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Construction in my neighborhood never seems to stop. Here’s what’s going on my street.

The house to the north is gutted to the studs. The owners are turning the three-bedroom house into a house with two master suites. They hope to move in this fall. There is an army of workers there every day.

The owners of the house across the street are adding a covered patio along with an outdoor kitchen. More workers and more trucks arrive daily.

Two lots to the north a master suite addition along with a kitchen remodel is almost finished.

Mid-block, a six bedroom spec home ($2.2m) is under construction. The previous owners ended up divorcing after the original house was torn down. The couple fought over the lot in court but ended up selling the lot to a developer. Many workers and trucks arrive daily.

On the north end of my street, a massive 5,900 sq. ft. spec home has been under construction for five years. Workers occasionally arrive but it looks like work has stalled again on this project.

The new owners of house to the south of mine are planning a kitchen remodel. This will be the third kitchen remodel in eight years for this house. They hope to start construction in July.

The new subterranean garage for the house catty-corner to mine will start demolition tomorrow. The east end of the house will be torn down in order to excavate for the new three-car garage and heated driveway. A new family room, laundry and bathroom will be built over the garage.

On other streets, there are four whole-house renovations underway, and a new 8,500 sq. ft. house under construction.

A developer recently paid $2.1m for a 3,800 sq. ft. ranch home on a lot just shy of a half-acre. The house will be replaced by a two-story, 9,100 sq. ft. house. The surrounding neighbors are vocalizing strong opposition to the house which they feel is too big for the lot. All of the adjacent homes are sprawling mid-century ranches. The house has yet to be approved by the architectural committee or the executive board.

Construction and renovations never seems to end. It’s a way of life here.

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A Lost Weekend

I was sick all weekend with a head cold. It stated last Thursday. I took to my bed Friday afternoon spending most of the weekend there. I managed to get to the grocery store for a few provisions on Saturday. It was a weekend without art, Internet, and friends. I feel much better today but still need a few more days to fully recover.

Oddly, the cat came home on Friday night after spending two weeks in Beaver Creek at the neighbor’s second home. He was dropped off in a Louis Vuitton cat carrier. He hung around all weekend keeping me company. He left this morning looking for a new adventure.

Thankfully, I’m working from home today. I’m back in my new job. I need to be on point but my head is still in a cloud of congestion. I’m trying to concentrate on the easy tasks today. I don’t want to make a critical mistake given I’m still in a fog from the over-the-counter cold medicine.

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Simply Amazing!

I’m doing my old job this week. In an epic display of incompetence, my old boss forgot my replacement was taking a three week vacation. He did not have sufficient staff to support the work load. He had to call my director and ask to borrow me for the week. I bet he hated making that call.

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He We Go Again

Paddy gave the new guy the boot again last Thursday. It was another epic disagreement making the fights on a Real Housewives franchise look like a guided mediation. Paddy had added the guy to his car insurance and cell phone plan. The guy drove home drunk last Thursday which was the catalyst for the break up. Paddy dropped the guy from the car insurance on Friday and his cell phone plan yesterday. The guy’s few meager possessions have been moved into the garage. The guy never had a key to the house so the locks don’t have to be changed. The guy is refusing to sign a document releasing him from the lease which only goes to show he is an idiot. He doesn’t realize he’s liable for half the rent even if he moves out.

Paddy met a new guy on Friday night. They’ve hooked up several times this past weekend. I wish Paddy would wait at least ten minutes between guys. I don’t know why someone who is on point in his professional life can make a complete mess of his private life. It’s probably related to being neglected by his drug-addict parents when he was a child. Whatever the cause, I think Paddy needs to find a therapist who can help him understand why he makes such poor decisions when it comes to men.

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Image taken at Edge Gallery a few weeks ago.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Mai Wyn is throwing a party at her gallery tonight. Also, it’s Pridefest this weekend in Denver which is expected to draw 350,000 people. It should be a fun weekend.

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I have to interface with my old “boss” in my new position. I always thought he was incompetent, unorganized, and lacked a work ethic. Lately, he’s been extremely slow to respond to my requests, or doesn’t respond at all. This morning, a peer told me she thought my old boss was treating me unfairly and was trying to sabotage my performance in the new job. I was surprised by her comments which reinforced my belief that the man is a douche.

My current job isn’t rocket science but it is a little more demanding than my previous role. The position requires organizational skills, a little bit of smarts, some interpersonal skills, and the ability to simultaneously manage five consecutive software releases.

My prior performance was one of the reasons my new boss offered a contract when I was deemed no longer needed by my previous team lead. I try to do my best every day, be user friendly and treat everyone with respect. I expect others to do the same. It’s become apparent that a certain underperforming man must be holding some sort of grudge. Petty behavior from a man who doesn’t have a good work reputation to begin with. He’s only hurting himself.

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Nothing To Add

I’ve retreated into my thoughts after learning of the massacre in Orlando. Topics I would normally post about seen insignificant and trivial. Others have posted moving tributes and diatribes. I have nothing new to add to the conversation. I’ll be on hiatus for a few days.

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