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A picture post for today. I’m counting down the days until I return to servitude.

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A Good Thing

I reorganized and cleaned my closet in preparation for returning to week. I’ve worked at home for most of the last gig so I didn’t have to dress for work every day. I’d throw on a business casual outfit for the occasional meeting at the client’s office.

The new job has a business casual dress code. I needed to review my wardrobe to see if it fell deficient. I had sixty pairs of pants in my closet, including twelve pairs of jeans. How did I ever accumulate that many pairs of pants? I tried on all the pants. Yesterday, I dropped off twenty-four pairs of pants along with a few shirts at the Peak Thrift Store, which supports homeless youths in Denver. The store employs homeless youths which gives them work experience, a paycheck and a start on self-sufficiency. Urban Peak, the local non-profit providing services to homeless youths, gives vouchers to its client enabling them to shop at Peak Thrift. Regular consumers are encouraged to shop at the store. The store should be able to make a few bucks off my donation. I think that’s a good thing.

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The Wrong Message

Mike sold his Range Rover. He never really liked driving the Range Rover because it sent the wrong message. He’s been driving a borrowed SL550 roadster.

Mike showed up at Trade last night with a new white convertible E-Class with a red leather interior. The car was too flashy for my taste. One of the guys looking at the car said it resembled a bloody tampon. I wonder what type of message the E-Class is sending.

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Disappointment Drive 18

I haven’t sought out romantic adventures during my stint of unemployment. It’s been a while. Are you ready for another trip down disappointment drive?

A few weeks ago, a guy left me a message on Plenty Of Dead Fish. He was an attractive guy who seemed to be in shape. His profile said he was forty-three. After texting back and forth for a while, he wanted to meet for a drink at Trade. I was a little hesitant to meet given the age difference, but I relented. Plans were formalized for meeting.

I was relieved to find out the man looked like his pictures. I immediately found out why he wasn’t smiling in his photos. He was missing several teeth and the ones he had were in bad shape. He was quick to tell me he was getting implants when he gets out of jail. The jail comment inspired me to ask a few fact-finding questions to determine what crime he committed. I was hoping it wasn’t felony assault, or a more reprehensible offense. My questions uncovered a plea bargain for a DUI arrest. He’ll be spending three months in jail. Further questioning revealed he has been arrested nine times for drunk driving but has only had three convictions. Apparently, one arrest was not enough to stop this man from driving drunk. It’s no wonder he wanted to meet for a drink instead of coffee. Check, please!

I wondered if he thought I’d be waiting at the jail when he got released if we made a connection. I also wondered why I keep meeting men with missing teeth. This guy was the third one. Perhaps I need to update my profile to express a desire to meet a man who maintains good dental health.

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Sealing The Deal

I’ve reached an agreement with the consulting firm in New York. I’ll be heading back to work in August, provided I pass a drug test and background check. I also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I’ll be consulting to an American telecommunications company with twenty-five million customers in forty-one states. I’m going to miss sleeping in and staying up late.

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A Mixed Media Night

Michael Warren Contemporary had the best art I saw on Friday evening. The new exhibit showcases Kelton Osborn’s mixed media collages comprised of acrylic, graphite and pastel on paper. The exhibit also includes mixed media pieces by Andrew Roberts-Gray which consisted of paint and silk screen on sand blasted mirror affixed to panel. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of Andrew Roberts-Gray’s pieces.

Kelton Osborn, Breach, Motion Simulator and Snare, acrylic, graphite and pastel on paper, 36″ x 28″, $2,200 each

Spark had interesting and affordable small works by Sue Simon and Susan Rubin.

Charles Livingston’s installation at Pirate was constructed out of recycled bicycle inner tubes stretched over wood frames. The piece also included video monitors in small rooms created by the panels. A subdued soundtrack played abstract sounds adding to the experience. Charles also exhibited red and black wood block prints.

Charles Livingston, Sensory Pod, Permutation #14 and #4, mono prints, water base block print ink on sumi paper, $400 each

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A Good Night For Art

It should be a good night for art. There are gallery openings at Robischon, Gildar, Pirate, Michael Warren Contemporary, Art Gym, Sync, Valkarie, Spark and Next. I will not be able to make it to all of them tonight. Charles Livingston is opening new works at Pirate. Charles is known for innovative and thought provoking work. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has come up with this time. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo taken in the Denver Botanic Gardens’ alpine garden at the York Street location.

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Seven Plagues

This is typical of the stupid fucks who work out at 24 Hour Fitness. Leaving a 45 pound weight in the middle of the floor so that others might trip over it. What the hell is wrong with these inconsiderate people? If you’re strong enough to use a weight this heavy, you need to rerack the weight when you’re done. People who do this deserve to have seven plagues enter their life.

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Saving The 1960’s

Recently renovated 1960’s era apartment building in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It’s refreshing to see an older building undergo renovation instead of being torn down and replaced with an architecturally insignificant new building.

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The VP

I met with the Vice President who runs the division of the company that may contract my services. The director I met with last week and the consultant were also in the meeting but were mostly silent. I think I did well. I found it nerve wracking to have my performance watched. Cleary, I would not make a good actor. After the meeting the consultant told me a decision will be made in the next two weeks.

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