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My neighbor, Sheila, called to let me know her Clinton/Kaine campaign sign was stolen from her yard, and to see if the sign in my yard was stolen. My sign was still in place. The neighborhood is still peppered with Clinton/Kaine signs. There’s not a trump sign in sight, which is a surprise, given the neighborhood has been known to heavily favor Republican candidates. Sheila ended our conversation by remarking, “They can steal my sign but they can’t steal my vote.” Indeed!

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That Pink Blouse!

The current Mrs. T (I’m sure there will at least one more) wore Gucci’s $1,100 “pussy-bow” silk crepe de chine shirt to the presidential debate last night. That’s an interesting sartorial choice. N’est-ce pas? I wonder how much the pants cost. It’s available on Net-A-Porter if you wish to pick up one.

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Art Recap

Art night was fun on Santa Fe. The usual suspects were involved. Point Gallery is closing when the current show comes down. This will be a huge loss as the guys at Point always put on stellar exhibits. The good new is that the following pieces are available for purchase at other galleries on Santa Fe:

Kate McGuinness at Artists on Santa Fe, Fresh Ink, monotype, 38 x 42, $1,000
Sharon Strasburg at Mai Wyn Fine Art, Sonoma Sunset 5, monotype on paper, 32.5 x 49.5, $3,600.

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Why Do They Forget?

I don’t have children. I have very little experience teaching or disciplining children other than reprimanding other people’s children in grocery store for misbehaving. Yes, I’m one of those people. I’m sure most parents teach their children to put away their toys when they are done with them. What happens to this training when these children become adults.? Why do they forget to pick up after themselves? Why do they think they get a pass at the gym?

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Tuesday Art Fix

I saw this painting at Concept Colorado on Friday night. I like the artist’s style. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

Ron Gerbrandt, Adam with chair and window, 36×48, oil on canvass, 2015, $5700

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Scenes From A Sunday

I went back to bed after breakfast Sunday morning. I was searching for motivation to start my day and tackle some of the three million things I needed to do. I was sprawled diagonally on the bed looking at the prints K gave me for one of my birthdays. They still bring me joy even though K is no longer part of my life.
I wonder if it’s really possible to hate a lamp. I’ve been wanting to replace the lamps on the bedroom nightstands for a while. They were purchased at the Neiman-Marcus outlet store. K liked them but I was on the fence so I relented. Mack thinks they look sophisticated but verge on being prissy. Prissy or not, I think they have to go but it’s hard to find the right lamp for the room at a reasonable price point.
One of the best things I like about my bedroom is the orientation to the garden. I get to wake up to this view every morning. It’s shame I have to but on my glasses to clearly see it. It’s also a shame that on work days it’s too dark too see the garden.
img_0175-editedI managed to roust myself from the bed after an hour. I worked in the yard for two hours before having lunch and making a run to Costco. Mike texted as I was leaving Costco so I dropped by to help him decide where to hang art in the new house.

The new house feels palatial even though it’s the smallest house on the block. The neighborhood is lushly landscaped and comes with strict covenants. A fence is not allowed unless it encloses a pool. Property lines are defined by landscape plantings.
Mike and I rode the light rail into town from the suburbs to meet the guys at beer bust. It was good to see the guys and hang out.
Then it was back to Mike’s for sausage and peppers. And another weekend came to a close.

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New Offerings

Perry and I hit the town last night to check out a few new shows. The first stop was the newly reopened Sandra Phillips Gallery at a new space in the Golden Triangle. The space is small but intimate. It’s good to have her back on the scene after a long hiatus.

Ania Gola-Kumor, untitled 10, oil on canvas, around $8,000
The next stop was Spark Gallery.

Mark Brasuell, Self Portrait as a Patient, charcoal and handmade pastel on paper, $800
The next stop was Core Gallery.

Bruce Clark, Poor Willem, oil and digital media on canvas, $200
The last stop was Concept Colorado which is a new 11-acre art complex in Commerce City being developed by Jeanie Nuances King. A party was thrown for the community to see the space before construction starts. A 53-foot tractor trailer was brought in to serve as a temporary art gallery. Food and refreshment were provided along with a live band. All the usual suspects were there.

Photos plastered billboard style on the side of an old farm building
The art gallery.
A mural on the art gallery trailer

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