studio a few weeks ago. Peter is curating the upcoming show at Kara’s gallery which is opening next Friday night. I briefly talked with Peter outside by the fireplace which is where the 420 action was happening. We made plans to talk at Kara’s opening.

I wasn’t familiar with Lyle West’s work. I was really impressed by the complexity of his work. I put him on my list of artists to follow.

Both artist were showing mixed-media pieces. Peter’s pieces were inkjet collage prints with a muted color palate while Lyle’s were large torn paper pieces that looked a lot like very colorful graffiti. Up close Lyle’s pieces looked like a huge collage of vignettes but from a distance most turned into male nude studies. I didn’t realize they were figurative until I started noticing the penises. It was a great show. The works complement each other and look good in the space.

Standing by the fireplace under a dark sky dotted with stars was refreshing. It had been a warm day so the evening was cool but pleasant. I’m so lucky to live in a city with a thriving art community. It’s one of the best things about living in Denver.

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Is Old Now Cool?

Have you seen the new Céline add featuring eighty-year-old author Joan Didion? The French luxury fashion house chose Didion to be the face of their Spring 2015 campaign. Imagine that! Is old now cool?

Didion, who has been a literary icon for years, has been called the original cool girl. She has a cult following and is one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Oddly, most of her female fans can’t afford to shop at high-end Céline.

As a fifty-seven-year-old gay man I often feel that my expiration date has passed. Perhaps the tide is turning and society will start raising the value of people of a certain age. Or perhaps, it’s just a passing fad.

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Art News

The Denver Botanic Gardens had a blockbuster Chihuly show this summer which broke attendance records. Debra Butterfield has been selected as the artist for next summer’s sculpture show. Debra is known for her horse sculptures made from found objects. While this show will probably not set new attendance records it will be a crowd pleaser and will certainly draw the art community. Cindi knew Debra when they both lived in Bozeman, Montana. We’re planning on having an art date along with Joel, Cindi’s man, to see the show.

In other art news, the Arvada Center will open an exhibit this month that will showcase the evolution of the Pop movement. Works by regional artists will be shown alongside works by the originators for the Pop movement. The show will include Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Edward Ruscha, Wayne Thiebaud and Andy Warhol. The regional artists include Phil Bender, Kym Bloom, Colin Livingston, Tony Ortega and Louis Recchia, among others. This show has the potential to be one of the local landmark art events of year.

Also this month, Rule Gallery will have a popup exhibition at Pirate showcasing the work of the founding members of Spark Gallery, the oldest coop gallery in Denver. I know this is confusing. Rule Gallery honoring the original Spark members at Pirate Gallery.

Finally, Month of Photography will return in March to the galleries. It may be winter but there’s a lot to get out and see.

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Disappointment Drive 2

Mr. 5’6’’ is the new 5’9’’ is back. He texted yesterday:

56: Hi
Me: Hi
56: Too bad we didn’t work out.
Me: I can’t give you what you want.
56: Why are you online?

I never responded. He is so desperate for a boyfriend. There was never an “us”. We had one coffee date and I could smell the desperation. I don’t know why he doesn’t understand that I have just started dating after being in a twenty year relationship. I don’t want to settle down with a guy yet. At least, not this guy.

Looks like I may have a date with an artist who is thirty-five. He pinged me last night just as I was leaving for the opening at Ice Cube. He sent me some additional pictures that were not in his profile. A clean shaven pic, one with a beard, one with goatee and an unshaven one with a couple of days of whisker growth. It was refreshing not to get nudes or a dick pic. He’s a handsome guy but I’m old enough to be his father. OMG! What am I doing?

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Weather Seasaw

It was 20° when I went to bed last night at 10. I got up at 5:30 this morning and it was 45°. The Chinook winds brought warm air in overnight. It’s expected to get up to 54° today but a cold front moves in tonight bringing rain and snow. This will be followed by a warm up on the weekend which will be followed by a cold spell with snow next week. It’s a crazy bipolar weather pattern.

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Basketball And Drama

The Nuggets game was a lot fun. The seats were great and our team won. I always thought basketball was boring but seeing a live professional game changed my mind.

I had a great time with Carlos. He always fun to be around and is the life of the party. It had been a few weeks since we worked out so he filled me in on the drama in his life.

Carlos has become persona non grata with Barton’s wife after she found a credit card bill with an $8,300 charge from a strip club. Barton blamed going to the club on Carlos. Carlos took the hit which made him unwelcome at Barton’s house. Barton’s wife doesn’t want Barton socializing or working out with Carlos.

Carlos is upset he lost a friend. Was Barton really a friend or just a party pal? Barton took the easy way out by blaming Carlos instead of taking responsibility for strip club visit. I’m guessing it’s going to be a while before the guys go back to a strip club.

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White Snow On Black Fence


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Who Is She?

There’s a woman I keep seeing at the gym on weekends. She’s probably over forty but it’s hard to tell. She resembles Julia Duffy. Her white blond hair seems to be her natural color because I never see roots of another color. Her hair is usually pulled up in a high ponytail or a messy French twist. She’s medium height and slim. I keep noticing her because of her gym attire. She has a plethora of athletic wear which enables her to create inventive and fashionable looks. Saturday she was wearing white hi top Keds, leggings with quarter inch stripes of blue, white, black and grey, a black ten inch skirt with four two inch long pleats in the center front and center back, a scoop neck grey loose fitting tank over a black sports bra. The ensemble was topped by a workout jacket with a blazer cut that looked like it could have walked down an Alaïa runway show. She’s not just a gym fashionista because she does a rather intense workout consisting of free weights, machines and cardio. Why is she working out at my cruddy financially struggling gym which was just bought by a competing national chain? Why isn’t she working out at one of the high end gyms like Pura Vida or Cherry Creek Athletic Club? Who is she?

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I managed to snag a date for the Nuggets game tonight. He’s thirty-six, Spanish/Nicaraguan, 5’8’’, dark hair, hairy chest, bulging biceps and six-pack abs. He’s inked on the arms and across his shoulders. His wife is staying home with his two young sons while we go to the game and on to the Wrangler for a drink or two. Does it sound too good to be true? It is. My work-out pal, Carlos, is my plus one for the game.

I hit the galleries last night. Core, Spark, Pirate, Point and Zip37 all had group shows. I ran into Charles, Jean, Bob, Peter and Holly at Pirate. I talked to Phil, the founder of Pirate, about the history of the gallery. He offered me a Cuban cigar but I declined. I settled for a Pirate pin that I attached to my coat. Earlier in the evening I saw Madeleine, Joyce, Al, Mame and Jim at Spark. Mame told me she sold seventeen pieces at her inaugural show which is a remarkable accomplishment. It was a rather quiet night and I was home early.

It’s a beautiful but cloudy Saturday morning. The temperature managed to rise a few degrees above freezing yesterday. Another round of snow is arriving this afternoon. I’m headed to yoga soon so I’d better get cleaned up.

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