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Perry and I attended the annual summer celebration at the art museum tonight. Perry has transitioned from a walker to a cane so I didn’t have to stay by her side. She wore a very sheer top over a pair of slacks. Thankfully, she wore a great bra because her ample rack was clearly visible through the top. The men were enjoying the view all night.

It felt good to see some art after having my resume torn apart on Wednesday. I took a second look at the large-format abstract paintings in the Mark Bradford exhibit. The gallery was mostly empty so I had a chance to sit by myself and observe the complex beauty of the paintings. It was most refreshing

Towards the end of the evening I ran into Rebeca who is always entertaining. She had on a stunning floral halter-top summer dress. She shared news of a new man in her life along with an upcoming long weekend trip to Taos.

Complimentary Petey Bird handmade ice cream sandwiches were enjoyed before walking to the car at the end of the party. It turned out the be a wonderful summer evening.

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Three Down, Three To Go

I had my third interview for prospective employment on Wednesday. It was one of the worst experiences in an interview I have ever had. When I got home, I wanted to put a straw in a bottle of gin and drink my dinner.

The interview took place in the lobby of the office building housing the client. It was after five so people were leaving for the day. The cavernous marble-floored lobby echoed with noise. It was beyond difficult to concentrate on the conversation.

I discovered the man I’ve been interviewing with is a consultant. The consulting company in New York, who initially contacted me about the position, did not know the man was a consultant. They thought he was the client. The man shredded my resume line by line. My resume looked like he was diagramming sentences when he was done. Until today, I’ve only received compliments and positive feedback on my resume. It was a mind-numbing experience.

To my surprise, I was invited back for round 4 with a revised resume. There will be six interviews if I make it to the end of the process. Heaven help me!

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Paddy wanted to treat his nine-year-old niece to a vacation. He invited her to come to Denver for a whole host of activities. He had to figure out how to get her to Denver from Reno. As you can guess, this created a lot of drama. I’m not going to list all the possibilities that were discussed. Trust me when I say there were many options on the table. The final decision was a road trip. Paddy’s sister is afraid to drive. Paddy’s brother-in-law couldn’t take off work. Paddy’s father was enlisted as driver. Of course that means Paddy’s stepmother will be along for the ride too. And they’re bringing a parakeet!

Seriously, who takes a road trip with a parakeet during the dog days of summer? I asked Paddy why his family will be traveling with a bird. Paddy couldn’t clearly articulate why his family will be bringing a parakeet. He got testy with me so I dropped it. Could it be a service bird? This is drama just waiting to happen.

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The Kids Are Fighting

Mack had Friday night off from his retail job which allowed him to join the art tour. Perry texted in the early afternoon wanting to tag along. She had a hip replacement ten days prior and wanted to get out of the house. Perry thought she had recovered sufficiently to navigate the night with her walker. Paddy called mid-afternoon to join the art tour. When Paddy found out Perry was included he decided to meet the group at the first gallery instead of rendezvousing at my house. Paddy didn’t want to be stuck in the car with Perry as they have never settled their disagreement over swapping professional services. I texted Perry to let her know Paddy was joining us. An hour later Perry cancelled. Mack and I headed out on the tour. Paddy never showed up.

Most of the usual suspects were out in the galleries. Nothing really turned my crank. The best part of the night was an impromptu gathering at Mary Mackey’s studio. The tour ended with slices of pizza and drinks at a joint on South Broadway. Mack offered to buy my slices but I declined. I thought it was kind gesture but he’s still trying to financially recover from his stint of unemployment. Mack and I had a good time without the kids. The kids need to grow up and resolve their issues.

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A Summer Party

I was invited to a casual summer party on Saturday night hosted by an artist and his wife, the communications director for a local restaurant association. Cindi went along as my plus one. The guests included numerous artists, a gallery owner, a local art critic and his husband, a publisher and his wife, and a manager of planned giving for a local university. The food was beautiful in its simplicity while being perfectly seasoned and delicious. The conversations were lively and entertaining. I felt like I was in one of those glossy photo spreads in fancy food magazines where the guests are dressed well in a stylish outdoor setting. It was a great way to spend a summer evening.

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Scenes From Friday Night

The interview went well. I have an evening interview at the client’s office on Wednesday.

I snapped a few pictures on the gallery tour tonight.

Mural on 10th Avenue at Santa Fe.

The alley behind Mary Mackey Fine Art on Santa Fe.

Detail of a photograph at Spark Gallery on Santa Fe.

Door handle from the Liberace Collection.

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Back In The Lineup

A recruiter in New York emailed about a contract position with a cable company. I had a phone interview yesterday. I should have a second phone interview later today. It looks like I’m back in the lineup.

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View from the rear door of the Pattern Shop Gallery. Two new construction projects can be seen on the other side of the train tracks that run along the rear of the property. The light rail from Union Station in downtown to the airport also runs behind the gallery.

Interesting shot of the building next to the Pattern Shop:

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The Pattern Shop Gallery hosted a salon on Saturday afternoon for Jessica. Since Paddy and JP missed the opening, we arrived early so they could preview the works. Jessica explained her creative process and inspirations for her collages. All of her works are based on events in her life. She gave an overview of each collage except for the one influenced by the death of her son. It was too painful for her discuss. Hearing her struggles as a transgendered woman of color was truly inspiring. Jessica has faced more difficult times in her life than most people. Her story made me realize how being a white male in the United States grants me privileges unavailable to others.

Collectors have been viewing her works. There’s a buzz in the local art world about her show. It’s Jessica’s time in the spotlight. It’s a time she has been waiting years to experience. It’s well deserved.

Detail of one of the collages. Note the ankle monitor on her leg.

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