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Untitled Livingston

I’ve got a busy day ahead. No time for a decent post. Here’s another painting to ponder.
Charles Livingston, Denver artist and custom rug designer.

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Dodge, Dodge & Dodge

IMG_0116 IMG_0189 Three of my favorite paintings by Madeleine Dodge that hang in the hallway to my bedroom. Acrylic on steel color studies. I wish I could have taken a better shot of them.

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Still Drinking

I ran into Janice at the grocery store this week. Janice was Helena’s life-long friend. Not so much anymore. Janice quit drinking while Helena still hits the sauce every day. When Janice stopped drinking she realized how horrible Helena behaved when she’s drunk. I told Janice she behaved just as poorly when she was drunk. Janice agreed with me.

It’s been a little over two years since I cut Helena out of my life. She still hasn’t sought help for her drinking. It’s a shame. Helena is a very talented and kind woman when she isn’t drunk. She ruining her life. Helena the only one who can reverse this downward spiral.

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A Bigger Fish

I took the advice of a wise woman in Canada. I stopped pursuing guys online but left the profile up. I would live life, have adventures and see who came into my life. A week ago, I received an email advising I had a new message. I logged on to read the message. It was a nice introduction from a guy a few years younger than me. I sent a reply a few hours after the message was received. The trail went cold. It’s been a week without a response. Why take the time to send me a well written message and then not reply to my response? Perhaps, I made a horrendous grammatical error which turned him off. I’m guessing he found a bigger, better fish in the barrel.

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A Must See

I stopped by Gildar Gallery to check out the William Stockman show on Friday night before meeting Kara and Jimmy. Stockman is master on the local art scene. He has had exhibits at MCA Denver and BMOCA along with a slew of locally prominent galleries. Paintings hang in the main room while a series of framed charcoal drawings are show in the rear room. This show spoke to me. I loved every piece in this show. Stockman’s minimalist abstracts are excellently executed. This is one show not to miss.

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Road To Marfa

It has rained twenty-one of the last twenty-three days. Rain is in the forecast for this afternoon. I still have not turned on the sprinkler system or the swamp cooler. Many people are complaining about the rain but I welcome it. The area has been in a drought for many years so the rain is bringing much needed relief.

In other news, Kara, Jimmy and I hit the galleries on Friday night after dinner. Kara graciously picked up the tab as a thank you for gallery sitting. Our first stops were Hinterland and Rule. Rule has opened a second gallery in Marfa. The gallery directress extended an invitation to visit the gallery. More rain arrived as we piled into my car. Kara suggested we drive to Marfa as it was only thirteen hours away. We would buy toiletries and a change of clothes along the way. A stop at Ironton Gallery to see the new installation was a must before heading to Marfa. A torrential downpour started when we left Ironton. We came to our senses and decided to get an after gallery drink instead of driving to Marfa. It was an entertaining fantasy while it lasted. We had stimulating conversation over drinks and biscuits at a local British pub. Time seemed to fly by. The night soon drew to a close. I dropped Kara and Jimmy off at her gallery and headed home. It was a great way to start the holiday weekend.

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Princess without a country (aka the woman who lives next door) pulled her white Mercedes SUV over to curb on Sunday to chat while I was pulling weeds in the garden. Princess announced they were moving to East Cherry Hills Village. I congratulated Princess on finally finding a new home after her three-year search. Inside I was doing a happy dance.

I really don’t know the distinction between East Cherry Hills Village and the rest of Cherry Hills Village. I’ve never heard anyone refer to East Cherry Hills Village. It’s always just Cherry Hills Village. I do know that Cherry Hills Village is populated with rich white people and multi-million dollar homes. It is one of the most affluent places in Colorado and the United States. I’m guessing that since Princess made the sure to say East Cherry Hills Village it is more prestigious than rest of the village.

I wish Princess and her family the best. We’ve been cordial neighbors, never really friends. I’ll will not miss her.

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