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Make It Great

I don’t have any resolutions for the new year. I’m not going to recap the past year. The past is the past. It will not be forgotten but I don’t feel the need to rehash it. The great thing about life is that you never know who you’ll meet, where you’ll go or what you’ll do. Every day can be an adventure. Make it great.

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Candy Canes & Pepperoni Pizza

It’s been cold and snowy in Denver for a while. We had the often dreamed about white Christmas. Mike, Chris and I were bored on Saturday night so we piled into Mike’s new Range Rover and went to Target. It’s amazing the things one will buy at Target when one is bored. Puzzles, a board game, a microwave, shampoo, Italian sausage, mini cans of Pepsi and eggs. Still bored after Target, we were hanging out at my house. Mike thought it was underwear night at the Eagle so we piled back in the Range Rover. Angus was picked up in LoDo on the way.

It wasn’t underwear night but a decent crowd was present. Mike ordered a round of drinks while the rest of us settled in at a high top munching on free candy canes. Mike was hungry after the first round of drinks so he ordered a pepperoni pizza. Another round of drinks was ordered when the pizza arrived. We sat talking and eating a frozen pizza that had been cooked in the bar’s oven while the ever increasing crowed milled around the table.

It was almost midnight so we decided to look for new adventure. It was 14° when we left the bar. Thankfully, the car has heated front and rear seats so we were warmed up in no time. The bitter cold sealed the night’s fate. We decided to head home. Angus was dropped off at his car in the light rail parking lot at the Colorado Station. I was dropped off a few minutes later.

In a matter of minutes, I was snuggled in bed under the covers headed to dreamland.

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An Artist’s Studio

When I left Michael’s art sale on Sunday I stopped by a friend’s studio. She had another friend there so we hung out for a while talking about art and inspiration. I snapped a few pictures with my phone. She’ll have to remain anonymous since her studio was a mess. Can you find the wine bottle?

I’m working today but I have nothing to do. I’m getting paid to sit here in case something comes up. Don’t be surprised if I read your blog archives today. I’m beyond bored.

I’m looking forward to Double A’s Jew and Gentile dinner tomorrow. It’s a 50/50 mix of Jews and Gentiles. He’s serving lamb and ham. I’m baking an apple/pear tart for dessert. It should be a good time.

Paddy couldn’t commit to attending the dinner so he’ll be home by himself. He’s going to a Christmas morning brunch and didn’t want to limit his drinking. Rather than show up drunk, he’s going to take an Uber home and go to bed. There’s one reason I don’t want to date Paddy.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday.

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Sentence Of The Day

Mike occasionally sends me adds from Craigslist as a joke. Here’s the latest one:

Looking to hook up with nice clean men for m2m pleasure and who enjoy pleasuring with their pets often.

Is this an example of a poorly written sentence, or, a new fetish that’s not been brought to my attention?

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Relaxed To Stressed

Tom and Sheila hosted a solstice party last night for a small gathering of friends and neighbors. There were about twenty people in attendance. Sheila served delicious homemade gourmet pizzas. Guests gathered in conversation groups around the fireplaces in the family room and living room. A pianist who works for the opera sat down at the piano and entertained guests for at least two hours with holiday songs. It was a great way to celebrate the solstice.

The party was my only holiday engagement. I was going to sit back and relax for the next few days. Then I got home and everything changed when I checked my voice mail and texts. Double A left a message asking me to bring a desert to the Christmas dinner he’s hosting. The dinner went from four people to twelve in twenty-four hours. Aimee invited me for an early Christmas Eve dinner and construction of gingerbread houses with her two sons. Connie sent an email invite to her annual Christmas Eve party which was a lot of fun last year.

I’m feeling a little stressed. I now need to pick up two hostess gifts, make a pie for Double A’s dinner and a dessert for Connie’s party. I went from relaxed to stressed in sixty seconds.

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I Did It Again

Michael Dowling had a studio sale on Saturday. Michael let Paddy, Art guy and me put works on hold on Friday night when we were in his studio. I went back Saturday afternoon which allowed me to take my time looking over the offerings. I ended up buying three drawings and a painting. Paddy had a full day of clients on Saturday so I paid for his pieces along with mine. Michael was extremely generous with his pricing. I consider the purchase a holiday gift for me.

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A Good Night

Paddy and I hit the galleries in the Santa Fe Arts District last night after having dinner. I had a great time with Paddy. Our talk doesn’t seem to have affected our friendship.

The most memorable works were found in Spark, Core, Mai Wynn and Point. I wanted to see Brenda’s new photos at Sync but the gallery was closed when I got there. Stops were made in other galleries on Santa Fe but I didn’t see anything worth mentioning. I rather concentrate on what I think is worth seeing.

The members’ show at Spark is great. I introduced Paddy to Sue Simon, Madeleine Dodge, Kate McGuiness and Joyce Coco. Paddy liked Kate’s monotype and Joyce’s painting. I thought both would look good in his house.

Core has works by Debra Williams, Mark Stokesbury and Stuart C. Andrews. I thought Debra’s mixed media ceramic pieces were the highlight of this show and the evening. Debra has a unique way of combining materials which form stunning visual works.

The guy Paddy wanted to fix me up with met us at Core. I’ll call him the Art guy for now. More on him in a in a different post.

A stop was made in Mai Wynn Fine Art since the Art guy had not seen Mai Wynn’s new work. Mai Wynn was warm and welcoming as always. She paints on aluminum and steel. Her uniquely beautiful paintings are worth checking out.

The night ended at Michael Dowling’s studio in Point Gallery. It’s always fun talking with Michael and looking at his work. He’s one of the true talents in this town.

Debra Williams, Prisoner of Design, mixed-media mosaic without grout, 8X8, $350.00.

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A Bad Habit

When I come home, I usually sit on the bench at the end of the bed and take off my shoes. I’ve developed a bad habit of leaving the shoes on bedroom floor instead returning them to the shoe shelves in the closet. I know you’re probably shocked that I can be so incredibly lazy. After a few days the bedroom starts to look like a shoe farm ready for harvest. One would think I would walk the twenty feet, or so, to the closet and put the shoes where they belong. But, I don’t, so I end up with a mess like this:

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High School Drama

When I got the text last Friday night I thought Paddy was going to ask me to lend him money. He has an opportunity to buy a salon and needs another $80k. I didn’t think he was interested in dating. Paddy told me he wanted to set me up with a guy around my age, who likes art, owns a house, has a car and is employed. The guy sounded like a match made in heaven (I’m being sarcastic). Also, Paddy had a date scheduled with London on Saturday night.

Sue called me after Paddy cut and colored her hair on Saturday. She told me Paddy liked me. He really, really liked me. I couldn’t have been more confused. Paddy was trying to set me up with another guy while he dated London. Yet, he had feelings for me. It didn’t make sense. It was beginning to feel like high school drama.

Paddy and I had dinner Sunday night. I talked to Paddy after dinner. Paddy didn’t want money. Paddy wanted to date. Sadly, I didn’t feel the same way. Paddy took it well.

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It’s Complicated

The text came from Paddy. A mutual close friend told me wants convert our friendship into a dating/intimate relationship.  It’s getting complicated.

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