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What a great night for art! A rain/snow mix wasn’t going to keep the gang home.
Mack and I started the evening at the art museum. We listened to a talk by Ravi Zupa, an artist who uses traffic cones to make prints. He cuts up the cone and the rest of the process is similar to woodcuts or linocuts. Who knew? Artist are so inventive.

Paddy, Michael (Paddy’s new guy) and Jacqueline finally arrived in town from the southern suburbs are were texting me from the car. Mack and I hightailed it out of the museum and hopped into Paddy’s car. The first stop was William Havu Gallery. Havu has a stunning show of paintings and prints by Amy Metier, Emmett Culligan sculptures and collages by Brad Ellis. There were many pieces in this show I wanted to buy but the prices out of my reach.

The next stop was Ice Cube to check out Art Angels: 7th Heaven, new works by Jean Smith and Kate McGuinness. Jean and Kate created the art angels in 1993. Each show had a theme allowing Jean and Kate to do a photo shoot dressed up as outfits tied to the show’s theme. There were six art angel shows before the art angels went on a twenty-something year hiatus. Last night’s opening was the 7th Art Angels show. It was fantastic. Jean presented new clay sculptures while Kate showed beautiful monotypes. I snapped a few pictures but I don’t think they do justice to the art. This is a show one has to see in person. Jean’s husband, Bob, played bartended. His gimlets sure hit the stop.

After Ice Cube, we headed over to Navajo Street to check out Next, Pirate, Zip37 and Edge. Rebecca Cuming has show-stopping, abstract paintings in the main gallery at Pirate.
Eric Anderson has new paintings and prints in the Pirate’s rear gallery. Both of these offerings deserve a look. Rebecca’s works were the best offering of all the galleries on Navajo.

And then the tour was over. Paddy, Michael and Jacqueline dropped Mack and I off at the museum before seeking a late night dinner. I dropped Mack off and headed home to go to bed after posting about Gayla’s work at Edge.

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Gayla At Edge

Gayla Lemke at Edge Gallery. I love these pieces.

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Work & Art

Today, the company offered its employees an incentive package to leave to the company. The employees spent most of the day discussing the merits of the package. Many are interested in accepting the offer but the company makes the final decision on who can take the offer. Several employees talked to me about my experiences as a consultant/contractor. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next month.

Tonight, I attended Collin Parson’s opening at Michael Warren Contemporary. Many of the pieces are gold mirrored acrylic fabricated by lasers. The show also included light sculptures which used LEDs programmed to change colors. It was a well-attended stellar show.

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Money For Nothing

It’s been an interesting week so far. I’ve worked three days without access to the corporate network. I really haven’t worked. I’ve been paid to observe other people work since I can’t access any documents or systems. I can’t visit the men’s room without borrowing a peer’s ID card to get back in the secure office. Hopefully, I’ll have access tomorrow.

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I’m going back to work on Monday. I’ve had a great three week hiatus. I didn’t accomplish a lot other than perfecting the art of the afternoon nap. I spent Sunday with Mack and Timothy on an architectural tour of Denver. I snapped a few pics along the way.
Helen Frankenthaler at Robischon Gallery

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Awful Architecture

It seems like the building in Denver will never stop. There are new buildings going up everywhere. Most of the new buildings have no redeeming architectural value. They are ugly boxes whose sole purpose is to maximize the developer’s profits. Here’s an interesting article from Denver’s Westword magazine:


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These stunning examples of residential architecture have been built south of my neighborhood. All are located in an area that does not have covenants or architectural restrictions. If the city approved the plan, the house is built. The newer houses are in the $1.2 to $1.6m price range.  And, yes, the title of this post is pure sarcasm.

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Simply Amazing

I was pleasantly surprised when my accountant told me I was getting federal and state income tax refunds. This is the first time in many years I received tax refunds instead of owing additional taxes. Even more surprising is that both refunds were directly deposited into my checking account in less than two weeks.

In other news, I’m still waiting for the new employment contract. It looks like I’ll start on Monday. I’ve been enjoying the time off. It’s amazing how little I can accomplish in day when I don’t work.

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I Was Never Attracted To You

How can a man spend four years in a relationship and not be attracted to the other person? If a man stays with a partner, even though there is no attraction, don’t you think he could come up with a better excuse for ending the relationship, even if it’s a lie? After all, the man has been living a lie for four years. What’s one more lie?

Joe told Cindi he was never attracted to her. Two weeks later he moved out. Cindi rented her house on Airbnb and has been ensconced in the family home in Santa Fe. A difficult ending leading to a beginning full of promise. The nerves are too raw for Cindi to see this.

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Saved From An Icy Death

I cut these tulips yesterday afternoon. I saved them from any icy death. Their comrades are now buried under many inches of snow. I gave a big bouquet of tulips to Tom and Sheila. I also have a bunch of grape hyacinths in vase. I’ll get to see who survived on Monday when the temperature rises to the high forties.

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