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Saturday Night Art

Perry and I hit the galleries again on Saturday night. The first stop was Redline for Between the Medium: Seeing Photographically. The exhibit was curated by Mark Sink, the founder of Month Of Photography. The exhibit explores how artists are expanding the definition of photography by incorporating new technology and concepts. Local and national artists are included in the show.

Also opening at Redline was Every Breath We Drew, a solo show by Jess T. Dugan. Here’s a passage from the artist’s statement:

Every Breath We Drew explores the power of identity, desire, and connection through portraits of myself and others. Working within the framework of queer experience and from my actively constructed sense of masculinity, my portraits examine the intersection between private, individual identity and the search for intimate connection with others. I photograph people in their homes, often in their bedrooms, using medium and large format cameras to create a deep, sustained engagement, resulting in an intimate and detailed portrait.

Exhibits at Redline rarely disappoint. These shows are no exception. They are well curated. Local museum curators, along with the fixtures of the local art scene, turned out for the event. The exhibits were highly praised by attendees. Give it a look if you’re local.

Permanent light installation at Redline entrance.

Stephen Batura, painting based on historical photograph

Catherine Fairchild, Portraits of Sticky Notes

Lars Anderson

After Redline, we stopped by Leon Gallery for the opening of SKINs. The exhibit is a solo show featuring photographs by Tya Alisa Anthony. This is a small but powerful show featuring stunning images. Tya, a young woman, is a shining star of the new generation of local artists. This is also a show to see.

Leon Gallery, Tya Alisa Anthony, Eleven, photograph, 48′ x 72″, $1,200

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Friends & Photos

Paddy, JP, Jacqueline and I hit the galleries last night. It’s Month of Photography here so most of the galleries are exhibiting photos.

The first stop was Walker Fine Art were we ran into Perry. There’s some tension between Perry and Paddy so it was bit uncomfortable (They are exchanging professional services. Perry thinks that $350 for cut and color is too much money.) Walker has some excellent photos. One can always see great work in this gallery.

The next stop was Michael Warren Contemporary. The guys hit it out of the park with their new exhibit. Dallas Parkins has a series of photographs of downed street signs. They make one wonder what happened. Kely McClung is exhibiting photos of buildings in downtown Chicago. The photos were taken in the back alleys. It looks as if Kely lays on the ground to photograph the buildings. The photos look like black and white but are actually color. They are simultaneously abstract and representational. They are simply stunning. This is a must see show.

MWC, Dallas Parkins, Sign Down Denver #9, photograph, 60″ x 40″, $2,700

MWC, Kely McClung, Falling Up- Chicago Alleys #42, photograph, 42″ x 42″, $1,750

MWC, additional Kely McClung photographs

Pirate, Craig Robb installation

Golden Triangle condominium building housing Walker Fine Art.

The night ended with another late dinner at Blackbird.

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Sculptural installation at 24 Hour Fitness, mixed media on gym floor, 20,000 sq. ft., priceless

My gym should be renamed 24 Hour Filthy. The gym is disgustingly dirty. Allegedly, they have a cleaning crew. How does a cleaning crew miss dust bunnies in plain view? They probably need remedial training with a vacuum. Also disturbing is the fact that the personal trainers use the equipment on a daily basis. One would think the personal trainers would advise that management on the filth. How could the management be so clueless as to not recognize the issue?

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Mask 6

I bought this mask in Todos Santos, Mexico a number of years ago. Todos Santos is on the Pacific side of the Baja and is better known as the home to the legendary Hotel California.

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Out With The Old

This two bedroom, 2,000 sq. ft. house, sitting on a quarter acre lot recently sold for $980,000. The house, built in 1953, has been diagnosed with numerous code issues. The house will be scraped. The new owners have submitted two sets of off-the-shelf plans to the architectural review committee. Both sets of plans have been rejected for not being compatible with the other houses and architectural styles on the street. One would think that if the owners had nearly a million in cash to buy the house, and are planning to spend another three million on the new house, they could afford to hire an architect to design a house that will meet the architectural guidelines. Why would one skimp on architecture when one is building a high-end home?

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Even though the population of the Denver metropolitan area is approximately 3.5 million, it can be a small town at times.

One of Cindi’s employees had an accident in one of her company’s trucks. As a result, Cindi’s company is being sued by a local notorious ambulance chaser, FA (if you live in Denver you’ve seen his commercials). Oddly, FA lives in a palatial mansion down the street from Mike. FA’s house makes Mike’s house look like the servant’s quarters. Clearly, ambulance chasing has made FA very rich. In another strange twist, Paddy tends to the tresses of FA’s wife.

It’s like six degrees of FA. How strange is that?

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Art & Socializing

Art night turned out to be more about socializing than seeing new offerings. Paddy, JP (the boyfriend) and I headed over to Santa Fe for the First Friday Art Walk. After a quick dinner at El Taco de Mexico, we headed to Mai Wyn Fine Art. We spent a good amount of time talking with Mai Wyn. She’s letting Paddy hold his birthday party at her gallery in a few weeks. It’s always a pleasure spending time with Mai Wyn. We also spent time at Artzer-Shaw talking with Matthew who recently made a custom coffee table for Paddy’s living room. Matthew is a very talented and creative woodworker. He’s also warm and welcoming.

The best art of the night was found at Rule and Artwork Network. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures at Rule but I did snap a few at Artwork Network. Two paintings at Artwork Network were our favorites:

Silvana Ravena, Alpine Variations II, mixed media on paper, 36″ x 46″, $2,400

Silvana Ravena, Incursions to the Mind, encaustic on wood, 47″ x 63″, $5,300

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