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View from the rear door of the Pattern Shop Gallery. Two new construction projects can be seen on the other side of the train tracks that run along the rear of the property. The light rail from Union Station in downtown to the airport also runs behind the gallery.

Interesting shot of the building next to the Pattern Shop:

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The Pattern Shop Gallery hosted a salon on Saturday afternoon for Jessica. Since Paddy and JP missed the opening, we arrived early so they could preview the works. Jessica explained her creative process and inspirations for her collages. All of her works are based on events in her life. She gave an overview of each collage except for the one influenced by the death of her son. It was too painful for her discuss. Hearing her struggles as a transgendered woman of color was truly inspiring. Jessica has faced more difficult times in her life than most people. Her story made me realize how being a white male in the United States grants me privileges unavailable to others.

Collectors have been viewing her works. There’s a buzz in the local art world about her show. It’s Jessica’s time in the spotlight. It’s a time she has been waiting years to experience. It’s well deserved.

Detail of one of the collages. Note the ankle monitor on her leg.

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Out After Three

A week ago I had my third interview with a prospective employer. The interview was an hour grilling in front of a three-person team. The first two interview were over the phone. I thought the interview went well. I was told the HR department would be in touch as the next step was another in person interview with a woman who was flying in for the final round. Last Friday, I received an email informing me that I would not be going forward in the process. I guess the interview didn’t go as well as I thought. Perhaps I was too old. I’ll never know.

I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. It was the first interview with firm that wasn’t a consulting company or a professional staffing firm. I was feeling down most of the weekend even though it was Pride weekend. On Sunday night, I watched a segment on 60 Minutes about the White Helmets in Syria and their daily struggles under an oppressive regime. I no longer felt blue. I blew an interview but I’m not fighting for my life every day. I have so much to be grateful for in my life. Not having a job pales in comparison to life in Syria.

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Stopping The Cycle

I couldn’t find a card that said thanks for being an emotionally unavailable distant father with poor communication skills so I sent a gift basket. I made the required call to my father yesterday. He dropped the n-word in the course of conversation. I let fly. I just didn’t want to get into it with him. Why bother to make an issue out of it? He’s tired of being told he’s a racist and I’m tired of trying to change him. He’ll never change and will be dead soon.

I read blog posts and FB posts by people with the most wonderful fathers in the world. I couldn’t relate to any of them. I didn’t fare well in the father lottery. I didn’t fare well in the mother lottery either. I learned to make the best of it. I don’t understand what it is like to have a great relationship with a parent. At this point I never will. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have children. I wouldn’t want to continue a cycle of bad parenting.

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Saturday Garden Pics

A few garden pics for your enjoyment on Satuday.

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Paddy, JP and I hit a few galleries tonight. The third friday of the month is collectors’ night allowing for a small intimate crowd as opposed to the choas of First Friday.

Two new cranes have popped up on the western edge of the Golden Triangle. Yet another luxury apartment building is beign erected.

Interesting mix of architecture in the Santa Fe Arts District.

Tongiht, Niza Knoll Gallery opened Fired 2017, a juried ceramics show. There are some great pieces in this show. My favorite was Macy Dorf’s Gateway priced at $5,000.

Paddy drove past the iconic El Chapultepec in LoDo on the way home. This Denver institution has been around since 1933. It was one of Jack Kerouac’s favorite haunts in the 1950’s. It’s a bar serving Mexican food along with being home to Denver’s best Jazz and R&B artists. Count Basie, Wynton Marsalis, Artie Shaw and many other famous musicians have played at the “Pec” over the years.

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