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Starck Memories

I came across a trailer for a documentary on the Starck Club, the legendary 1980’s Dallas nightclub. I spent many nights at the Starck Club with my fiends. My friend, Charles, knew Edwige, the ambiance creator. She decided who would get in and who wouldn’t. Charles and I always got in and we never had to wait in line. It was a time and place that will never be recreated but the memories live on.

Check out the trailer.


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Disappointment Drive 11

Dating has turned from an activity to meet a guy I’d like to spend time with into an adventure to find the oddest men in town.

I met a guy for lunch yesterday. He was fifty-nine and actually looked like his pictures. He wore the typical Denver male summer look which consists of cargo shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. He was unshaven and looked like he just got out of the shower. Lunch went well and the conversation flowed. We shared interest in art and architecture. He told me he owned a condo in an iconic 1959 building in Capitol Hill. After lunch he invited to see his place. I accepted the offer. I was meeting Mack at an art show in Cheesman Park so could stop by the guy’s place on the way.

You would expect Don Draper to walk out of the building. It’s a classic high rise that brought to mind mid-century modern New York apartment buildings. The charm ended when I entered the guy’s apartment. It was a pigsty. The carpets were stained and probably hadn’t been vacuumed in months. The condo was cluttered with magazines, papers and mail. The furnishings were shabby and worn out. Everything was dusty and dirty. The kitchen was a mess. The guy said he was looking for a housekeeper to help him keep on top of things. I couldn’t help but wonder how many years he had been looking for a housekeeper. I didn’t dare go into the bedrooms or bathrooms. I left after a few minutes using being late for meeting Mack as an excuse.

Why would a guy invite someone over if their place was such a mess? He offered to show me his place. I didn’t ask to see it. I was content to see it another time if there was a second date. There’s no chance of that now.

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Kit and Mo hosted a cocktail party on Friday night. A handful of nearby neighbors were invited. It turned out to be a cloudy, but beautiful, evening. The food was tasty and the drinks were strong. The guests settled into conversation on the rear terrace overlooking a perfectly manicured yard and garden. After a few drinks, Mo let it slip that the neighbors next door declined the invitation because they were putting their house up for sale and moving back to the mountains. They told Mo they could not afford the neighborhood. I’m guessing they felt no need to meet other neighbors since they were moving.

These neighbors live across the street from me. It seems like they have done endless work on a house that was fully renovated by the previous owners. It’s strange that they can no longer afford the house after three years. I wish them well and look forward to meeting the next owners.

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Disappointment Drive 10

His pictures were ten years old. His profile said he was sixty but was actually sixty-six. He showed up wearing an oversize Hawaiian shirt, black ill-fitting jeans, black dress socks with sandals. I used my whiplash as an excuse to end the date after dinner. There will not be a second date.

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Uptown Denver

The laptop has been repaired and is being shipped back to Denver. In the meantime, enjoy this photo taken in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood.

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Cool Photo

My friend, Jackie, gave this photo for assisting on a photo shoot. Jackie is an industrial/architectural photographer. The photo was shot at a decommissioned blast furnace at a coal power plant in Pueblo, CO. I love the tone and perspective.

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Recent Acquisition

I bought this acrylic painting on paper at The Art Students League Sumner Art Market. It’s by Anna Maria Botero, a Columbian architect turned artist now living in Denver.

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