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Before the city dug up my enormous prickly pear cactus with a backhoe in order to install ADA compliant sidewalks, I cut some paddles in the hopes of propagating new plants. I gave three to Perry for her garden. The rest spent the winter in my garden in pots. The paddles have come back to life and have started to grow. Now I need to find a spot in the garden for them.

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Hell And Bliss

I have a love/hate relationship with my bed. At night, my bed turns into the seventh level of hell when I can’t sleep. It seems like a torture device invented to keep me from sleeping. I toss and turn endlessly. Eventually I fall asleep. In the morning, I love my bed. I’m snuggled under the covers with a cool breeze drifting in an open window. I can hear the birds are chirping in the trees. I’m completely comfortable as I watch the dawn of a new day in my garden. I don’t want to get out of bed. I want to stay there for hours but I get up and start my day. The cycle repeats at the end of the day.

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Jessica’s opening was a huge success. The gallery was packed. It was great to see a large crowd turn out for an artist who hasn’t exhibited since 2006.

Jessica’s art is very biographical. She opened the book of her life and put everything out there for the world to see. I’m guessing it was therapeutic for her. Jessica’s art explored her DUI arrest, the resuting court case which she won and the loss of a son, along with almost every aspect of her life. Her collages are expertly executed. There are hundreds of images in each piece which mesmerizes the viewer. Jessica appears nude in almost all of the works. She has nothing to hide. Jessica’s nude images are tasteful, as opposed the being pornographic, even though some pornographic images are used in her works. There are countless ways to interpret these powerful works. Every viewer will take away something different given their life experiences.

I applaud Jessica for putting it out there. It was a courageous move to bare her soul. Jessica has had some difficult times in her life yet she picks herself up and forges ahead. Everyone can learn a lesson from her experiences.

Jessica Loredo, Lunacy Essay, collage on board, $3,500

Jessica Loredo, Idiotic Soul, collage on board, $8,000

Jessica Loredo, Fuckun Loser, collage on board, $8,000

Jessica Loredo, Death of a Son, collage on board, $4,000

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RiNo Cranes

Standing on Blake Street in RiNo outside of the Pattern Shop Studio looking towards LoDo on Friday night. Two new residential constructions projects are rising in the distance.

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Jessica is a fixture on the local art circuit. She’s at all the openings and events. The usual suspects and I have become friends with her. Jessica is an artist but hasn’t had a gallery show for a while. Every time I’d see Jessica she’d say, “Baby, I’m gonna have a show soon”. She’s finally ready. Jessica has a gallery show opening on Friday at the prestigious Pattern Shop Studio in RiNo. I’m looking forward to it.

I remember when Jessica came out to me as transgendered. Jessica was describing a disagreement she had with another artist. When I asked her how long she knew the artist she said, “I met him back when I was a man”.

Jessica is also Native American. It will be interesting to see how her rather unique perspective is reflected in her art.

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