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My Favorite Dinosaur

This is one of my favorite pieces in the DAM. It’s called Made In China.

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Quiet Time

It’s eerily quiet around here. The house to the north of mine is sitting empty awaiting renovation and re-landscaping. The house to the south is also empty as it languishes on the market. The family moved into their new home in the mountains a month ago. This past weekend, the people moved out of the house across the street to the north. I’m guessing it’s under contract but there was never a for sale sign in the yard. The woman across the street to the south took her children to Japan for a month, leaving left her workaholic husband at home.

I’m sure this quite time is just temporary as work will begin on the house next door as soon as plans are approved. The future owners of the other two empty houses will probably do some type of renovation. It seems like every house that sells goes through some changes even if they were newly renovated. In the meantime, I going to enjoy the quiet time.

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Killing Morale

My client’s company laid off fifty-five people. The jobs were moved to a European country. The employees were not given the option of following their jobs. A two week severance package was given. Morale in the office here has sunk to a new low. The remaining employees are wondering when they will be let go. It’s been a difficult work week so far.

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Art Sunday

I checked out the Cherry Arts Festival at Stanley this morning. It’s a spin off from the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The Cherry Arts Festival was held in the old Stanley Aviation hanger at Stapleton (Denver’s old airport which is now a master planned community). The show had seventy artists exhibiting their wares. My favorite piece was a monotype by Kate McGuinness.
Kate also had a Rothko inspired monotype:
Both pieces are looking for a new owner.

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Gallery Tour Pics

The following pictures are from the new show at Pirate:

Gayla Lemke at Ice Cube:

At Ironton:

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Working The System

Mack found a second part time job. He’s working fifty-five hours a week between both jobs. He feels this is too much so he’s going to have his hours cut at the lower paying job. This puzzles me because he has no savings and has borrowed money from most of his friends and his father. Wouldn’t you want to work as much as possible in an effort to save money or pay back debts? Also, it looks like he’s getting a new car. A dealership told Mack he only needs a co-signer to purchase a new car. His car was repossessed about three weeks ago and he’s already trying to get a new car. Mack was underwater on his car loan so the bank will send him a bill for the balance owed once they sell the car. The bank will most likely sue him if he doesn’t pay the bill. Yet it looks like he’ll have a new car soon. I think it’s fiscally irresponsible.

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One Less House

The HOA held a meeting to brief the neighborhood on two projects currently being evaluated by the architectural review board. The couple who own neighborhood’s historic 33,000 sq. ft. Georgian mansion have purchased two houses adjoining their six acre property. One house, a 4,600 sq. ft. dwelling, will be torn down and replaced with lawn. This will be the most expensive house ever torn down in the neighborhood. The other is a 5,700 sq. ft. house which will be reduced in half and serve as a guest house. The mansion is still in the midst of a three year renovation project.

Most of the neighbors were taken aback by the briefing. Tearing down a house just to get the land sets a new precedent in the neighborhood. Forbes estimates the couple’s net worth at $450m. Their charitable foundations have given away over $240 million. They have the wealth to live the way they want. Thankfully, the house to be torn down is not architecturally significant.

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