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Sun Before Snow

It’s a bright and sunny day but more snow is on the way. The city will get another couple of inches this afternoon while the southern mountains are expecting up to four feet of new snow. Denver set a new record snowfall for February which is usually one of the least snowy months.

Diego cut my hair yesterday after work. I was looking a little shaggy and my kitchen was really dirty. Diego took down the sides and back and left it long on top. It’s always scissor over comb, and never clippers, so a haircut takes an hour. I don’t have a hard part so I’m saved from looking like a hipster.

I blew off the gym on Friday. After an early dinner I headed to the art museum. I wasn’t thrilled with the program so I grabbed two cookies off the buffet and hightailed it over to Navajo Street to check out the galleries. All four galleries had presentations worth checking out. I stopped at Ice Cube on the way to Ironton. It was an early night but one that was packed with great art. It’s odd how that happens. Sometimes I hit a bunch of galleries and don’t see anything of note. Last night it was bitter cold with icy streets. I stopped in six galleries and saw the most amazing art in each one.

Next Gallery – Chris Cain & Blake Chamness
Pirate Gallery – Shannon Kelly & Jason Gimbel
Zip37 – Jean Smith, Annette Coleman & Jean Wyss
Edge – A group show
Ice Cube – Tim Main & Neil Bigley
Ironton – Donna Rae Altieri

There was a wide selection of mediums, styles and technics. Check them out.

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Instinct & Imagination

An exhibit of Joan Miró’s works opens on March 22 at the Denver Art Museum. The Instinct & Imagination show will focus on works created in the last two decades of the artist’s life. I think this may be the first time a Miró exhibition has been in Denver. I’m looking forward to this exhibition.

I’m hoping it doesn’t snow today so I can take in the final Friday program at the art museum. It seems like it snowed all week. I’ve got cabin fever. I need to get out of the house and be around people other than the ones at the gym. There’s also a photography show opening tonight at Ironton Gallery and Jean Smith has a show opening at ZIP37.

I may also try to meet up with a wealth manager I’ve been chatting with online. He’s thirty-seven. I know there’s a twenty year age difference but nothing seems to be working out with guys around my age. I thought I’d try something higher on the food chain.

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On The Way Home

I snapped a few pictures of the fresh snow on the way home from gym. I was thankful I only had a few blocks to drive.

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Handsome guy wanted to meet after work yesterday. I have no intention of meeting him. This has now become a game to see how many times he will cancel. He replied to a text around two confirming our meeting. I hit the gym after work for a leg and shoulder workout. I was home from the gym making a protein shake when handsome guy texted a cancellation an hour before our meeting time. He beat me to the punch. I was going to cancel on him. Now he wants to meet on Sunday. Perhaps this time I’ll get to cancel on him. Or, should I wait to see if he cancels? You do think he’s going to cancel, don’t you?

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My friend, Jackie, gave me this photo. She’s an industrial/architectural photographer. Jackie is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met. Most of her work is client driven instead of artistically driven. Jackie has spent the last few months photographing railroads and oil refineries. The photo shown below is from a few years ago. I anxiously look forward to her seeing her latest work.

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Disappointment Drive 6

Handsome guy texted at noon asking to move our date from 2:30 to 5:30. I agreed since 5:30 worked better for me. I cleaned the house and then headed to the gym. I had a really good chest and triceps workout. I checked messages when I got back to the car. Handsome man texted a cancellation at four. No explanation was given. Big surprise! Handsome guy wants to meet after work this week. I asked for his availability but he has yet to send it. I’ll agree to meet after work only to see if he cancels. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t cancel. Handsome guy set the original meeting date and time so I think he’s just dicking with me. I’m going to be a dick too. If he doesn’t cancel, I will, without an explanation.

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Coffee At 2

I’ve got a coffee date this afternoon with a guy who is a few years younger than me. I’ve been periodically chatting with him online for a few months. He’s a handsome guy who works out. He works in finance/accounting. I’m expecting him to look older than his pictures and be twenty pounds heavier. I preparing myself for another trip down disappointment drive. I’ll let you know later.

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