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Art & Protest

Art night was very entertaining. Most of the usual suspects were in attendance. I started at Space and made stops at Core, Spark, Access, Niza Knoll, Next, Pirate and Zip37. The exhibit at Space has stunningly beautiful art by Madeleine Dodge, Paul Brokering, John Matlack and Pat Isaacs. Space always has stellar offerings and this show is another great one to see.

Madeleine Dodge, various mediums on steel, 15″x15″, $900 each
John Matlack, Gillette 1, oil, marker on canvas, 64″x60″, $6,500
Pat Isaacs, encaustic monotypes on alumnum, 31″x18″, $895 each

The art in the member run galleries included a lot of political statements.

Next Gallery, Betsy Rudolph, Touch My Pussy, acrylic on wood, $400
Pirate, Brian Cavanaugh installation, not priced
Next Gallery, Barabar Gal, photos from Womens’ March, $25
Next Gallery, Free posters with instructions on how to paste billboard style

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Territorial Demarcation

Cindi and I attended the opening of Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place tonight. The exhibit consists of 13 site-specific installations by Latino artists based on their experiences of life in the American West. The exhibit is thought provoking. This piece by Jaime Carrejo is a commentary on the border fence as a physical and architectural form of territorial demarcation. It was one of the most popular installations in the exhibit.
This installation was also popular:

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A Man Sold His Soul

Does anyone remember the Columbine High School massacre in the Denver suburbs on April 20, 1999? Thirteen were murdered and twenty-one injured. Does anyone remember the massacre inside the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012? Twelve people were killed and seventy injured. These two tragic events were orchestrated by individuals with severe mental issues. These are just two of the many examples of the uncontrolled gun violence in this country.

Do you know what happened today? The Republican controlled Congress approved a bill allowing mentally ill people to purchase guns. The bill will most certainly be signed by the President.

And yes, Cory Gardner, the Republican Senator from Colorado, voted for this bill. He voted along party lines. A man, who was born and raised in Colorado, apparently didn’t learn anything from two of most heinous crimes in this state. Mr. Gardner has sold his soul to the gun lobby.

The people will remember this in 2020.

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Praying For A Tasty Mouse


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Laundry Aide Or Prison Guard?

I get daily emails from a job posting site advising me of new openings in my field. Occasionally, there are few postings sent which don’t quite match the parameters. I recently received notices about a laundry aide position in a nursing home and a correctional officer position at a maximum security facility. I passed on the laundry aide. I don’t mind doing my own laundry but I don’t take to the idea of doing laundry eight hours a day. I thought briefly about the prison guard position. I do think a man in uniform looks snappy. Also, wearing a uniform makes getting ready for work easy. I had plenty of practice wearing a uniform for the twelve years I attended private school. I decided not to apply for the prison guard job as it was located in Trinidad, Colorado. Having a dating life in Denver is challenging enough. I can’t imagine dating in a town with a population of about 8,000. Besides, I really don’t think I would do well in a prison environment.

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Something’s Coming

It’s been a warm week. Today reached an unseasonable high of 80°. Several wildfires broke out in the Front Range quickly spread by hurricane force winds. Evacuations were announced. By contrast, it’s snowing in the high country. Cooler weather returns tomorrow along with rain.

I found a crocus blooming in the garden today. It made me hopeful for spring. I know better. This is Colorado. There’s more snow on the way. Something’s coming. It may be a few days of spring followed by the return of winter snow.

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Splitting The Check

Being unemployed means I have a lot of free time. I have received a number of invitations to have lunch with friends. I’ve accepted all invitations. Not one friend has picked up the check. How odd is that? Granted I have financial resources and am not struggling, but, it would be nice for someone to pick up the check. I would certainly return the favor when I’m employed again.

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