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I met Perry at the DAM yesterday evening for the opening of Glory of Venice: Masterworks of the Renaissance. Otherwise known as fifty paintings of Mary holding Jesus while posing with Joseph and miscellaneous saints. Yawn! The exhibit includes significant paintings by Venetian artists, such as Titian, Bellini and Carpaccio, created in the mid-1400’s and early 1500’s. Many of the works are on loan from Venice’s Gallerie dell’Accademia, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice and the Fondazione Magnani Rocca in Parma. Clearly, Renaissance art is not my thing but the show is excellently curated and staged.

It was the first time I’d seen Perry since she returned from summering in Michigan. It was good to catch up with her. Perry may join me for the art tour tonight.

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When Did I Become That Person?

After I got home from the gym yesterday afternoon, I cleaned the guest bedroom and bathroom. I had started to vacuum the family room when I noticed the CBS evening news broadcast was starting. I listened to the headlines which included another school shooting. I turned on the vacuum and proceeded with my house cleaning.

It wasn’t until later that I was shocked, not because of the school shooting, but because I shrugged off the shooting and proceeded with my day. I didn’t stop and listen to the details, or take a moment to pause. When did I become that person? When did I start accepting the fact that school and police shootings are part of life? When did I start thinking that these events are the norm, and not, the exception?

I lived in Denver when the Columbine massacre and Aurora theater shootings took place. One would think those events would make me sensitive to other shootings but there have been so many that they no longer faze me.

I don’t want to be that person.

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Counting Down The Days

Two weeks ago, I asked my house guest not to leave wet towels on the steel bed frame. She apologized for not realizing this could be an issue. So what does she do instead? She leaves the wet towels on the comforter. It’s a custom-made comforter, not some cheap thing from a discount store. Her room has started to smell musty. Every day, I go into her room after she leaves to open the windows and to get her wet towels, which I hang up in the bathroom. This woman may have a college degree but I don’t think she has any common sense. She could just be a slob given the state of disarray she leaves in her room and the bathroom.

Yesterday morning, her alarm went off at 6:30. I was working in my office which is a short distance down the hall from the guest bedroom. My guest kept hitting the snooze button for four hours. Four hours! WTF! Just set the alarm for a later time. It was most annoying to listen to her alarm go off every ten minutes. When she finally got up, it took her an hour and a half to get ready.

I’m counting down the days until the election.

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Almost Ready

This six-bedroom spec house is in the final stages of construction in my neighborhood. It can be yours for $2.2m. The house sits on a quarter-acre lot and has a four-car tandem garage. It seems a bit pricey to me but the housing market here stills seems to be on fire.

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Rule Returns

The art tour was fun last night. The town was anxiously awaiting the re-opening of Rule Gallery in their new space on Santa Fe. The building is owned by Mary Mackey, a Denver artist who is a star on the local scene. Mary’s studio is in the rear of the building.

Paddy and his latest crush, the hotel clerk, picked me up. We had dinner and then headed to Rule. Valerie and Hilary took us into the back room to view some Wes Kennedy pieces not included in the current show. The pieces were stunning.

Our next stop was Mike Smith gallery in Lodo were parking is next to impossible. The art was good and prices were high. The next stop was the co-ops on Navajo where we met up with Jacqueline. Louis Recchia and some great pieces at Pirate. His wife, Zoa Ace, has a few pieces there too.

After the galleries we stopped at Interstate for cocktails and a late night nosh. It was an enjoyable night.

The hotel clerk is a handsome young stud. I hope Paddy keep this one around for a while. He can properly conjugate a verb which seems to be just one of his many talents.

Mary Mackey, price unknown

Wes Kennedy, $1,200

Louis Recchia, Magic Garden, $900

Zoa Ace, $225

Mary Mackey, $2,200

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Continued Employment

My contract has been extend until the end of 2016. The client wants to keep me under contract through 2017 but it depends on budgets and business climate. He also wants to give me two more product lines to support. I’m not happy about supporting the other product lines because they are fraught with problems. At least I’ll be employed. It’s good to know he wants to keep me around when many jobs are being offshored to India.

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Friday Night Art

A few pictures from Friday night’s art tour.

First up, Robert Brinker at Michael Warren Contemporary. Metropolitan Dragon, hand cut paper $8,500.
Jean Smith at Zip37. Clay vases, around $75.
Dania Pettus at Edge. Altered film negative printed digitally $900.
Patsy’s, an Italian Restaurant, which became a Denver institution has closed. Ciao. More offerings from Jean Smith in the foreground.

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