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Friday Night Art


I saw these works at Pirate on Friday night. The first is by Rebecca Cuming while the second is by Jason Lee Gimbel. Prices range from $5,000 to 7,000.

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Blogging Break

My laptop has been sent off for repair. I’ll get it back in 14 days. Thank you Geek Squad! I don’t use my work laptop for blogging since it is connected to the client’s network which monitors all web use. Big brother is watching. I will not be posting very often until the laptop returns.

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My Thought For The Day

If your workout t-shirt has a logo from the 1994 High School Rugby Games that can barely be read, it’s time to pitch it and get a new one. I guess I’m a little bitchy today.

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Money Well Spent

Two severe storms swept through my neighborhood three weeks apart. Each storm brought a pounding of hail. As a result, most of the houses in the neighborhood are getting new roofs. My house was reroofed last year. Insurance paid for most of the new roof. I chose to pick up the tab for high impact shingles. My roof was inspected after each storm. Thankfully, I have no damage. That’s a good thing because my insurance company raised my deductible to almost six thousand dollars after the hail damage claim last year. Paying for the high impact singles turned out to be money well spent. I need to find a new insurance company with a lower deductible.

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From Bear To Otter

Mack and I hit the galleries last night. He’s lost three inches off his waist. It’s the unemployment diet. If his weight loss continues he’s going to go from bear to otter.

Our first stop was Rule in RINO. Rule has another great show. The gallery has works by five artist including a young local artist and a woman from New York. You can read about the exhibit here. The next stop was Ice Cube which has an incredible show featuring abstract paintings by Karen Roehl and cast iron works by Laura Phelps Rogers. Mack and I had an interesting chat with Laura who explained her process and influences. Both women are treasures of the local art scene.

We left RINO and headed over to the Santa Fe Arts District. Point has a group show. The paintings by Michael Dowling and Michael Vacchiano were my favorites. Point always has great work on display and this show was no exception. Our last stop was the open show at Spark. Artists paid a small fee to exhibit their work. I was not thrilled with this show. Mack and I had fun talking with Kate McGuinness who was overseeing the gallery.

We left the Spark around nine and headed home. Another rain storm was moving in. It was pouring when we got back to my house. I gave Mack the leftover cookies I made for Tuesday night’s concert picnic. Mack told me he sat in his car and ate the cookies while waiting for the rain to let up. I think he makes a better bear than an otter.

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Rear Ended

I got rear ended in Cherry Hills Village last night. I was going to Paddy’s house in Highlands Ranch for dinner (he’s a new friend who I’ll write about at a later time). I was in stop and go traffic and the women behind me wasn’t paying attention. There isn’t a lot of damage but I have a BMW so it will probably be an expensive repair. The woman who hit me didn’t have proof of insurance but claimed she was covered. The CHV policeman ticketed her and we were on our way.

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Concert Time

Double A scored eight tickets to the Lincoln Center Orchestra concert at the botanic garden last night. Wynton Marsalis was part of the act. The rain stopped in the late afternoon so we didn’t have to wear rain gear. It was nice relaxing evening with great music and a tasty picnic dinner. Here are a few pics:
The water feature next to the science pavilion:
Detail of the science pavilion:
A Debra Butterfield sculpture:

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