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Simply Amazing

I was pleasantly surprised when my accountant told me I was getting federal and state income tax refunds. This is the first time in many years I received tax refunds instead of owing additional taxes. Even more surprising is that both refunds were directly deposited into my checking account in less than two weeks.

In other news, I’m still waiting for the new employment contract. It looks like I’ll start on Monday. I’ve been enjoying the time off. It’s amazing how little I can accomplish in day when I don’t work.

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I Was Never Attracted To You

How can a man spend four years in a relationship and not be attracted to the other person? If a man stays with a partner, even though there is no attraction, don’t you think he could come up with a better excuse for ending the relationship, even if it’s a lie? After all, the man has been living a lie for four years. What’s one more lie?

Joe told Cindi he was never attracted to her. Two weeks later he moved out. Cindi rented her house on Airbnb and has been ensconced in the family home in Santa Fe. A difficult ending leading to a beginning full of promise. The nerves are too raw for Cindi to see this.

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Saved From An Icy Death

I cut these tulips yesterday afternoon. I saved them from any icy death. Their comrades are now buried under many inches of snow. I gave a big bouquet of tulips to Tom and Sheila. I also have a bunch of grape hyacinths in vase. I’ll get to see who survived on Monday when the temperature rises to the high forties.

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Art Before Snow

The weather change arrived late which enabled me to get out and see a few gallery shows. The best show of the night was the Sue Simon and Barbara Carpenter opening at Spark. Sue’s unique paintings incorporate scientific images and mathematical formulas. Sue sold five paintings by the time I arrived at the gallery. Barbara had beautiful photographs printed on metal which were taken in a junk yard. There’s also a great show at Sync Gallery which has paintings by Faye Crowe and photographs by Steve Keating. Faye’s colorful abstract paintings jump off the wall while Steve’s serene landscape photos are printed on wood provide a calming balance. Steve suspends the camera from a kite 200 to 300 feet above ground so he has no control over the image. The process of printing on wood softens the color and image. I also made stops at Core, Niza Knoll and the Center For Visual Art.

A soft rain started to fall when I got back to the car. It was a full on rain storm when I got home. I woke up to find everything covered with a few inches of heavy wet snow. I’ll need to find indoor activities to keep me amused this weekend.

Sue Simon Uncertainty = Anxiety $6,000

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More Snow

The city weather forecast calls for up to fourteen inches of snow starting tonight and ending by Monday. The high country is expecting two to four feet of snow. I’ll need to find some indoor activities to do this weekend.

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Art + Fashion

Perry and attended a presentation at the DAM tonight given by the Florence Müller, Curator of Textile Art and Fashion. (The presentation had to be rescheduled because of the recent blizzard.) Florence gave a preview of Shock Wave: Japanese Fashion Design, 1980s–90s. I thought the talk was intriguing. I look forward to attending the opening. The event was ripe for people watching as many of the women showed up in outfits by Issey Miyake, Kenzo, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons. It was refreshing to see the fashionista crowd as Denver is not known for its sense of style.

The sky was incredible before the event so I snapped a few pictures while waiting for Perry to show up. Here are a few:

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I had a great weekend the guys. We talked, shopped, shared meals, toured galleries and had a lot of fun. Not so much with the women. I had the impression we were hanging out as a group yet the women avoided the guys most of the weekend. We only got together for dinner on Saturday night. I thought they acted selfish and self-centered. The women are relatively new friends to me. Their behavior did nothing to encourage me to continue the relationships.

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