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I spent Sunday afternoon with handsome CFO guy. We had lunch, visited a couple of art galleries and made a stop at an antique store. I wanted to spend some time with him to see if I wanted to continue the journey. He may think he’s not out but I think he’s kidding himself. He comes across as gay. He also spends a lot time with his parents often seeing them two to three times a week. I thought that was a bit excessive for a fifty-something man but I’ve never had that type of relationship with my parents. Perhaps, I’m the odd one. He’s a good looking guy but there’s no spark on my end. I need to give him the boot or keep it on the friend level.

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They Wouldn’t Leave

The paperwork for the car deal was ready on Friday but Mike didn’t want to do a deal on Friday the 13th. Mike is superstitious and he thought it would be bad luck. It didn’t really matter to me.

I helped Kara with her gallery opening on Friday night. I parked the car in front of the gallery. Then I moved the car up a space into a loading zone so only one bumper could get scratched. It was a little before six and the space turned into general parking at six. I figured I would chance getting a ticket.

The exhibit was a huge success. The gallery was packed all night. Kara is known for non-commercial shows that make a statement rather than a profit. A guest curator organized the show which included two east coast artists and one local artist. The curator and the east coast artists flew in for the opening. Many local notable fixtures on the local art scene attended. I met two stunningly beautiful young women who looked like they had been scooped off a fashionable Parisian street and transported to Denver. One was a curator at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the other was a gallery directress. It was an interesting night which turned out to be a lot fun.

There was still a packed house at the end of the opening. The guest just wouldn’t leave. The opening had turned into a happening. I finally left a little after ten even though there was still a small crowd.

While in the gallery the car behind mine was sideswiped. Thankfully, my car was not hit. I guess Mike was right.

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My sister, whom I have not seen or talked to in over three years, has blocked my email. My brother has been sending daily email updates on mother’s condition. My sister has never replied to any of his emails. I replied to one of the emails thanking my brother for all of the time and effort he has put into making sure our mother is getting the best case. That’s when I found out my sister blocked my emails. It’s no great loss. I don’t need a person in my life who needs professional psychiatric help.

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A New Toy

Mike and I were talking about cars on Sunday. He ran a few preliminary numbers by me along with discussing colors. Look what Mike brought home for me Tuesday night:
I think I’ll keep it. Easiest car purchase ever. Mike’s assistant will take care of things at the DMV and change my insurance over to the new car. I just need to write the check.

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My mother was moved to a rehab center on Sunday. She hates being there and is complaining about everything. My mother continues to not be accountable for her situation. I got so frustrated with my mother that I hung up on her yesterday. The good son hung up on his ailing mother. It’s the latest chapter in an always difficult relationship.

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Two Date Recap

I had two interesting dates this weekend. Saturday night was dinner with the fifty-three year-old CFO. We met at restaurant near his house at the Park Meadows Mall. I had an enjoyable time at dinner. The conversation flowed and we got along well. He’s an interesting guy with bodybuilder physique. After dinner we went back to his house to talk as there was a lack of places to hang out and have a conversation. I was in the suburbs. It’s nothing but shopping centers, office parks and housing developments filled with two-story cookie-cutter houses on cul-de-sacs.

The CFO is still in the closet. He’s only out to his parents. His siblings don’t know, he’s not out at work and he hasn’t told his neighbors. I tried to give him a hug before leaving but he panicked because we were standing in the dining room with the plantation shutters open. CFO ushered me into the entrance hall so the neighbors would not see us. It was surreal. I’ve not run into a closeted guy in a long time. It was odd and alarming. Do I want to date a guy who’s afraid of what the neighbors are going to think if they see us kiss?

I had lunch with the thirty-seven year-old wealth manager on Sunday. We met at a restaurant in on South Gaylord. I had nice time on this date. He’s smart, entertaining and has a successful business. The conversation flowed and we got along well. He’s an evangelical Christian who attends a less conservative church but is out and proud. I was surprised when he planted one on me outside of the restaurant. We hung out at the Washington Park for a while before parting ways.

Both of the dates gave me a lot to think about. I understand that every gay guy has their own coming out journey. Do I want to be on that journey with the CFO? I’m thinking I may not. I had fun with the wealth manager. He could be fun to date. Do I want to date a guy whose parents are only a few years older than me? Meeting his parents would be an interesting experience.

I have to reassess these guys. CFO wants to get together next weekend. I didn’t make a commitment to see him again. It may end up being a meeting to end it with the CFO. To further complicate things, Ricky texted this morning after two weeks of silence. I thought the silence meant he was no longer interested. I guess I was wrong.

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Nap Time

Yesterday, it was warm enough to take a nap with the bedroom doors open. Yes, that is snow covering the ground in the back garden.IMG_0290

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