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The Story Of My Generation

I’ve been watching When We Rise which chronicles the modern gay rights movement. Last night’s episode covered the beginning of the AIDS crisis. It was gut-wrenching to watch. Memories of my life, my diagnosis and the loss of many friends were dredged up from suppression. I found myself in tears several times. Even though it was tough to watch, I highly recommend the series. It tells the story of my generation. A story that many younger people may not know. A story of the struggles and victories that produced freedoms so many enjoy today.

Coincidentally, I read some alarming statistics in the local gay newspaper. Globally, 78 million people are infected with HIV while 35 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses. The war is being won but there still is a lot of work to do.

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Void II

Charles Livingston is one of the treasures of the local art scene. His paintings, drawings and multi-media installations are always fresh and thought provoking. Charles is a member of Pirate: Contemporary Art.

Void II, 30″ x 37.5″, acrylic, pencil and mixed media on canvas

Charles also owns Apeiron Design which produces high-quality custom rugs.

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Another Treasured Gift

My friend, Jackie, gave me this photograph. Jackie is an industrial/architectural photographer. The photo was taken on one of her shoots. She is a true master in her field.

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