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Seven Plagues

This is typical of the stupid fucks who work out at 24 Hour Fitness. Leaving a 45 pound weight in the middle of the floor so that others might trip over it. What the hell is wrong with these inconsiderate people? If you’re strong enough to use a weight this heavy, you need to rerack the weight when you’re done. People who do this deserve to have seven plagues enter their life.

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Saving The 1960’s

Recently renovated 1960’s era apartment building in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It’s refreshing to see an older building undergo renovation instead of being torn down and replaced with an architecturally insignificant new building.

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The VP

I met with the Vice President who runs the division of the company that may contract my services. The director I met with last week and the consultant were also in the meeting but were mostly silent. I think I did well. I found it nerve wracking to have my performance watched. Cleary, I would not make a good actor. After the meeting the consultant told me a decision will be made in the next two weeks.

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Cool Mom Quote

Here’s a quote from a good friend’s Facebook page:

“In my day job, I am a scientist. I don’t just write fiction.”

She’s also a really cool mom of three boys, a wife and an artist while making a living as a scientist. And she’s a writer. How cool is that?

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The house has been sold. The business has been liquidated. The warehouse has been cleaned out. Cindi said goodbye to Scar Top Mountain, her home for the last ten years, before driving out of town earlier this week. Cindi will be hanging out in Santa Fe and other parts of New Mexico for the near future. I envision her wandering naked in remote parts of the Chihuahuan Desert burning sage and dancing around a campfire while she plots the next phase of her life. She’s been known to camp in isolated places which enable her to ditch clothes. Cindi may be a girly girl with always the right shade of lipstick but she also knows how to take care of herself in the wilderness. Her father, who worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service, taught her well.

Before Cindi left town she brought a truck load of art to my house for safekeeping. She has a great art collection, which was collected over many years of running and co-owning an art gallery. She acquired works by rising young stars who have become successful fixtures in the regional art market. Many of the pieces she bought are by artists who are now collected. She was also given a number of significant pieces by artists she represented. Cindi always had a good eye for talent. She’s credited with starting the careers of a number of local artists.

As we were unloading one huge abstract painting, Cindi cautioned me to be careful as the piece had appraised for $30k. The painting is now hanging in my dining room. Another valuable piece is in my guest bedroom. The rest of the collection is stored in my basement on tables to protect the works from any possible water damage from a sewer back up or the water heater failing.

Cindi and I laughed about her being a homeless woman with a six-figure art collection. It was a bittersweet moment. It was the end of an era. Cindi has lived in Denver since she graduated from college. Now she’s starting another adventure. Cindi and I will always be friends. We will just be in different cities for now.

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Friday Night Birds

I saw these birds sitting on the wire last night on the way to happy hour with an HIV+ social group. It was an odd mix of people.

The former Kitty’s Porn Palace on South Broadway is being converted into a distillery by one of Paddy’s clients. If those walls could talk.

I stoped for slices of pizza at Pie Hole on South Broadway. Check out the mural in the bathroom.

After eating, I stopped by the juried abstract show that opened at Core Gallery last night. I didn’t care for most of the art in the show but I did see a painting by Tracy Russell in the members store I liked.

Tracey Russell, Hatdance, graphite and oil on panel, 24″ x 48″, $500

I went home after Core and watched Revolutionary Road on a Starz channel. I wish every member of Congress wanting to defund Planned Parenthood could be made to watch the end of this film. It a tragic reminder of what can happen when women don’t have access to reproductive health services. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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Dear Sweet Kevin

I met Kevin a few years ago at a holiday party. I thought I got a gay vibe from him but guessed I was wrong when he introduced me to his wife. Kevin’s wife was a charming woman but paled in comparison to Kevin. Kevin was strikingly handsome and smartly dressed. He looked intensely into my eyes during our conversation. He exuded masculinity while simultaneously being sweet and sincere. Mack was at the same party. Mack also met Kevin. Mack also thought Kevin was gay. Mack and I nicknamed him dear sweet Kevin.

I kept on running into dear sweet Kevin at gallery openings. He was never with his wife. Mack also encountered Kevin without his wife on numerous occasions. Last December Kevin was at a holiday party I attend with Mack. Kevin was alone and not wearing his wedding ring. Kevin and I talked at length. He still had intense eye contact. Kevin never mentioned his wife and I didn’t inquire. Mack had a similar experience with Kevin at the party. I thought it was odd that Kevin spent most of his time at the party in conversation with the only two gay men in attendance. Dear sweet Kevin was handsome as ever. He was now sporting a beard which made him even hotter. Mack and I compared notes on the way home. Both of us expected Kevin to come out in the near future.

Kevin was at a summer party I attended a few weeks ago. Again, we had a long conversation. I noticed Kevin was not wearing his wedding ring. Towards the end of our conversation he started talking about his girlfriend. I guess he wasn’t gay after all. When he was leaving the party he gave me a long hug. It was a hug that lasted a little too long. I ran with it. I’m not going to turn down a firm hug from a handsome man with a hot body. Although, it did leave me wondering.

I ran into dear sweet Kevin at a gallery opening last weekend. Again he was fashionably dressed. Kevin toured the gallery with me. At one point, I was walking out the door to put a business card in my car. Kevin rushed up me to ask why I was leaving. He asked me to stay. I thought that was odd. I told Kevin I would be back in a few minutes. Kevin was waiting for me at the door. We resumed our conversation until Perry arrived with her entourage.

Towards the end of the evening, Kevin introduced me to his girlfriend. I thought it was strange that she had been there the whole time but Kevin never mentioned her.

Later, I was talking to the hostess of the summer party who was also at the opening. I asked her about Kevin since she has known him for years. She said dear sweet Kevin was confused. Kevin divorced his wife but now has a girlfriend. She was expecting Kevin to come out. I guess I wasn’t alone.

Kevin was at that door when I was leaving. Once again, dear sweet Kevin gave me a long hug. Again, I ran with it. Again, the hug was a bit too long.

It’s not uncommon for me to get hugs from straight men. They are usually what I call the bro hug. It’s a quick embrace with one hand patting each other’s back follow by a rapid release. Kevin’s are a full hug with both arms wrapped around you.

I don’t care which team dear sweet Kevin plays on. He’s a handsome interesting man. Conversations with Kevin are always stimulating. He’s fun to be around. I just hope he is happy with himself. I hope he’s not confused.

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