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Fashion, Furniture and Fun

Wednesday night, I went to the opening of Shock Wave: Japanese Fashion Design, 1980s–90s at the DAM. The exhibit features clothing designed by Issey Miyake, Kenzo Takada, Kansai Yamamoto, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, and Junya Watanabe. The exhibit shows how Japanese designers challenged the status quo and revolutionized fashion through their reinvention of textiles and silhouettes while influencing younger European designers such as Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, John Galliano, and Dries Van Noten in the 1990s. The exhibit was packed so I’ll need to go back for a second look.

Last night, Sheila and I went to a cocktail party at the new Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store in the Cherry Creek Mall. The event was sponsored by the DAM’s Design Council. The store has a very “Manhattan” vibe.

Tonight, there’s a cocktail party at Jean and Bob’s to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. After cocktails, I hope to hit the openings at Michael Warren Contemporary and Walker Fine Art. The weekend will be off to a good start.

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Art Mumbo Jumbo

I saw this at an art opening last weekend:

The exhibit aims to present an anthology of contemporary artists who release the weighty constraints of a historical and magical transformation via artistic practice from one thing to another. The artists in this exhibition are complicit in flimsy ideas of a magical and alchemist-like change through art and aims to lift the veil from isolated artistic genius. The result can be equal to what is put in, with a subtle shift in context through making.

WTF! Can anyone translate this for me? I go to a lot of gallery shows. There’s always an artist statement or curator statement. This one is probably the worst I have ever seen. I think statements like this are one of the reasons why people say they don’t understand art.

I saw no connection between the art and the curator’s statement. I guess I’m not smart enough to understand statement, or it’s just too abstract for my simple mind. When confronted with a mess like this it’s no wonder people shy away from galleries and art shows.

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I’m Glad I Was A Nag

It seems like my weekend started on Thursday afternoon. I met Cindi at the DAM to see the Women of Abstract Expressionism exhibit. I wanted to get her take on it. She loved it! The Helen Frankenthaler works were some of her favorites. Frankenthaler’s art has been a major influence for Cindi. I enjoyed getting an artist’s opinion of the works.

I ran into Kara at the museum. Coincidentally, it was in the part of the museum paid for by her family. Cindi introduced me to Kara many years ago when they had studios in the same building on Santa Fe. Like Cindi, Kara is getting back into painting and creating art.

After the DAM, Cindi and I had dinner at a Mongolian Barbque place in the Golden Triangle. Cindi filled me in on her business liquidation. Things are going well. The city is now paying her $40k to move out of a warehouse they’ve declared eminent domain on.

The last stop of the evening was the Emilio Lobato and Virgil Ortiz opening at Havu. Cindi has known Emilio for years and has always found inspiration in his work. The gallery was packed when we arrived. The show didn’t disappoint. Our evening ended after the gallery.

After work on Friday I worked out with a new trainer. I haven’t worked out with a trainer since my car accident last year. Carlos, my previous trainer, gave me the boot. He’s now the sole child care provided so he works a reduced schedule. The new guy has an interesting approach to training. More to come on this topic. He told me I was in good shape for a man in his forties. He found it hard to believe I was fifty-nine. I had to show him my driver’s license. I’m not sure if he was just flattering me, or if he really thought I was younger.

Paddy was working late on Friday so I hit the galleries by myself. I avoided the first Friday crowd on Santa Fe by hitting the Navajo Street galleries and the opening at RedLine. The most interesting part of the evening was my conversation with Brenda and Tracy at Red Line.

Saturday was spent running errands and doing household chores. I manage to work out even though I was sore from the new trainer’s program. Saturday evening I ended up at the Apple Store as the camera on my iPhone stopped working. Apple replaced the phone at no cost since the warranty had not expired.

Sunday was a lazy day. I slept in, made brownies, ate lunch and took a nap. I didn’t shower until mid-afternoon. I met up with Double A before going to beer bust at The Wrangler’s new location. I ran into many friends I hadn’t seen for most of the summer. It was a lot of fun but most everyone agreed the music was too loud.

Double A and I went to the Walnut Room in RiNo for pizza afterwards. I haven’t spent a lot of time with Double A given our different schedules and the fact that he lives so far north I feel like I’m driving to Montana when I go to his house. It was good to spend time with him. Double A has decided to sell his house and move back into his condo in the city. It will be good to have him back in town.

On Monday, I got a text from Cindi. She thanked me taking her to the abstract show. She also said she can’t believe the looseness of her work after seeing the DAM show and Emilio’s work at Havu. That made me smile and warmed my heart. I had been nagging Cindi for weeks to see the abstract show. Now, I’m glad I was a nag.

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