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A few pictures taken over the weekend. The first is CPAC in the Highlands.
Looking from the Highlands to Downtown.
Looking from Uptown to Downtown.

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A Seven Hour Adventure

I’m gallery sitting today while Kara does portfolio reviews at Redline. I met Kara at her gallery yesterday afternoon to pick up the key. I didn’t get home until after midnight.

Kara asked me to be her plus-one at a private reception at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) before the new exhibit opened to the public. Kara knew so many people and made many introductions. The heavy hitters of local photographic community were in attendance. It’s very small space allowing for a very intimate exhibit. The photos were stellar. The Paula Gillen celebrity mask photos were my favorites.

After leaving CPAC in the Highlands, we made our way over to Ironton Gallery in RiNo, only to get stuck in the Rockies post game traffic chaos. Kara hadn’t been to Ironton for a while so she was excited to see the new installation works by Jennifer Jeannelle. Jennifer had an installation in Kara’s gallery a while back so it turned out to be a bit of a reunion. The show was quite spectacular. The arrangement, materials, textures, sounds and color palates came together to make the work thought provoking and stimulating. The pictures I took really don’t do the work justice. This is a multi-media show one has to experience in person.

Once again, Kara knew almost everyone and made many more introductions. I met Jim Green who has sound installations at the DAM, DIA and on Curtis Street in downtown Denver. Brenda showed up after opening a show she curated at Stella’s. Jennifer, tipsy as always, also put in an appearance.

It was such a fun night. The evening at Ironton ended with Kara and I, along with a few others, sitting around the outdoor fireplace talking to Jennifer. After getting a little nosh at Jake’s in RiNo, I dropped Kara off at the gallery and headed home. A quick trip to pick up a key turned into a seven hour unexpected adventure.

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The Little Cottage

This little cottage is the newest addition to the neighborhood. It’s hard to tell from the pictures that it’s 8,400 sq. ft.
This was the original house on the lot.

Here’s another new one which was completed last year.
Here’s the original house.

I’m happy the new houses are architecturally significant but it’s sad to see all the mid-century houses being scraped.

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Princess Cars

Princess without a country (PWAC aka the woman next door) got a new Mercedes GL SUV for Valentine’s Day. I ran into PWAC yesterday as she arrived home from yet another shopping trip to Neiman Marcus while the nanny cared for her two children. She told me the husband has been working out of town again and felt guilty for being away so he gave her the new SUV. PWAC has a full time nanny seven days a week and a housekeeper. PWAC always looks like she walked right off the Chloe runway except that she usually has a Chanel handbag. I wonder what this woman would do if she actually had to care for her children or clean her house.

The new princess in town (NPIT aka the wife of the couple living behind PWAC) now has a new Mercedes G63 AMG. NPIT is younger, richer, thinner and blond. NPIT’s G63 probably cost twice as much as PWAC’s GL.

It’s a tough and competitive world for up and coming princesses. It’s also post-dividend and capital gain season so the princesses are stimulating the local economy.

None of this is of any importance. I just needed something to write about. These women and their conspicuous consumption provided inspiration for some unknown reason.

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Deal Breakers

I met double A at beer bust yesterday afternoon. Mike and Chris showed up along with Garrett and Neil. Martin and his new guy also made an appearance. It was a festive crowd. Many guys showed up with bunny ears and a few had Easter bonnets. It seems there were a lot of gay Easter brunches and celebrations whose participants descended upon the beer bust to continue the festivities.

I met a guy who was in town for business. He was a handsome, well built, ex-marine two years younger than me who was now working for a consulting company. We hit it off and soon it was clear he wanted to spend some one-on-one time with me. I told him I was HIV+ which turned out to be a deal breaker for him. He was married and didn’t want to risk bringing home anything to his wife. I told him having a wife was a deal breaker for me. I bid him adieu so he could find some other man willing to help him break his marriage vows.

Mike ordered a round of tequila shots for the group after the guy wandered away. I downed the shot before heading home. It was getting late and I wanted to catch the premiere of Mad Men. Double A headed to the Eagle while the rest of the group hit the Avenue Grill for dinner. I was content to spend the night catching up with the Mad Men crew. Isn’t it ironic that the central character, Don Draper, is a serial adulterer?

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Awkward Silence

I hit the galleries with a friend last night who has been through some rough times in the last few years. A lengthy period of unemployment caused him to burn through his savings. He took a lower paying job which barely covers his monthly cost of living. He’s been looking for a higher paying job but has yet to land an interview. As we were riding in my car he remarked that the BMW cost more than he makes in a year. His comment was followed by awkward silence until I suggested getting something to eat.

My friend’s comment put our lives in perspective. We are just a few years apart in age and have similar educations but he comes from an affluent southern California family. I always felt the need to succeed and do better in life than my parents. My friend made career choices that provided personal satisfaction as opposed to a higher rate of pay. We made different life choices which put us in two very different places.

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The Mean Son

My mother thinks I’m mean to her on the phone. She no longer wants to talk to me. I don’t think I’m being mean. I’m firm with her. I encourage her to do her best in rehab but will call her out when she’s plays the victim card. My mother wants me to feel sorry for her but I refuse to pity her. I’ve become the mean son.

There’s a family conference with the care facility on Tuesday. The rehab center wants to discharge my mother. Either she’s not improving or there are no more care options. There’s a good chance my mother will end up in a nursing home which is one thing she feared. She also fears dying which may come sooner than later.

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