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The Usual Stuff

The weekend flew by. Mack and I went to the DAM’s final Friday of the month program. It was a lot of fun. I hadn’t seen Mack for three weeks. He’s had a cold for six weeks but doesn’t have health insurance. He’s been self-medicating with over the counter remedies.

While at the museum, we listened to a Danny Singer’s lecture about his process of photographing small towns in North America. We also listened to a lecture by two park rangers in the western art galleries. The lecture was in front of a massive painting of Estes Park painted in the early 1800’s. The rangers talked about how climate changes have affected plants and animals living in the park. It was a fascinating talk. Meghan Wilbar talked about her drawings and process for creating her paintings which are currently exhibited at Michael Warren Contemporary (see the February 20th post).

We left the DAM and headed over to Pirate to see Craig Robb’s new sculptures. The show did not disappoint. Also, the back gallery has ceramics by Heather Kegel that were produced with a 3D printer. Who knew you could make ceramics with a 3D printer?

Saturday found me slaving away in the garden, hitting the gym and taking a nap. That was about it, except for a coffee date that turned into a rather odd experience. Look for a disappointment drive post in a few days.

Sunday, I got up at 7:30, had a nice breakfast and went back to bed. I finally got up at 11 and threw on my garden clothes. I spent most of the day working on garden clean up. After showering and shaving late in day, I began to ponder what to eat for dinner. As luck would have it, Mike called with an invitation to an impromptu dinner and Academy Award watching party. Steaks were already on the grill when I arrived. Baked smashed potatoes and grilled asparagus were also served. Dinner was yummy. The awards were boring except for Chris Rock, Lady Gaga and Sam Smith.

I walked home as soon as the awards were over. I was exhausted. I was soon in bed with crisp clean sheets and a window open letting in the cool evening air. Dreamland was minutes away.

Meghan Wilbar’s studies photographed on a window ledge in the DAM:

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A Presidential Visit?

The neighborhood gossip mill is running rampant this week. It seems the three- year renovation project on the neighborhood’s historic 33,000 sq. ft. mansion will be completed at the end of the summer. The previous seven sitting presidents have all visited the mansion. The gay guys who own the mansion want to make it eight sitting presidents. They have invited the Obamas to visit the mansion. Given the guys are big supporters of the Democratic Party and are really wealthy, I suspect there may be a presidential visit later this year.

Each time a president has visited the mansion, the secret service has blocked off most of the streets to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Residents could only access the street they live on. If the Obamas visit, at best, I may get to see a caravan of black SUV’s and limos drive by. The event will become a non-event.

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I’m Twelve Again

I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw this online:

“Fuck Bitch McConnell”

Yes, the twelve-year-old boy in me took over. And, yes, I agree.

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Sun To Snow

I mowed the yard on Sunday afternoon for the first time this year. The grass had greened up and had grown long enough to mow, in Denver, in February. I also have chives in the herb garden that survived the winter. My area is usually a hard frost zone. Then it snowed last night. Of course, there’s no such thing as global warming.

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Waking Up

The Garden is waking up.

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Going Solo

I hit the galleries on Santa Fe tonight by myself. Mack and Paddy both worked late while Perry had dinner with her ex-husband. I took a nap when I got home from the gym so I got a late start on the gallery tour. The best show of the night was at Michael Warren Contemporary. New works by Colorado artists Kelton Osborn and Meghan Wilbar are being shown. Osborn’s mixed media pieces were my favorites. I found then simply stunning. Being an architect has influenced his style, form and composition. Wilbar’s abstract paintings have incredible depth due to a buildup of paint, color and texture. Her vivid colors jump right off the paintings.

The tour was short but fulfilling. It was great to discover two new emerging artists who have a lot to contribute to the local art scene.

Kelton Osborn
Kelton Osborn
Megan Wilbar
Megan Wilbar

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Good Light

I thought the light was really good for snapping a few pictures outside of the museum last night. I liked the exhibits. I need to go back for a second look when the museum isn’t crowded.

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Museum Openings

I’m meeting Perry at the Denver Art Musueum (DAM) tonight for the member’s preview of the two new exhibits, Robert Therrien: The Power of the Image and Audacious: Contemporary Artists Speak Out. I’m not familiar with Robert Therrien so I’m looking forward to seeing this exhibit. The other exhibit includes works by Damien Hirst and Christo, two artists I like to follow.

There’s another opening next week which should be really interesting. Samurai: Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection will debut on March 6th.

In addition there will be two blockbuster exhibits opening later this year. Women of Abstract Expressionism (opens June 12th) will focus on female artist in the 1940s and 1950s on the East and West Coasts, while Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume (opens November 13th) will include 60 costumes from the seven films. The Women of Abstract Expressionism will include works by Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, Jay DeFeo, Sonia Gechtoff, Judith Godwin, Mary Abbott, Perle Fine, Grace Hartigan, Deborah Remington, and Ethel Schwabacher. Both of these exhibits are expected to draw huge crowds.

Tonight should be fun. Perry knows so many people in the local art community so I’m sure I’ll meet a lot of people.

I’m wondering if my friend Dianne will want to bring her family to the costume exhibit. I should be able to get discounted tickets with my membership.

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Him Again?

I’m not going to mention his name because I speculate my readers will roll their eyes and say to themselves “You’re posting about him again”.

Click here to check out the monumental size of his paintings. I would love to have one but I have no place to hang it. If I recall correctly, these paintings are little over $6,000. I guess if I could afford one I would find a place to hang it.

Thanks for bearing with me. I’ll try not to post about him for a while.

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I attended a meeting last Thursday at my client’s office. It was meeting of the key people supporting the company’s flagship product. There were six of us in the conference room with people conferenced in from Toronto, Dublin and Mumbai. The non-performer was in the conference room. It was seven kinds of crazy in an hour.

The non-performer went off on endless tangents that made no sense. Every time the project lead started a new topic the non-performer interrupted her. His rapid fire talking style made it hard for the project lead to take back control of the meeting. The non-performer was out of control. Finally, he declared the meeting was over. He stood up, closed his laptop, hung up the conference bridge and walked out of the conference room. The rest of us sat there with stunned looks on our faces. The project lead, who is normally a very professional woman, said “WTF”. She dialed back into the conference bridge to continue the meeting without him.

After the meeting, I found out that all of the team members, who are employees, were reprimanded over the almost delayed global product launch. The team coordinator was demoted. The non-performer has been relieved of most of his work load. The non-performer’s manager is building a case to fire the non-performer. The team has been told to document any missed commitments by the man.

I don’t know what is wrong with the man. He’s lost an alarming amount of weight. It could be drugs or a medical condition. The man needs help. This is not going to end well.

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