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A Pic A Day 31

A potato cactus in the garden.

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A Pic A Day 30

View from the gym window while sitting on the incline bench press machine. I like the way the sun shade filters the view.

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Is The Man Bun Dead?

Yesterday, Mack and I met up with a few other guys at the Sunday afternoon beer bust. The holiday weekend guaranteed a substantial crowd. One thing I noticed was a lack of man buns. Many of the younger guys were sporting trendy barber cuts with a sharp part on the side. There wasn’t a man bun in sight. This made me wonder if the man bun trend has died? I do hope so.

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Standing on Navajo Street looking towards Confluence Park on the northwest edge of downtown. An almost completed thirty-four story luxury apartment building next to Confluence Park can be seen behind a crane on a new project rising in the Highlands neighborhood.

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A Pic A Day 28

Elevators in the DAM.

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Just Three Stops

I ended up doing the art tour by myself on Friday night. Perry and I managed to meet up at my last stop.

My first stop was the Joyce Coco opening at Spark. The show did not disappoint. Joyce has a fresh and bright color palette in the new works

Spark Gallery, Joyce Coco, Memories, oil on canvas, 50 x 48, $3,700

My next stop was the regional printmaking exhibition at CVA (Center for Visual Art). The show is outstanding. It’s a true representation of the artist talent in the region. The gallery was packed so I’ll need to go back for second look.

My final stop was the Jean Smith opening at Zip37. Once again, Jean has put a fresh spin on her clay works. This time Jean used 3-d shapes in wall groups. The results have a mid-century modern feel. This yet another in a long line of inspiring and creative exhibits that only Jean could produce.

Zip37, Jean Smith, clay, $365

Z1p37, Jean Smith, clay, $175

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A Pic A Day 27

Detail of a graphic installation on the second floor of the DAM’s Hamilton building.

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