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Praise And Endorse Me

A senior manager at my client’s company left to pursue other opportunities. He was only in the job fifteen months. Previously, he worked for another company based in Silicon Valley. He was often away at conferences that had nothing to do with his job duties. He never fulfilled his commitments. The man often missed conference calls and meetings after he agreed to attend. He sent out the obligatory farewell message thanking and praising the team for a job well done. He closed his farewell message by asking the team members to leave positive feedback and endorse him on LinkedIn.

His farewell message was generally seen as a joke. His replacement has already done more in a week for the team than the man who left did in his entire tenure. The man who left got his card punched and added a firm to his resume in an attempt to climb the corporate ladder. He has not been missed. I have yet to find a team member who endorsed him on LinkedIn.

I have seen this happen so many times. They are hired off the street from another high profile company. They announce grand plans. After a few months it is clear nothing is changing. They are soon seen as ineffective. They leave for their next opportunity before they get fired. They are forgotten in a matter of weeks.

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A Lost Master

Roland Bernier, Denver master of contemporary art, died in June. Walker Fine Art and Spark Gallery are currently exhibiting his works. Bernier’s work is in the collections of the Denver Art Museum, Kirkland Museum, and the Colorado Convention Center. His work was shown in most of the top galleries in Denver along with MCA Denver and The Arvada Center. He are two pictures of his later work for your enjoyment.

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No Strippers Last Night

The art tour last night wasn’t quite the adventure as last week but it was filled with great art. Perry, Mack and I stopped at William Havu Gallery and Walker Fine Art in the Golden Triangle before meeting Paddy, Jacqueline and Jacqueline’s friend, Josh, at Space Gallery on Santa Fe. Bradly was sick in bed at Paddy’s house. As usual, Havu and Walker had great shows. I loved Laura Truitt’s paintings at Havu. The Ben Strawn paintings and Bill Vielehr metal pieces at Walker took top honors, in my opinion, for best art of the night.

The new show at Space did not disappoint. Jason Lee Gimbel, Mark Sink and William Stoehr works were simply stunning. The next stop was Access Gallery, where Tracy Tomko curated a show by a group of eight artists called The Institute For Non-Bizarre Treatment. Stops were also made in Sync, Core and Spark. Brenda LaBier had great photos in the new show at Sync. She’s also selling a book of her photos.

The final stop for the night was the Navajo Art District. There were two video installation at Pirate by Shannon W. Kelly. The images in his black and white films were mesmerizing. One had to take time to watch both films but it was time well spent. Stops were also made in Next, which had a photography exhibit, and Zip37, which still had their invitational group show up. Edge was closed by the time the tour arrived.

And that was it. A lot was packed into three and half house. Gallery stops were made in the Golden Triangle, Santa Fe Arts District and the Navajo Art District. Perry knew everyone and made many introductions. The tour did not include any bad singers, male strippers or a very late dinner. There’s always next time.

My favorite piece by Ben Strawn:

Bill Vielehr:

Bill Stoehr at Space. Jacqueline and Josh are in the lower left corner:

Group shot. Which shoes are mine?

Jason Lee Gimbel:

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What Happened To Java?

Yesterday, my laptop, provided by the customer, worked just fine. I had no issues. This morning when I tried to log on to the customer’s VPN I got a message to install Java. WTF! I had Java yesterday or the VPN would not have granted me access. What happened to Java? I rebooted my laptop and tried the VPN again. I still needed Java. I tried to download Java only to be presented with a message that Java was already installed. WTF! I uninstalled Java and downloaded Java. I still got a message I needed Java when I tried to access the VPN. I called the IT help desk and got a tech in New Jersey. I said a silent prayer the call was not routed to the team in India. I spent an hour on the phone with the tech. He did a bunch of confusing things to my laptop, but eventually, I could access the VPN. Call ended. Trouble ticket closed.

Twenty minutes later, I tried to log into the system for tracking projects. Access was denied. I did’t understand the error message because it looked like something cut and pasted from C++ code. I called the IT help desk again. The tech who answered was in Argentina. He had a thick accent, but he was easier to understand than the guys in India, who normally supported the IT help desk. I said a silent prayer the call was not routed to India. He determined I needed to download Firefox. After Firefox was installed, I tried to log into the tracking system. I got a message that Internet Explorer was needed to access the tracking system. I already had Internet Explorer. The guy told me my ticket needed to be escalated to a tier 2 tech. I had to wait for tier 2 to call me. I knew this would take a while so I decided to reboot my laptop. Voila! The VPN still worked. I could log into the tracking system. The tier 2 tech has yet to call. It’s been three hours.

But my main question is still unanswered. What happened to Java? Everything worked yesterday. Did some mysterious software somehow get activated overnight whose sole purpose was to just fuck with me this morning? I’ll never know. I said a silent prayer to the software gods in the hope that my laptop will behave for the rest of day. I’ve said more prayers today than most days.

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A Preview

Click here for a preview of coming attractions.

Jason Lee Gimbel will have works in the new group show opening at Space Gallery on Friday night. Jason is a very talented artist. This will be a show not to be missed! Mack has Friday night off so he’ll be part of the art tour. Paddy is bringing Bradly. Perry is still in recovery mode so she may not make it. I hope to avoid Art Guy.

Here’s a Rebecca Cuming painting currently in the group show at Pirate for your viewing pleasure:

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It seems like construction and renovation never ends in my neighborhood. Here’s the latest list of projects.

The couple who own the house on the opposite corner from my house are converting their garage into living space. They will excavate under the present garage to put in a bigger subterranean garage with a heated driveway.

Crazy Barb’s house was purchased by a developer. Thankfully, the house will be renovated instead of demolished. The developer plans on adding 1,600 sq. ft. The house will be 3,700 sq. ft. when finished.

A house mid-block was demolished three months ago to make room for a couple’s new six-bedroom dream home. The couple is now divorcing and fighting over the lot. The lot sits empty surrounded by a six-foot chain-link fence.

Interior renovations on the house next door have stalled. I doubt the new owners will move in by April. A new corvette was delivered to house last week while the contractor was there. I still have not met the owners.

A master suite addition is in progress a few doors down the street. The project is adding 800 sq. ft. to a 2,200 sq. ft. mid-century ranch.

A 2,000 sq. ft. addition to a 3,100 sq. ft. house is nearing completion on the western edge of the neighborhood. The project has been underway for fifteen months. Construction on a new house has finally started on the lot next door. I’m not sure how big this house will be but a 5,400 sq. ft. Tudor house that was deemed, too dated to keep, was torn down.

Houses to the south of my covenant controlled neighborhood are being torn down at an alarming rate. Most of the houses were built in the late 1940’s. They are being replaced by two-story architecturally-insignificant monoliths featuring ten-foot ceilings, four-bedrooms and open floor plans. The new homes are built so quickly I can help but wonder about the quality of the construction. Yet the developers seem to have no problem selling the houses with a seven figure asking price.

Change is constant but is it always good?

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Life As I Know It

Friday night was clearly the high point of my weekend. I laid low the rest of the weekend. Errands, gym and laundry seemed to consume Saturday. I had risen early on Saturday morning so I needed a nap before hitting the gym. Darkness had taken over when I left the gym. It felt like the day was over. Winter has a firm grip on the region which makes me think twice about venturing out in the dark when it’s 15°. I declined an invitation from Paddy to join a group of people having dinner before bar hopping. I knew I made the right decision when Paddy told me over Sunday brunch at Elway’s (yes, it’s that man’s restaurant) he was out until 3 with Bradly. After brunch, Paddy, Bradly and I made a quick stop at the Denver Botanic Gardens to see if the citrus trees in the orangerie were in bloom. They were not, so another quick stop was made at the high-end Goodwill (a local thrift/charity store selling used goods) in Cherry Creek North (the local chic shopping district with Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton and Hermès). Struck out at Goodwill. I was dropped off at home around two. I managed to blow the rest of the day amusing myself with the internet (interpret that as you wish) and watching House Hunters on HGTV. I felt guilty for blowing off the gym but I could rally and still make it. Do I really need to hit the gym five days a week? A call from the framers motivated me to put on shoes and pick up the Michael Dowling painting I had framed. Lounging around in the warm, sun-filled family room for a few hours made 27° seem really cold. I was cold even with the heated seats and steering wheel turned on. Back home, I realized the ship had sailed on visiting the gym. I rustled up dinner before watching the Golden Globes and Downton Abby. The next thing I knew it was Monday morning. I was sitting in my home office typing a blog post because I was getting paid but had no work to do. See, my life really isn’t that interesting.

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