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Spend, Spend, Spend

Paddy has had a prosperous week so far in the new salon. The cash is burning a hole in his pocket. He dropped many hundreds at the injectionist this morning. It’s art night so we’re headed to Mai Wynn’s after dinner to buy art. Paddy’s buying art. I’m just advising. I say that now but one never knows what one will find in the galleries. Stay tuned for a full report.

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Over Ask

Nine showings in two days. Four offers received all over ask. House under contract seventy-two hours after listing. I guess our housing market is still booming. I knew better than to ask Mike the winning bid price.

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Living With A Ghost

I hardly see my house guest, Miss V. She leaves early in the morning and returns after I go to bed. Like all of the Clinton campaign workers, she puts in a fifteen hour day. Miss V has yet to eat a meal here or even dirty a dish. She sleeps and showers and leaves.

Miss V said she has never stayed in a house so nice. She sent pictures of the house to her mother on Long Island. Her mother wanted to know if I hired a decorator. I find this all very amusing.

My neighbors, Sheila and Tom, are also housing a campaign worker. Their house guest, Mr. E, is a young gay Chinese American from San Francisco. He had similar comments about their house. Their house really is stunningly beautiful. Mr. E was surprised that Sheila and Tom use real silver cutlery every day along with cloth napkins.

Sheila sees her house guest less than I see mine. He leaves before she gets up and returns after she goes to bed. Sheila likened it to living with a ghost. I had to agree.

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From The City To A Village

Mike and Chris listed their house last week. They’re moving to a newer house in the one of the villages south of Denver. Mike can be so weird about things. I found out the house was listed when I saw the for sale sign in the yard. I talked to him the previous evening but he didn’t mention the house was hitting the market. He wouldn’t tell me the listed price so I had to Google it. How strange is that?

Yesterday, we went to breakfast before running errands. Mike told me the new house is the same size as his existing house because it has the same number of rooms. He gives the major cross streets of the new house but he will not use the name of the exclusive enclave. While running errands, he drove by the new house. It was clearly not the same size as his existing house. I knew better than ask the price.

Later in afternoon, I Googled the new house. It’s 4,400 sq. ft. while the old house is 2,900 sq. ft. The new house is almost twice as expensive as his old house yet it’s the least expensive house on the block.

Mike is odd but I’ll miss him as a neighbor. I will not miss the early morning calls wanting to know who I banged the night before because there is a strange car in my driveway.

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Harmony To Hell

It’s really quite alarming how my work day can go from peace and harmony to a complete shit storm with the reception on one email, one IM, or one phone call.

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Never Ending Drama

There’s always drama in Paddy’s life. He was MIA for ten days. It turns out he was staying home with his sick dog. He didn’t leave his house for a week. Last night, Paddy told me his salon is closing on Saturday. The owner announced the closing yesterday. He needs to find a new salon today. Paddy is going to pay Perry and Mack to call his 3,000 clients (is it even possible to have that many clients?) so they know where to find him. It seems to be one thing after another for Paddy. I don’t know what he would do without drama in his life.

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No Vacancy

My brother and nephew left yesterday afternoon. Two hours later, my next house guest showed up. She’s a young woman from Los Angeles who is working on Hillary’s campaign. She’ll be here until the election. My neighbors, Tom and Sheila, are also housing a Hillary campaign worker from San Francisco. The campaign staffers work twelve hour days, seven days a week. They are certainly dedicated to the cause.

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