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Playing With Filters

I was bored last night so I amused myself by applying various filters to some of my photos. I like this one the best:

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Purple & Blue

Purple smoke bush hovering over blue Indian grass with sedum creeping in from the right.

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Plumbing Angst

The guys in Santa Fe came to Denver last week to adopt a new dog. A week before I prepared my guest bedroom and bath for guests. While cleaning the bathroom, I noticed the toilet would not stop running after it was flushed. I had to lift the tank lid and pull the thing up that shuts off the water. Just fucking great! Why does the toilet start misbehaving at this most inopportune time? Not wanting to pay for a plumber, I went to Home Depot is search of parts. A man working in the plumbing department asked if I needed help. After describing my dilemma with the thing in the toilet tank, the man immediately told me I needed a new toilet fill valve. He directed me to aisle 43, bin 7 middle shelf.

The new toilet fill valve sat in the box on the kitchen counter for five days. I would look at it and immediately be filled with angst over my ability to replace the valve. I would put it off for another day. This happened day after day. When Monday arrived I needed to tackle the job or call a plumber. I opened the box and pulled out the instructions. I was overwhelmed by the text and pictures. I calmed my nerves and started reading the instructions. I gathered the necessary tools and dove in. The instructions were lengthy but were written for a complete novice like me. Step one was to turn off the water supply along with directions as to which way to turn the valve. Step two was to remove the toilet tank lid. Yes, they were really that basic.

The replacement took about twenty minutes. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when the water supply was turned back on and nothing leaked. The new valve worked.

I learned a new skill. Just one of the many I needed to learn since becoming single. I can now turn off and on the irrigation system, replace sprinkler heads, turn on and off the swamp cooler and replace the propane tank on the gas grill. All of these things used to be taken care of by the ex.

The guys’ visit went well. They adopted an adorable beagle/dachshund mix named Abby from a rescue service in Boulder. The toilet flushed and turned off without leaks. It was a win/win for everyone.

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A few weeks ago, I attend the re-opening of Edge Gallery in the Prism Workspaces located on the western edge of the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood, just southwest of downtown. Prism is a new artist habitat about fifteen blocks west of the Santa Fe Arts District. The former light industrial building houses Edge Gallery along with artist studios and workspaces. The western edge of La Alma-Lincoln Park is populated with mostly single-story warehouses and manufacturing buildings and is separated from the eastern residential areas by the numerous railroad tracks that run through Denver. Railroad tracks on the east and I-25 on the west. In some places one can walk directly onto I-25 and onto the railroad tracks. It’s a part of town where most people would not want to live. But that’s what RiNo was before the artists moved in and started renovating buildings. The area became hip and trendy. Soon the developers moved in and started redeveloping the area. A block in RiNo can now easily be sold for $10m.

One artist habitat does not make an arts district. If more artists move in and more buildings are converted to art studios, workspaces and galleries, the area could become the next arts district. If that happens, the developers are sure to come hunting for cheap land.

A studio with a view.

Close to downtown

An abundance of scrap metal for sculptors.

Easy access to rail transportation.

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A Mostly Abstract Night

It’s great to walk into a gallery with walls full of beautiful paintings. It’s even better to see a good number of the work have sold. This happened last night at Shawn Huckins’ opening at Goodwin Fine Art. Shawn’s landscape and figurative works have text messages splashed across them. The result is fresh and inventive. One painting sold for $21,000. A number of other paintings also sold. Clearly this young man is being collected early in his career.

Michael Warren Contemporary was another stop on the art tour. New works by Dallas based artist, Tom Hoitsma, are on exhibit. These large format (most are 84 x 73) abstract paintings are striking. Tom uses acrylic and latex paints in the same painting which gives the painting depth and an interesting patina. Also on exhibit are small monochromatic abstracts by Mark Rediske. This is an exhibit working giving a look.

MWC, Tom Hoitsma, Nightscape and Orange Cross, both are 84 x 74, acryic and latex on canvas, $8,500 each

MWC, Tom Hoitsma, Late Winter and Landscape #17, both are 84 x 74, acryic and latex on canvas, $8,500 each

The tour also stopped at Core, Spark and Next. Next has a double bill with Richard Anderson and Betsy Rudolph. Richard is showing a small installation, three paintings and a number of small collages. The collages were my favorites. Betsy is showing small abstract paintings with a great color palette. I loved a number her works.

Next, Betsy Rudpolph, about 12 x 12, acrylic on panel, $110 each

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A Moment Of Horror

A few weeks ago, I was reading the Craigslist missed connection ads. I experienced a moment of horror when I realized I was one of the missed connections. I thought I was just being friendly in the random meeting. He thought he saw a look of yearning. I find it interesting how two people can interpret a situation in two different ways. I didn’t respond to the ad. I was not interested in the man. I don’t know how I communicated a look of yearning. I was simply being polite.

Here’s a photo of some random railcars yearning for a locomotive:

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Before the city dug up my enormous prickly pear cactus with a backhoe in order to install ADA compliant sidewalks, I cut some paddles in the hopes of propagating new plants. I gave three to Perry for her garden. The rest spent the winter in my garden in pots. The paddles have come back to life and have started to grow. Now I need to find a spot in the garden for them.

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