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Relentless Ham

Carlos was at Discount Tire getting new tires on his wife’s car. He was bored so he started texting me selfies from the bathroom. He’s a relentless ham. I miss working out with him but had to go on hiatus until I finish physical therapy for the whiplash.
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A Short Tour

The gallery tour started later than usual on Friday night. Sheila popped over with a piece of homemade key lime pie when I got home from the gym. I had a nice talk with Sheila. Before long it was almost six. After a quick dinner and shower I was out the door around seven.

My first stop was Havu. Their new show has very colorful paintings by Jim Waid and Jane Abrams along with ceramic by Margaret Haydon. Many of the paintings are very large. The painting prices mostly ranged from $5,000 to $15,000.

The next stop was Point which has a Robin Ross retrospective. I liked most of the paintings in this show but they hovered around the $6,000 mark.

I ended the night at Vertigo Art Space which has new works by Carin Rodenborn. This shows explores the emerging trend of deconstruction. I liked all the works in this show which consists of acrylic paintings on linen. This was my favorite show of the night. The works are the most affordable of three shows with prices in the $500 to $1,500 range.

The night ended with a long stop on Kalamath Street caused by a coal train crossing the street. It seemed like this train had ten million railcars.

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RIP Edwige

I was taken aback by the news this morning of Edwige Belmore’s death. My friend, Charles, introduced me to Edwige. Charles worked for fashion designer, Todd Oldham, who often dressed Edwige. Edwige was the ambiance director at the legendary Starck Club in Dallas. She controlled who got in and who waited in line. While I didn’t know her well, I’m sad she has died. Oddly, it feels like a part of my past has died. Edwige was a person who left an impression on everyone she met. She was one of those people one would remember for the rest of their life. RIP Edwige.

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Another Six Months

I signed a new contract this morning. I’ll have employment for another six months. That’s a good thing. While I wanted to raise my rate, I refrained from asking for an increase because other contractor’s contracts were not renewed and the client was laying off employees last week. It’s hard to believe that my initial three month gig has lasted over six years. I must be doing something right.

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I Should Have Known Better

Trish called last week. We had a two hour conversation. She acknowledged how angry she has been and told me she is trying to change. She didn’t talk about her late husband or the ex-boyfriend. In a moment of weakness, I agreed to have dinner with her on Saturday night thinking she had changed her ways.

I had a three hour lunch with Kara and James on Saturday afternoon. I was having a great time but had to head home. I missed Trish’s birthday so I decided bake her a French apple cake. This also meant I would not have time to hit the gym.

The old Trish reappeared at dinner. The anger came out. She talked about the loss of her husband. How he was the best man that ever walked the earth. How wonderful their relationship was. How much in love they were. How no man will ever measure up to her late husband. Then the conversation shifted to the relationship she had with the man she met in grief counseling and the five times they broke up. The insult Meghan King Edmonds threw at Vicki Gunvalson was playing in the back of my head: “You’re an old woman who’s pissed off and bitter.”

It was a monologue I heard countless times and part of reason I distanced myself from her. I just wanted to scream at her to get the fuck over it. Her husband has been dead for seven years. I worked with her husband. He held a low level management position just a step above being a union worker. There was nothing outstanding about his work performance. In my opinion, he was an average man who didn’t do anything remarkable in his life but put up with Trish. Trish needs to stop working her perfect husband into every conversation.

When the check came, I was guilted into buying her dinner because I missed her birthday. I paid the check thinking it would be the last dinner with Trish that will end up on my credit card.

Back at Trish’s house we had cake. I wanted to leave so I used my whiplash as an excuse to get out of there. Trish wrapped up the remaining cake and gave it back to me. The cake was only missing two slices. I was stunned. I didn’t care if she gave the cake to the neighbors, or threw it in the trash when I left, but I didn’t expect her to give it back to me. I paid for dinner yet she is not gracious enough to keep the cake. She was more concerned about gaining weight than hurting my feelings. She wouldn’t keep it. I left with the cake.

I ended a wonderful afternoon with friends and blew off the gym to bake her a cake from scratch. Trish had the gall to give it back to me because she didn’t want to gain weight. I felt she was ungrateful. Trish hasn’t changed.

I can only blame myself for getting tricked by our conversation. I know better now. Trish is still wrapped up in the memories of her perfect life with her perfect husband. Trish wants to have dinner once a month so we stay in contact. That’s not going to happen. I’ll make sure to have other plans.

I gave the remaining cake to Mike and Chris to serve at their last summer pool party on Sunday. Later, they told me their guests loved the cake. Mike and Chris were very appreciative of the gift, unlike Trish.

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One Saved, One Lost

This house was saved from the wrecking ball. It’s being renovated and expanded. The original house was 3,100 sq. ft. with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The new portion is left of the chimney. There’s also a one story addition on the rear. They used the same architect who designed the addition to my house.
The house next door wasn’t so lucky. The garage was the only thing they kept. The house was a 5,400 sq. ft. Tudor with four bedrooms and five bathrooms built in 1949. It must have been a pretty swanky home for its time. Clearly, the new owners just want the lot.

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Art With Paddy

Mack had to work last night so Paddy and I hit the galleries. It was a rather quiet night. Paddy and I feasted on street tacos at El Taco De Mexico on Santa Fe before hitting the galleries. I introduced Paddy to Kara, James, the guys at Point and the guys at Michael Warren. Stops were also made at Mai Wyn Fine Art and Niza Knoll. The last stop was Ice Cube before getting a drink at Little Devil’s.

This was my favorite piece of the night:

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Cat B & B

My ex is getting married this weekend. His niece accidentally copied me on an email that contained the wedding weekend plans and activities. I’m sure it will be a nice affair.

Ferdinand, the cat my ex left behind when he moved, has found a new home. He leaves at six in the morning and comes home at ten in the evening. He’s not hungry when he comes home so he’s either feasting on rabbits or getting fed. I feel like I’m running a cat bed and breakfast. The other day he meowed four times in row. It sounded like a dog barking. I’m wondering if his new home is also home to a dog. Now, if I can only find out where he is going I can see if they would like to care for him full time.

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New Neighbors

Princess without a country has moved. I hope she’s enjoying her new life in Cherry Hills Village. I didn’t bother going over to wish her well even though I was working from home the day the movers arrived (You didn’t think she was going to pack or lift a box, did you?). I didn’t want to say things I didn’t mean. I will not miss her. I’m glad she’s moved on. Conversely, she didn’t come over to say goodbye. It was for the best.

The house has been sitting empty for a week. The husband of the couple who purchased the house called last night to introduce himself. They are empty nesters. He gave me his contact numbers since they will not be moving in for nine months. The house will be renovated and re-landscaped but will not be enlarged.

I thought it was nice for the man to call with an introduction. I look forward to meeting the couple. I don’t look forward to more construction activity.

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My Cousin’s New Book

My cousin created a blog to promote her next book which is written under a pseudonym. The first few chapters are posted on the blog. Check it out:


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