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Mask 7

I found this mask at a neighborhood garage sale. The tag indicates it’s from Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Pics From the Weekend

I’ve got nothing except for a few pics from the weekend.

Friday evening in the Golden Triangle.

Cuddle time with Ferdinand.

Detail of Peter Illig painting Shipwreck/Redemption. Painting is mixed media and neon lights measuring 108 x 72, priced at $3,500. Peter is represented by Walker Fine Art.

Mark Penner-Howell, Harbinger, acrylic and colored pencil on canvas, 72 x 60, $4,500. Mark is represented by Walker Fine Art.

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The Mustard Sandwich

I ran into Beth on Friday night while out with Perry. I hadn’t seen her for a year or two. Perry and Beth have known each other for years. We had a nice time catching up on recent history. The topic of Lent and Catholic School came up in our conversation. Stories of being terrorized by nuns were shared by all.

Catholics were not allowed to eat meat on Friday when I was in grade school. The nuns would inspect lunches on Friday to make sure they were meat free. One Friday my mother mistakenly made bologna sandwiches. I was busted by Sister Joseph during lunch inspection. Sister Joseph threw the bologna away. I was lectured on eating meat on Friday. I was told I would burn in hell for eternity in front of my classmates. My punishment was to eat a mustard sandwich. I was not allowed to buy lunch in the cafeteria. I was banished to a table with the other offenders. I will never forget trying to eat that mustard sandwich. Sister Joseph stood nearby to make sure the offenders finished their meatless sandwiches. My sister suffered the same fate.

Sister Joseph was a cunt. She was the meanest of all of the nuns. Sister Joseph specialized in punishing students by beating them with a yardstick, throwing erasers at heads, pulling students out of their desks by their ears and making students kneel on the hard linoleum floor for what seemed like eternity for minor infractions. Her other career choice would have been dominatrix.

Making a child eat a mustard sandwich is abuse. Not allowing me to buy something in the cafeteria just added to the crime. Why not let me eat the bologna sandwich and go to confession before mass the next day? Isn’t that the purpose of confession? It’s not like I was going to die in the next twenty-four hours with that sin on my soul. Would I really be condemned to hell for eating bologna on Friday? If so, then god has a sick sense of humor.

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I took this picture in Five Points while hanging out Mike on Sunday.

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The Party That Wasn’t

Initially, Paddy was hosting his birthday party at his house on Friday evening. A few days later, he decided to host a cocktail party on Saturday night at Mai Wyn’s gallery to celebrate his birthday. A week later, Paddy changed it to a roller skating party on Friday night. Last Monday, the party was to be held on Saturday night at a local gay bar with a primarily Mexican clientele. The bar is known for its drag and burlesque shows. There was the promise of bottle service and a VIP area. The party was cancelled ninety minutes before it was scheduled to start.

Friday, Saturday, Friday, Saturday. The party with nine lives finally died.

It’s a birthday party. Make a plan and stick with it. There’s no need for so much drama.

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Scenes From Art Night

Perry and I hit the galleries last night. Stops were made at Havu in the Golden Triangle, Mai Wyn Fine Art, Michael Warren Contemporary and Sync on Santa Fe and Next, Pirate and Zip37 on Navajo. Havu’s offer is once again excellent but pricey. My favorite works were at Zip37.

I snapped this pic as we were leaving the Golden Triangle.

We hit the always reliable El Taco de Mexico for burritos, street tacos and Mexican Cokes. El Taco is not a glamorous place but the food is always good.

Zip37 is exhibiting great paintings by Ryan Talbot. The paintings are based on Ryan’s memories of storms in southern Colorado and playing in the rain puddles after the storm had passed. Ryan’s unique style makes the paintings fresh and exciting. It’s small show but definitely worth checking out.

Zip37, Ryan Talbot, Madison, oil on canvas, 24 x 36, $850

Zip37, Ryan Talbot, Jack, oil and mixed media on canvas, 24 X 36, NFS

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The Colour Of Spring

The Colour Of Spring was Talk Talk’s third album. Released in 1985, it was a departure from the group’s early synthesized pop music. To this day, the album remains one of my favorites.

Here are a few pics of the colour of spring in my garden:

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