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A Bad Habit

When I come home, I usually sit on the bench at the end of the bed and take off my shoes. I’ve developed a bad habit of leaving the shoes on bedroom floor instead returning them to the shoe shelves in the closet. I know you’re probably shocked that I can be so incredibly lazy. After a few days the bedroom starts to look like a shoe farm ready for harvest. One would think I would walk the twenty feet, or so, to the closet and put the shoes where they belong. But, I don’t, so I end up with a mess like this:

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High School Drama

When I got the text last Friday night I thought Paddy was going to ask me to lend him money. He has an opportunity to buy a salon and needs another $80k. I didn’t think he was interested in dating. Paddy told me he wanted to set me up with a guy around my age, who likes art, owns a house, has a car and is employed. The guy sounded like a match made in heaven (I’m being sarcastic). Also, Paddy had a date scheduled with London on Saturday night.

Sue called me after Paddy cut and colored her hair on Saturday. She told me Paddy liked me. He really, really liked me. I couldn’t have been more confused. Paddy was trying to set me up with another guy while he dated London. Yet, he had feelings for me. It didn’t make sense. It was beginning to feel like high school drama.

Paddy and I had dinner Sunday night. I talked to Paddy after dinner. Paddy didn’t want money. Paddy wanted to date. Sadly, I didn’t feel the same way. Paddy took it well.

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It’s Complicated

The text came from Paddy. A mutual close friend told me wants convert our friendship into a dating/intimate relationship.  It’s getting complicated.

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Abstract Sunday

Karen Roehl abstracts for your viewing pleasure on a cold and snowy Sunday in Denver.

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Good Company & Great Art

The gallery tour started later than usual last night as Paddy had to work until 6:30. He picked up his friend, Jacky, on the way to my house. We arrived at Ice Cube in RiNo around 7:30.

Ice Cube had their annual member’s show and fundraiser. The gallery was holding a fundraiser to help offset a substantial rent increase and generate revenue for the artists. You can still pick up a few pieces. Karen Roehl has six small abstracts in the show. These pieces are a bargain at $100.00 as her large paintings sell in the $4k to $6k range.

Next, we walked next door to Hinterland and Rule to see their new shows. Both shows were packed. At Rule, Valerie, the gallery directress, gave us an overview of the current show, and previewed works from the next show, which is expected to sell out. My favorite piece was print by Jason DeMarte. Hinterland has an interactive installation by Jenny Fillipetti. This show deserves a second look when the gallery is not crowded.

We left RiNo and headed over to the Golden Triangle to see the shows at Goodwin Fine Art and Gallery 1261. At Goodwin, Tina was gracious to let us in the see to the new exhibit as the gallery had just closed. New works by Mindy Bray and Matt Christie are being shown. This show did not disappoint. Padddy and Jackie found several pieces they liked in the exhibit. A few doors down the street we found another excellent new exhibit at Gallery 1261. Stunning paintings by Vincent Xeus were on display. Many of the pieces in this pricy (2k to 85k) show had sold. All of us found works in this show we would like to have but were priced out of our reach.

We met Jason Lee Gimbel at Gallery 1261. Jason is an extremely talented artist. He conducts a weekly figure drawing class at Redline. Jason posts his drawings to his blog, which, is worth a look. Jason will have a show at Space Gallery in January. This will be a great show to see.

We ended the night with a late dinner at Racine’s. It was good company and good conversation. I got home around eleven. I was settled in bed reading when the text in the previous post arrived.

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It’s Coming

I received this text at 11:56 p.m. last night:

I had a lot of fun tonight as always! I would like to sit down and have a conversation with you if you have any free time this weekend.

I knew this was coming. I’m not looking forward to it.

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Stuck In A Rut

I’m going with minimal holiday decorations again this year. I put ornaments in a bowl on the dining room table and hung a wreath on the front door. As I was putting the wreath’s box back in the garage I noticed the label was dated 1993. I’ve been putting the same dried floral wreath on the front door for twenty-two years. That gives the wreath a low cost per use, while at the same time, signals being stuck in a rut. I’m thinking it may be time for a new one. Perhaps I’ll find one on sale after the holiday season.
This photo is the same one I posted in 2013. Same ornaments in the same bowl again this year. At least I’ve only been doing this for three years.

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