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I’m Perfectly Fine Without You

Mack and I attended Daisy Patton’s sound installation opening at Vertigo Art Space on Saturday night. The installation is titled I’m Perfectly Fine Without You. The stunning exhibit explores the subject of absent fathers from the perspective of their children. The installation consists of interviews with adults who had absent fathers. Quotes from the audio are affixed to the gallery walls. Some of the quotes are expressive of the damage done by absent fathers.

I plan on going back to listen to the audio when gallery is not packed with patrons. The installation was previously exhibited in Boston but is making its Denver premier at Vertigo Art Space.

Daisy is currently a resident artist at Redline and is represented by Michael Warren Contemporary.

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Are You Ready?

I met Double A for brunch yesterday in Cherry Creek. After brunch we walked over to the mall to check out the recently opened Restoration Hardware store. The mall has been decorated for the holidays. Santa has arrived too. I snapped a few pictures from Restoration Hardware’s rooftop garden. A Christmas tree has been erected in the valet parking court next to Neiman Marcus. A large holiday wreath hangs on the outside of Hermès (Vive la France!). Are you ready for the holidays?

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Endless Blue Sky

IMG_1843 (3)
Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. I snapped this picture on Saturday morning when I was leaving an artist’s talk at a gallery on Santa Fe. Not a cloud in the sky. Just an endless blue sky. That may change on Monday when another snow storm is due to arrive. The forecasters are using two models to track the storm. One calls for a few inches of accumulation while the other calls for twenty-something inches. I’m hoping for the former.

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What A Night!

Under a small sign, inside this nondescript door, you’ll find some of the best art offerings in this town. It’s Rule gallery, which was the last stop on the gallery romp last night. I was joined by Perry and Paddy. Other stops were made at Havu, Walker, Michael Warren, Pirate, Next, Zip37, Edge, Ice Cube and Hinterland. I thought the best shows were Havu, Walker, Michael Warren, Ice Cube and Rule. Paddy snapped up two pieces at Next and two at Ice Cube. I ran into friends all night. It seemed like Perry knew everyone. She provided an ongoing commentary pointing out pieces that were a steal, and others that were overpriced. It was a great way to get our minds off the senseless tragedy of the terror attacks in Paris.

After the gallery tour, a stop was made a Pete’s Kitchen on Colfax for a late evening nosh. Then it was back to my house for apple, pear and raisin crumble. The night ended around eleven when Perry and Paddy departed.

I felt refreshed and renewed after a fun evening. I drifted off to sleep a few minutes after hitting the bed.

Emilio Lobato at Havu:

Zachariah Rieke at Havu:

Andrew Roberts-Gray at Michael Warren:

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Another One Gone

Yet another mid-century ranch was scraped off last week. A builder paid $700,000 for the 1,700 sq. ft. house. A new six bedroom ranch will replace the three bedroom house that used to occupy this quarter acre lot. The builder claims the house wasn’t suitable for remodeling because it didn’t have a basement. I haven’t seen the plans so I don’t know how the builder will squeeze the house on the lot. The now empty lot is a few houses away from the new construction shown in the post on November 9th. I hope this house doesn’t take four years to build.

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Less Is More

This phrase is often associated with Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, who was one of the founders of modern architecture, and an advocate for simplicity of style. This phrase can be used to describe Starbuck’s new holiday cup. I think it’s beautiful in its simplicity. Additional ornamentation is not needed. The people who say Starbucks has declared war on Christmas, or that Starbucks hates Jesus, are being ridiculous. It’s just a cup. Get over it.

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It’s back

The first major snow storm for the city arrived. It should quit snowing by noon with sun returning in the afternoon.

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