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Target Markets

On a “dating” website, a certain 49-year-old guy’s profile refers to his PhD, his spiritual beliefs, hiking, biking, camping, spending time with friends, his intellectual pursuits and the quest for a relationship with the right man. On another “dating” website, which is really more of a hook-up site, a profile with the same pictures portrays a different man. This man’s age is 44 and he’s into barebacking, the leather scene, group sex and no strings attached encounters. The first dating profile makes him sound like a man you’d be proud to introduce to your family. The hook-up profile portrays a man you may not want your mother to meet. I guess it’s all about marketing and target markets.

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Two Bills

Two William Stockman abstract drawings hang in my bedroom. I treasure these drawings. The second drawing didn’t photograph very well as there is another piece on the opposite wall that is reflected in the glass. This link has video of the artist creating a drawing. Enjoy!

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Table For Three

I had dinner with Ricky a few nights ago. When I arrived at his house, I found out he had a friend from Miami staying with him who is moving to Denver. He will be staying with Ricky until his furniture arrives. Tony, the friend, joined us for dinner. He’s a very interesting man. Tony has lived all over the world and has had several diverse careers. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese along with impeccable English. Tony talked all night. I now know more about Tony than I do Ricky.

I wanted one on one time with Ricky to help me decide if I should continue this adventure. I still don’t feel like I know him well enough to make a decision. At times, I still have a hard time understanding Ricky.

There are a few things I find puzzling about Ricky. He has six vehicles (BMW 3 series convertible, Audi A4, Mercedes E class wagon, Volvo SUV, Chevy Tahoe SUV and a Pontiac along with a camper and an RV). Why does he have so many cars? I want to know why he disappeared for a month. I understand being traumatized by losing a job but a text update before Ricky fled to Puerto Rico would have been appreciated. I also want to know why he has three online profiles. There’s something that just doesn’t feel right about this situation. I guess I’ll have to have third date, alone with Ricky.

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Another Art Post

I snapped a picture of the Debra Butterfield sculpture in the museum last night. I’m really looking forward to seeing her sculptures at the Denver Botanic Garden this summer. IMG_0149 This sculpture is made from car fenders. It doesn’t normally have paper hearts on the floor under it.

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Flying Solo

It was a tough work week so I decided to have a low key night to myself. I hit the gym after work, fixed a quick dinner and then went to the DAM to see the Cartier exhibit. It was quite spectacular. I took a bunch of photos of the art museum complex with my new iPhone.
The museum is on the left.
Playing with filters at night.
My boots need polishing.

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Disappointment Drive 5

I met a guy after work at the botanic garden. I knew he was an HIV+ 53 year-old recovering alcoholic. I thought I’d give it a go because I’m trying to keep an open mind about people. Things went well at first, but as the date progressed, I realized the guy has learned how to work the system. He’s been living in a tiny subsidized studio in a group home for HIV+ people for the last five years. He’s been sober for two years. He used to be a successful contractor but lost everything due to his drinking. He picks up the occasional odd job but keeps his income below a certain level so he doesn’t lose his free apartment..

I couldn’t wait for this date to end. I’ve known people in recovery who managed to put their lives back together and become contributing members of society. This man doesn’t seem to fall into that category. I applaud him for being sober. He has skill and abilities that could earn him a decent living. Instead he chooses to take advantage of public assistance. Perhaps this is all tied to a lack of self-worth and the results of hitting rock bottom. I don’t know. I do know he is not the man for me. And it turns out he is really 58. Don’t alcohol recovery programs frown on lying?

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A Little McGuinness For Your Day

Three small monotype prints mounted on wood by Kate McGuinness. They’re in my dining room.IMG_0093
Kate, Mark Lunning and Amy Metier will be hosting an artist’s reception at Unicom Capital’s (370 17th Street, 36th floor) private gallery on February 19th 4:30-7:30 pm. Check it out if you’re in Denver.

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Ricky Resurfaces

Ricky Ricardo has resurfaced. He texted on Friday before heading up to Vail to spend the weekend at the Alpine World Ski Championships. Seems he was laid-off after Christmas and fled to Puerto Rico to lick his wounds. I’m guessing Ricky received a nice severance package.

He wants to get together again. I’m on the fence about it. Ricky has some ‘splainin’ to do. I wonder how long it will take him to text after he gets back from Vail.

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Gift With Purchase

I picked up the charcoal drawings at Point yesterday afternoon. Much to my surprise, Michael, the artist, gave me a fourth drawing free. It was like buying cologne at Neiman’s and getting a free gift with purchase.

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Disappointment Drive 4

I’ve had another trip down Disappointment Drive. The hat-wearing Hispanic guy was a dead end. He asked me to meet him for dinner at pizza place on South Pearl. I agree to meet. Six hours before meeting he sent a cancellation text due to a head cold. I thank him for not wanting to pass his cold on to me. He messages me four days later advising he’s not getting better. I see him online a few days later. I ask if he’s feeling better. He responds that he’ll text me on Monday with a new plan for meeting. It’s been two weeks of radio silence. I’ve seen him online so I know he didn’t die from complications.

I don’t get it. He pings me. He asks to meet. He cancels. He says he’ll text new plans. Silence. WTF! Why show interest and then go silent?

Next, please.

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