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She’s Back!

One of my favorite bloggers has returned from hiatus. Angry Black Bitch is once again practicing the fine art of bitchitude. Check out her latest post.

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The Final Fire

Perry and I met for the art tour on Friday. Paddy was having dinner with hair industry friends. Mack was working his retail job. Cindi was ensconced in her mountain home journaling her recent road trips.

Our first stop was Abend. It was a good, but pricey, show. I ran into Kate and David who are always fun and engaging in conversation. The gallery had a good crowd. There seemed to be a constant line at the bar. The food buffet had been ravaged leaving a few unappetizing bits here and there. I was there for art, not food and drink. There were many stellar works on display. Stop by and have a look if you’re in town.

Abend, Thorgriur Einasson, Reykjavik, 22″x24″, oil, $2,400
Abend, Stephanie Hartshorn, Oakwood, 24″x24″, oil, $2,850
After Abend, a stop was made at Next gallery. I wasn’t thrilled with the show. The conversations I had with friends were more interesting than the art.

The final stop was Ironton for the closing gallery show and party. It was packed. Most of the fixtures on the local art scene were in attendance. The crowd was in a festive mood in spite of the venue closing. There were great paintings on display by the artists who had studios in the complex. At the end of the evening a few minutes were spent around the fire pit reminiscing about the good times had at Ironton. It was the last fire. I was sad as when I left. The somber cloudy sky seem appropriate for the night another art venue died.

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Cindi is reporting that La Choza, one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Fe, has changed the signs on its bathrooms. The signs now show “Whatever”. Badda bing, badda boom.

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Disappointment Drive 17

It started out as a scenic drive but it turned into another trip down disappointment drive.

I had lunch with a man I met online. His profile described him as 60, 5’10” and 180. It turned out to be a nice time. The conversation was engaging. Being a retired English teacher, he knows how to properly conjugate a verb. After lunch he walked me to my car. Given we met at a chain restaurant next to a Costco, he gave me a quick hug and I was on my way.

Our second date was at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The teacher knows a lot about plants. Again, the conversation flowed without any awkward moments. After the touring the gardens, the teacher asked to see my house. I thought this was a bit odd but I relented and he followed me to my house. An hour or two was spent getting to know each other (it didn’t go there). As the teacher was leaving he told me he never dated a rich man. His comment alarmed me. I responded by telling him a person needs $5m in assets to be considered rich in this day and age.

Our third date was dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. Even though the dinner conversation was enjoyable, a number of red flags arose. The first red flag popped up when he told me I can’t come to his house because my BMW will draw too much attention. He lives on twelve acres of land in the mountains west of Denver. All of the neighbors have acres of land but people don’t drive fancy cars. I suggested he could take me to his house in his car. That didn’t fly because he rents the basement to tenants who don’t know he has sex with men. Do I look that gay? Does my mere presence out the person I’m with? Next, he told me his wife of thirty-something years died about two years ago. He had two long-term relationships (12 years and 8 years) with other married men during his marriage. He doesn’t think his wife ever knew. He’s also not out to his children so I will never meet them. That also means not spending holidays together. Finally, he told me he was sixty-five. His profile stated he was sixty while he told me on our first meeting he was sixty-two. He age is least of the things that bothered me.

He’s definitely not Mr. Right but he could be Mr. Right Now. He may be fun for a while but he’s not a keeper.

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Caprese Salad With Cranes

Yesterday, Perry and I met for an early dinner at Cucina Colora, in Cherry Creek North, before attending an art opening. Our table had a view of the neighborhood. A view which included two cranes for two new construction projects in the neighborhood. It’s hard to find a view in this town which does not include a crane.

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A Treasured Gift

My dear friend, Peter, sent me two masks he picked up on his last trip to South Africa. He FedExed the masks to me yesterday. I just love them. I feel honored that Peter gifted them to me. It’s the best gift I’ve received in a long time.

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I got news today of yet another death on the Denver art scene. Ironton, in the RiNo Arts District, has been sold and will be converted into a distillery. Just what this town needs. Aren’t there enough distilleries and craft breweries in Denver? Read this and weep.

Dear Friends of Ironton,

After 18 years we have decided to end our partnership and sell Ironton. On February 28th we will change hands, the new owners will be the Ironton Distillery.

We are having one last party and show on Friday February 24th.

Please stop by and help us toast a longer and more varied life than was ever imagined for this space; we’ve had over 150 gallery shows, 10 solstice parties, a couple weddings, 2 wakes, 2 iron pours, many fundraisers, and the first ever RiNo parties.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for everyone who visited the gallery and studios over the years, without your interest and support this would not have endured.

Thank you to the artists who showed their work in the gallery. The responsibility of putting on exhibits here was theirs, from installing the art to buying the beer and hosting the opening. You made us look good.

Finally, thanks to the artists who rented studios from us, some as long as 14 years. They were the folks that made our daily lives go ‘round and made all our Ironton endeavors possible.

Party starts at 6pm.

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Art & Protest

Art night was very entertaining. Most of the usual suspects were in attendance. I started at Space and made stops at Core, Spark, Access, Niza Knoll, Next, Pirate and Zip37. The exhibit at Space has stunningly beautiful art by Madeleine Dodge, Paul Brokering, John Matlack and Pat Isaacs. Space always has stellar offerings and this show is another great one to see.

Madeleine Dodge, various mediums on steel, 15″x15″, $900 each
John Matlack, Gillette 1, oil, marker on canvas, 64″x60″, $6,500
Pat Isaacs, encaustic monotypes on alumnum, 31″x18″, $895 each

The art in the member run galleries included a lot of political statements.

Next Gallery, Betsy Rudolph, Touch My Pussy, acrylic on wood, $400
Pirate, Brian Cavanaugh installation, not priced
Next Gallery, Barabar Gal, photos from Womens’ March, $25
Next Gallery, Free posters with instructions on how to paste billboard style

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Territorial Demarcation

Cindi and I attended the opening of Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place tonight. The exhibit consists of 13 site-specific installations by Latino artists based on their experiences of life in the American West. The exhibit is thought provoking. This piece by Jaime Carrejo is a commentary on the border fence as a physical and architectural form of territorial demarcation. It was one of the most popular installations in the exhibit.
This installation was also popular:

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A Man Sold His Soul

Does anyone remember the Columbine High School massacre in the Denver suburbs on April 20, 1999? Thirteen were murdered and twenty-one injured. Does anyone remember the massacre inside the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012? Twelve people were killed and seventy injured. These two tragic events were orchestrated by individuals with severe mental issues. These are just two of the many examples of the uncontrolled gun violence in this country.

Do you know what happened today? The Republican controlled Congress approved a bill allowing mentally ill people to purchase guns. The bill will most certainly be signed by the President.

And yes, Cory Gardner, the Republican Senator from Colorado, voted for this bill. He voted along party lines. A man, who was born and raised in Colorado, apparently didn’t learn anything from two of most heinous crimes in this state. Mr. Gardner has sold his soul to the gun lobby.

The people will remember this in 2020.

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