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A Pic A Day 24

The recently opened three-story Mercedes-Benz of Denver which, ironically, is in Glendale. There’s a massive new BMW dealership two doors south. Both are owned by the same corporation.

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Different Wiring

Cindi’s house is under contract after lengthy negotiations. One buyer wanted Cindi to cut down three hundred trees on her land. Who buys land in a heavily forested canyon and then wants most of the trees cut down? She’s moving out on Friday just a week before the closing. It’s the end of an era of mountain living and the start of a new adventure in the New Mexican desert.

Most of Cindi’s furnishing are going into storage. She’ll be homeless for a few months. Friends will be hosting her in various states. She’ll also be horseback riding in Spain for ten days. Cindi is bringing her art collection to my house for safe keeping. I’ll get the hang two very expensive paintings in my house until she finds new digs in Santa Fe. The rest will be stored in the basement. I’ve cautioned her that my insurance will not cover her artwork if my house burns down.

I amazed at how Cindi can throw caution to the wind and turn her life upside down. Closing a business, selling a house, vacationing in Spain all without one clue as to where she’s going to live, or, if her art will support her. I’m not wired the same way.

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A Pic A Day 23

Hens and chicks in the garden.

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A Pic A Day 22

Resting in bed with the French doors open as another day comes to life. It’s hard to believe snow was falling two days ago. That’s life in Colorado.

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A Pic A Day 21

Cindi in Chimayo, New Mexico.

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A Non-Event

The snow was a non-event for my part of town. The snow mostly melted when it hit the ground. When it wasn’t snowing it was raining. The high country was pounded with snow. One town received forty inches. Today the sun is shining and sky is a beautiful shade of blue.

I skipped the art tour last night. I just wasn’t feeling it. The other usual suspects had other plans and I didn’t feel like going out by myself.

Faced with spending the evening at home, I watched Deepwater Horizon on demand last night. It’s the move about the horrific offshore oil rig disaster in 2010. It probably wasn’t the best choice of a movie to watch before going to bed.

When I woke up this morning I remembered dreaming that I worked at J.Crew. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Is it time to get a part-time job to help mitigate the financial drain on my emergency fund?

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A Pic A Day 20

LoDo (Lower Downtown Denver)

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