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Cubicle Life

My female boss informed me of a pending move into a cubicle. That is, when the next person moves out of my quadrant of the floor. Will I miss watching the highway traffic every day? Will I miss watching the private jets landing at Centennial Airport? I may miss a few things about my plastic table by the window but I look forward to cubicle life again.

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The Circus Continues

I finally have an ID badge at work. It took seven weeks to set up. My company issued laptop has been in the IT department for almost three weeks waiting to be re-imaged. I have a borrowed company laptop but it can’t access all the applications I need. Nobody can figure out why the applications are being blocked on a company laptop. The circus continues.

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Can You Say Narcissist?

It didn’t take Perry long to take Paddy up on his offer. On Monday, she left messages on both of his phones along with texts. When he didn’t respond promptly, she left messages at the salon, on salon owner’s phone and with three of the stylists. Perry needed her hair cut and colored before she left on a planned trip on Wednesday. Oddly, she went more than six months without cut and color during the rift. Now she was having a hairmergency. Paddy offered Perry an appointment on Tuesday. The time wasn’t good for Perry. She told Paddy he was inconveniencing her. Paddy told Perry to take it or leave it. He didn’t have any other openings. Perry took the appointment. She showed up thirty minutes late. She also hadn’t washed her hair for six days. Paddy was disgusted by her stinky hair but he rose to the occasion. Perry left happy.

Perry got $350 worth of services free. Yet she was being inconvenienced and showed up late with dirty hair. Can you say narcissist?

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Tech Center Cranes

Every day on the light rail I pass these two cranes at a construction site in the Tech Center.  They are in a different position each day


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Friday Favorites

Sandra Phillips Gallery, Walker Fine Art, Michael Warren Contemporary and Dateline had opening on Friday night. Here are my favorites.

Waker Fine Art, Melissa Borrell

Michael Warren Contemporary, Allison Stewart, Crevasse #2, Skyfaring #10, mixed media on canvas, 48 x 48, $8,500 each

Michael Warren Contemporary, Heidi Jung, Olive, sumi ink and charcoal on mylar mounted on panel, 48 x 36, $3,800

Dateline, Luis Valle, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 $2,500 each

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Tech Center Sunrise

The morning sky just before I entered the client ‘s office.


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Watching The Traffic

Is there anything more boring than watching the clock all day at work? Most days I sit at my table by the window with nothing to do. Watching the traffic on the highway is monotonous and borders on being hypnotic. Last Thursday, I told my two mentors I was ready for additional work or training. They didn’t respond to my email or even bother to talk to me. They were on the phone every time I walked by their shared cubicle. I would think they could at least find ten minutes in their day to guide me to something new. Instead, they ignored me. I stared out the window most of the day. Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday. I searched the company’s portals in the hopes of finding something to read which would expand my knowledge of the operations. Tuesday was a repeat of the two previous days with the exception that I was bunkered down in my work friend’s cubicle. She was out sick so I’ve took full advantage of not sitting in an area that’s more exposed than wild turkey in a field after the harvest. My laptop was positioned so it couldn’t be seen from those walking by. I read blogs and wrote posts. It alleviated some of the boredom and gave me the appearance that I was actually producing work. Why is no one concerned that I’m getting paid to do nothing?

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