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Selections From Art Night

A selection of offerings from art night for your viewing pleasure:

Mary Mackey Art, Mary Mackey, untitled, 24 x 24, about $1,200
Mary Mackey Art, Mary Mackey, untitled, 18 x 24, about $1,200
Redline, Tracy Tomko, The Fruiting Body, oil on canvas, not priced
Redline, Dustin Young, Outlook, graphite on paper, not priced
Redline, Dustin Young, Weight (Heavier than air), graphite on paper, not priced

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Get A Job

I saw this painting at Redline tonight. I think the universe is speaking to me. Get a job. Buy more art.

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Mask 3

It’s a day that’s calling for art. I’ll be hitting the gallery openings tonight with Paddy and Mack. Here’s a mask by Kate McGuinness to start the day. What does it say to you?

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Punk Against Trump

The inauguration of our next president is the catalyst for local, anti-fascist, punk rock bands to organize Punk Against Trump, a benefit concert on Friday night at the Summit Music Hall. The concert will benefit organizations likely to suffer under the new administration: the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Food Not Bombs. Three Grams, Screwtape, Allout Helter, The New Narrative and Cheap Perfume will be performing. The new president has become the ultimate target for the anti-fascist punk left. The concert is part of a national demonstration of solidarity for those who do not support the new administration. Who knew the new president would help revive the punk scene in Denver? If punk rock isn’t your thing, you can drop off a donation at the table staffed by Girls Rock Denver.

Click on this link to see the concert poster:
Punk Against Trump, Inauguration Day Rock Protest

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Mastering Skills

I’ve spent most of the last three weeks sharpening my skill set. I’ve mastered procrastination and the art of the afternoon nap. I’ve also been hitting the gym six days a week. I’ve barely touched my resume. I’ve only done research on two companies. I’ve read a few job postings but found a reason not to apply.

I’ve been working full-time since I was twenty. That’s almost forty years. My parents did not believe in allowances so I had a paper route and mowed lawns for spending money. Later, I worked at a Jack in the Box and was a busboy/dishwasher at a local steak house. My work career spans back to when I was eight.

I’m tired of working. I don’t want to look for a new job. I’m having a hard time finding motivation.

I’m thankful I have an emergency fund. I’m guessing that once I run through thirty or forty thousand dollars, I’ll find the motivation to seek new employment. Until then, I’ll probably try to master the art of sleeping in along with enjoying unemployment.

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Disappointment Drive 16

I had another trip down disappointment drive. I never started the car.

I was pinged by a guy online last Monday. He said he liked my profile. He was mid-fifties with a gym-toned body. I had engaging conversations with him over the next few days. He pressed to meet face-to-face. He wanted to meet as soon as possible. I agreed to meet him on Saturday at a local cultural institution. On Saturday, he texted a cancellation an hour before with the excuse he was running errands. I couldn’t help but think a trip to Home Depot or Target trumped meeting me. Later, he texted asking to meet in a few weeks.

I’m guessing he has a lot errands to run. I can’t help but wonder why, initially, he wanted to meet as soon as possible, but now, wants to meet in a few weeks. I bet he’s playing on the side. I didn’t block him because I want to see if he attempts further contact. I not holding my breath waiting.

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Mask 2


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