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No Ask!

There was no ask on Friday night. The event was a small wine and cheese reception followed by poetry readings inspired by newly installed art in one of the Hamilton building’s third floor galleries. The readings were performed by MFA students from CSU Boulder. The falling snow kept attendance low making it an intimate experience.

Perry and I headed over to Walker Fine Art when the poetry reading ended. Walker has another compelling show although I don’t know how some of the works related to the metaphor theme. I really liked Peter Illig’s new works. It’s great to see an artist succeed but he’s now priced out my range.

Walker Fine Art, Peter Illig, The Nuts and Bolts, oil on panel with neon, 42 x 54, $5,500

Walker Fine Art, Peter Illig, Love System, oil on panel with neon, 62 x 48, $7,500

The next stop was Rule Gallery. New paintings by Eric Blum were being exhibited. The paintings were created using a complex process involving silk on board with beeswax which results in a serene muted abstract. If I recall correctly, the paintings ranged from $6,000 to 26,000.

While at Rule we popped into Mary Mackey’s studio in the back of the building. As always, Mary has stunningly beautiful abstracts at reasonable prices. Mary is one of the treasures of the local art scene.

Selections from Mary Mackey’s studio. Various sized from $400.

The final stop on Santa Fe was Spark Gallery for the opening of the Robert St. John and Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn new show. Heidi’s work seemed to be a commentary on the current political climate and distaste for the current administration.

Spark Gallery, Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn, FTS, paper mylar and glue, $150.

Spark Gallery, Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn, FTS , HIS, paper mylar and glue, $150.

After Spark, we debated calling it a night as the temperature was dropping and snow was falling fast and furious. The inaugural show at Next Gallery’s new space in Lakewood (a Denver suburb) was going to be the last stop of night. It was still above freezing. We decided snow and potentially icy streets would not keep us from checking out a new art venture. After all, we’re Coloradans and we know how to drive in a mess. We headed to Next. The gallery was crowded with a liquored up crowd by the time we arrived. A DJ was spinning tunes inspiring a few to dance. Virginia T Coleman, Charles Walter and Mandy Stringer were showing new works. Virginia had sold all but two pieces when we arrived. The new space is encouraging. Tours of the cavernous, to be developed space, were being given. Plans call for additional galleries and artist studios. If successful, Lakewood will be a new art destination. The new space is located just west of the iconic Casa Bonita, a Mexican restaurant known more for its cliff divers than its food.

Yet to be developed future art space in the building housing Next Gallery. The artists are coming!

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Snow started falling last night. The snow will continue until Saturday night.

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The Ask

The DAM’s manager of individual giving invited Perry and I to a private reception on Friday afternoon. I feel an ask coming. I’m sure she’ll be surprised when she finds out I’m on hiatus will not be able to write a check. I’ve generously supported the museum for years so they’ll just have to wait.

After the reception, I’ll be meeting up with the usual suspects for the art openings. The first stop will be Walker Fine Art to check out the new works by Peter Illig. Stops are also planned at Spark and Rule on Santa Fe. The final destination is the grand opening of Next Gallery in their new space.

Friday night also marks the arrival of the last snow storm of the season. At least, I hope it’s the last snow storm. Hard freeze warnings have been issued. Let the adventure begin!

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A Bittersweet Encounter

I ran into the guy from disappointment drive 14 last weekend. He has been busy with personal challenges and issues with his late mother’s estate. It was good to see him. He told me he thought about me often. I told him how much I enjoyed our trip to his cabin above tree line. I could sense there was some type of chemistry between us. I felt completely comfortable with him but it was a bittersweet meeting.

There is no future for us. There is no us. Even though he’s a highly educated and intelligent man he can’t get past the fact that I’m HIV+.

I gave him a long firm hug when our meeting ended. He felt good to hold and smell. I walked away happy our chance encounter happened, but disappointed. It’s not meant to be. I didn’t offer to continue to meet as friends as that would only continue a longing that will never be fulfilled.

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Friday’s Best Selections

None of the usual suspects joined me on Friday night’s gallery tour. Sync gallery was too crowded to enjoy so I’ll need to go back for a second look. I found a few treasures in Core New Art Space’s mini group show but thought the main presentations were lacking. Michael Warren Contemporary has a new show but they also hosted a crowd so I didn’t take any pictures.

The Laura Phelps Rogers show at Pirate was the best of the evening. Although it seemed a bit unorganized, the art presented was a new look at the American West and traditional themes. The show mainly contains photographs and sculptures which are a commentary on the changing western landscapes and lifestyle. Laura presented stunning photographs. Some are silver gelatin prints while others are printed on aluminum. A number of the photographs were taken at a mid-century motel a few blocks from my house. Those photographs were some of my favorites.

Laura’s exhibit is the last one at Pirate’s current location. It’s the end of a thirty plus year era. The closing party is on May 6th.

Core, Rolf Helland, Bombay Train Wreck, oil, $450

Core, Tracey Russell, Standing Open Structure, oil and graphite on panel, $375

Pirate, Laura Phelps Rogers, photograph on aluminum, 12″ x 18″, $795

Pirate, Laura Phelps Rogers, photograph on aluminum, 12″ x 18″, $795

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The Details

I admit the last post was misleading. I didn’t hook up with a cowboy is a motel. The entertainment was the art along with the gallery crowd. It’s a photo by Laura Phelps Rogers that’s part of the new show at Pirate. The model in the photograph is Laura’s husband. Photograph on aluminum, 12 x 18, $795.

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Details coming soon.

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Cloudy Friday

I snapped this picture of two cranes in Cherry Creek on my way to the galleries last night. They are hidden behind the utility poles and wires. It was a cloudy and rainy Friday. I saw some great art which I’ll share in the next post.

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The Lonely Crane

This is the view from Paddy’s salon in the suburb of Lone Tree. It looks pretty remote and desolate. What you can’t see are the hundreds of homes, apartments and retail establishments that face this undeveloped parcel of land. It’s only a matter of time before this view disappears.

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Illig At Walker

Peter Illig, one of my favorites of the local art scene, will be included in the next show at Walker Fine Art. The new exhibit, entitled Metaphors, will open on April 28th. Peter has incorporated neon in his new works. Walker always presents great art and this show should continue that trend. Click the link below the see a short video covering twenty plus years of Peter’s art.


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