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I’ll Pay

My nephew and his girlfriend left yesterday. They packed a lot into four days. I found it odd that every time a lunch or dinner check arrived my nephew would thank me for paying for the meal. He never once offered to pick up a tab yet he had plenty of money to buy pot, shoes and clothes. I would have declined his offer but it would have been nice to see him offer to help pay. At least he thanked me.

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House Guests

My twenty-one-year-old nephew and his nineteen-year-old girlfriend are visiting for a few days. Their first tourist activity was to visit a marijuana dispensary. Welcome to Colorado. Thanks for buying highly-taxed marijuana products which further fuels the booming local economy.

The next stop was Cherry Creek Mall for watch shopping. As we were leaving Tiffany, without a purchase, the sound of hail on the skylights became almost deafening. The next stop was Anthropologie. After a few minutes in the store, a sales assistant informed us the mall was being evacuated. We had to go to one of the tornado shelters in the mall. The next half hour was spent in a tornado shelter with about a hundred other shoppers and mall employees.

It looked like it had snowed when we left the mall. Hail was everywhere. Trees were defoliated. Streets were flooded. Traffic lights were blinking red leading to horrendous traffic jams. Cherry Creek had overflowed its banks flooding the bike path. Welcome to Colorado. The land of blizzards, violent hail storms, tornados and three hundred days of sunshine.

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Monday Blues


I’m not in the mood to work today. I was on the go all weekend. I think I’m having the after the party blues. I met a nice man yesterday at the Wrangler. A handsome, age appropriate guy with beautiful blue eyes. He lives in Kansas City and has a long-time boyfriend in France. He was nice to hang out with but nothing will come of it.

The garden picture has nothing to do with the post. I just thought it was interesting. I love the structure of the hen and chicks.

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I hit a few galleries on Friday night. Charles Livingston has a great show at Pirate. There’s also an interesting show at Core. I stopped in to see Kara. I snapped this picture across the street. The light seemed to set an interesting mood. Kara and I had a great conversation. I had planned to go Bearracuda to kickoff Pridefest. I left the gallery at 11. There was still a line to get in so I headed home.

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The Art

A few weeks ago I ran into Perry. She’s an art consultant I’ve known for years. We traded contact info and agreed to get together for art openings.

Last night, Perry and I had dinner at a dive Mexican restaurant before the opening at Space Gallery. Space has a reputation for having a stable of very talented artists and for stunning, jaw-dropping exhibits. The current show continues that trend. I loved almost every piece in this show but John Wood’s abstract paintings were my favorites.

Perry made numerous introduction. The gallery director took us down to the basement to see some smaller works that did not make it into to show. Billy, another art consultant and gym pal, was there along with Jessica, a transgendered artist and fixture on the local art scene. Billy told us to check out the art in The ART, a new boutique hotel, which opened on Wednesday next to the DAM.

Perry and I stopped at The Art on the way home. The Art did not disappoint. There’s a Leo Villareal light installation in the ceiling of the porte cochere. A Sol LeWitt hangs in the entrance. A huge Ed Ruscha adorns a wall in the reception area. The art collection also includes Clyfford Still, Kiki Smith, Phil Bender, Debra Butterfield, Jim Dine, Sam Frances, Claes Oldenbug, Betty Woodman and John Baldessari. The hotel is beautifully designed and is destined to be an instant local treasure.

My normally boring Thursday night turned into great night out and a start to a promising weekend.

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At Home Again

My mother was discharged from the nursing home/rehab center today. My father thinks he can care for her. My parents are eighty-eight. My father had to be taught how to transfer my mother from a wheelchair to a bed or the toilet. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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Botanical Battle

It’s ice plant versus sedum. Who will win the garden battle of these botanical brutes?
Here’s the garden monster:

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Fun Before The Rain

Mack came over on Saturday afternoon to snap some pictures of the blooming prickly pear cactus on the hell strip. After he got his shots, we ventured over to the Art Students League Summer Art Market in Wash Park. The show featured 250 artists who are past, or present, members of the ASL of Denver. It was a great show. The crowd seemed to be enjoying the first hot sunny day after what seemed like days of endless rain. Most of the artist I knew had racked up sales higher than their expectations. It seems like everyone is benefiting from the booming marijuana-fueled economy. It’s trickle-down economics at its best. I picked up three small abstract prints for a song. After three hours of art we headed over to a hair salon opening to meet up with Diego.

Diego was late which was not surprising. Mack and I were the only gringos in the crowd. There was a bevy of luscious Latinas in short, skin-tight dresses and sky high heels. They were thin and painted for war. One woman wearing a figure-hugging yellow dress and neon-pink five-inch heels bent down to pick a napkin off the floor. The slit in the front of her dress ripped open another three inches almost exposing her clam. She burst into laughter and didn’t seem bothered at all. Diego finally arrived and gave us gift bags containing samples of makeup and beauty products. Mack and I re-gifted our samples to the young Latinas who gladly accepted the bounty.

After a drink and a little nosh we headed back to my house. Another rain storm started on the drive home which lasted well into the evening. At least the day hours were sunny.

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Making The Rounds

The endless rain has finally stopped but now we’re on cusp of monsoon season which will bring daily brief afternoon rain showers to some part of the area. It was a typical Friday for me: work, gym, dinner, shower, dress and art.

It was a quiet night for openings. My first stop was Spark on Santa Fe. Leo Franco, Keith Howard and Tom Mazzullo have beautiful works on display. Franco’s small mixed media sculptures with exotic hardwoods are stunningly beautiful. Howard’s drawings seem simple, at first, but reveal a complication when examined. Mazzullo’s silverpoint drawings are impressive too. This is a show to see.

I headed over to Navajo Street to check out Zip37’s 20th anniversary show featuring work from past and present members. The small gallery was packed with a lively crowd. The show lets the viewer see the wide range of talent and styles of the artists. There’s something for everyone at this show.

I briefly stopped in Pirate, Next and Edge. I had seen their shows so I headed over to Gildar on South Broadway. I must have been confused about Gildar’s opening because they were closed.

There was a lot of street action on South Broadway so I decided to hang out for a while. The restaurants and bars were packed. Groups of people were socializing on the sidewalk. Some were enjoying 420 action (smoking pot). I stopped in the used book store to check out the art books. A local band was entertaining a small crowd. I left without a purchase. Most of the retail stores were closed except for a liquor store, a drug store, and the Crypt, a local sex/fetish supply store with two locations within blocks of each other. I picked up a slice of pepperoni pizza and watched the street crowd for a while. When I finished my slice, I called it a night and headed home.

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Dropping The Ball Again

Client: “You gave me three action items in our last meeting but I don’t remember what they were and I didn’t write them down. What were they?”

This typical behavior for a client I have to deal with on a daily basis. I try and limit my conversations with him. His peers in the company think he’s incompetent. I tend to agree with his peers.

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