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Art For Saturday

Paddy, JP, Cindi and I hit a few galleries last night. Cindi returned from Spain on Thursday night. She caught us up on her trip which included a long layover in London so she could pop into the Tate Modern. Havu has a stunning landscape show which includes representational and abstract paintings. We also made a stop in Michael Warren Contemporary because they were having a tequila tasting. The final stop was Pirate which had the most reasonably priced art. Here’s one of my favorites.

Pirate Contemporary Art, Tsogo Mijid, Entertainers, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 76, $1,850.

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I’m Not Alone

I had a status meeting with my male boss from the local consulting firm.  I told him I have never worked with ruder people in my career. He agreed with my observations and told me the VP felt the same way.  The office has now been papered with these flyers:


I can’t take credit for the signs.  I’m guessing other people complained too.  It’s too bad it doesn’t tell people not to pee on the bathroom floor.

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Where’s My Pencil?

As seen on the train home a few days ago:


It’s Friday.  The VP who banished jeans from the office is wearing jeans today.  Not a pair of nice dark-rinse jeans, but a pair of old and faded jeans with an unflattering fit.  Do as I say and not as I do.

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Is There A Steven In Your Life?

Click the link below to read a moving post by Dogpoet. I think this man is an undiscovered talent who deserves recognition.


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Italian Landscapes

I ventured out alone on Friday night. I only made it to two galleries.

Gildar had an opening for William Stockman, one of the stars of the regional art scene. The gallery was packed with fixtures of the local art scene. The art was stunning. No prices were posted which tells me the show is aimed at collectors.

My second stop was Spark Gallery. I stopped in to see Kate McGuiness and have a second look at her new paintings. I adore Kate and her art is always stellar. Kate and I had a great conversation. I blew off attending the opening at Pirate because I was enjoying Kate’s company.

The associate gallery at Spark has new works by Patrice Sullivan. It a mixture of paintings and drawings inspired by place, family and experience. It a small but impressive presentation.

Kate and I closed up the gallery and I headed home. A cold front was moving in which would bring much cooler temperature and rain for the rest of the weekend.

Spark Gallery, Patrice Sullivan, Italian Landscape, charcoal on paper, about 20 x 30, $175.00 each.

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Confused By Obsessive Infatuation

Pirate had a remarkable and thought provoking exhibit by Julie Jablonski whose run ended on Sunday. I meant to write a post about the work but life got in the way. Her show deserved more than just a few lines of text but I never found time to compose a decent post about her work. Julie assembled an incredible installation along with paintings. The exhibit was titled, Twitterpated (confusud by obsessive infatuation).

Julie wrote one of the best artist’s statements I’ve ever read. Click here to give it a look. Here are a few photos of the exhibit. I look forward to seeing more from this talented rising star.

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Sunday Art

Kate McGuinness opened a new exhibit of paintings at Spark Gallery on Friday night. She is of my favorite artists. Here are a few pictures from the show.

Spark Gallery, Kate McGuinness, Everybody Move, painting on wood panel, 36 x 48, $2,300 each

Spark Gallery, Kate McGuinness, Summer Roadside, painting on wood panel, 48 x 48, $2,800

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Cubicle Life

My female boss informed me of a pending move into a cubicle. That is, when the next person moves out of my quadrant of the floor. Will I miss watching the highway traffic every day? Will I miss watching the private jets landing at Centennial Airport? I may miss a few things about my plastic table by the window but I look forward to cubicle life again.

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The Circus Continues

I finally have an ID badge at work. It took seven weeks to set up. My company issued laptop has been in the IT department for almost three weeks waiting to be re-imaged. I have a borrowed company laptop but it can’t access all the applications I need. Nobody can figure out why the applications are being blocked on a company laptop. The circus continues.

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Can You Say Narcissist?

It didn’t take Perry long to take Paddy up on his offer. On Monday, she left messages on both of his phones along with texts. When he didn’t respond promptly, she left messages at the salon, on salon owner’s phone and with three of the stylists. Perry needed her hair cut and colored before she left on a planned trip on Wednesday. Oddly, she went more than six months without cut and color during the rift. Now she was having a hairmergency. Paddy offered Perry an appointment on Tuesday. The time wasn’t good for Perry. She told Paddy he was inconveniencing her. Paddy told Perry to take it or leave it. He didn’t have any other openings. Perry took the appointment. She showed up thirty minutes late. She also hadn’t washed her hair for six days. Paddy was disgusted by her stinky hair but he rose to the occasion. Perry left happy.

Perry got $350 worth of services free. Yet she was being inconvenienced and showed up late with dirty hair. Can you say narcissist?

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