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Building Details

Architectural detail of my client’s office building.


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The fund raising dinner turned out to be more enjoyable once I found my neighbors and sat down for dinner. The food was good and the program was interesting. I was seated next to another neighborhood couple who live one street away. He is a partner in a law firm while she is a psychiatrist. I was given a very detailed description of their two month trip to the United Kingdom. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They didn’t seem interested in my life. They did ask me where I lived. This was odd given I’ve lived two houses away for twenty-five years. You know self-absorbed some people with money can be. Perhaps they don’t remember where I live because I don’t have one of the architecturally significant houses in the neighborhood. The next topic of conversation was the pending kitchen renovation of their 1930s era mansion. Without asking, the husband informed me the new kitchen will cost $280,000. The project hasn’t started because the wife can’t decide between cabinets imported from England or France. I know that would keep me up at night. After hearing about their two month vacation and their kitchen renovation, I was surprised they only donated $500 in the live action money ask. I was sure they were going to pony up five or ten thousand. I guess lavish vacations and expensive kitchen renovations are more important than mental health services for the commoner. That’s another oddity given the wife is a psychiatrist.

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Alone In A Crowd

My neighbors invited me to a dinner benefiting   psychiatric service organizations. He’s a psychiatrist while she’s a psychiatric nurse.  He’s the author of several industry books.  Both are highly regarded in the medical community.  I’m at the silent action/cocktail hour before dinner.  Me and 1200 other people.  I don’t know anyone.  I haven’t seen my neighbors. This isn’t my crowd.  I’ve proven the theory that it is possible to feel alone in a crowded room.  I wish my house was on fire so I could leave.


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A Better Choice?

Here’s a picture of the seat on the light rail train I take to and from work every day. Could they have used an uglier upholstery fabric? I understand the fabric has to be durable and hide dirt given that it is used on public transportation. I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t a better choice. EC03C5B2-ECBD-41F4-B31D-33D94926A82B


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A Successful Launch

My client had a successful launch last night. At least, they think it was successful. I’m appalled by the bugs that went out the door because they were not considered show stoppers. Everyone is being congratulated and lauded for job well done. There’s a storm of congratulatory emails. You would think they landed a spaceship on Mars. In reality, an interactive tool for customers went live. A tool with a few things that don’t work. But they will be fixed in the next release which doesn’t have a launch date. I guess that’s how you treat your client base when your customers simultaneously hate the company but pay for its services. Don’t you love quasi monopolies?

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The department I work in has achieved a level of inefficiency which makes one question if there is a management team. The initial project I worked on has been locked and loaded since Friday waiting for deployment on Thursday. The next project now has an indefinite launch date. The project was scheduled to start today but the environments aren’t stable. The group handing the project off to my team never informed anyone the project was in jeopardy. The project will be delayed at least a week. It’s another week of getting paid to do nothing.

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Back To The Grind

F18EC8C6-068D-465F-9057-954E21787620.jpegThe elevators are clean but the bathrooms and kitchen were not cleaned over the weekend.  It’s the start of a new work week.  I don’t have a lot to do.  I’ll be mentoring a new employee since his official mentor will not help him.  My work friend has also taken him under her wing.  He should not be subjected to the poor mentoring my work friend and I endured.

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Searching For Motivation

42FE0153-82E6-458B-822C-B47AF0B65FF5I’m searching for motivation to get off the bed and get cleaned up.  It’s a cool, but beautiful, sunny day here.  I need to rescue the fish from the water feature before they freeze to death and transplant some bamboo in the garden.  Wish me luck.

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A New Favorite

While I was unemployed, I came across a couple of artworks I really liked. I told the artists I would buy the pieces when I secured employment. Much to my surprise, both pieces were still available when I returned to work. Here’s one of the pieces.

Sharon Strasburg, laser cut monotype, 20 x 20. Represented by Mai Wyn Fine Art.

I hung the piece in my master bath. It brings me joy every time I see it.

Thanks for the comments on the last post. I was in a dark place but I’m much better today. I’m having a quiet weekend centered on me.

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I think I’ve lost faith in humanity. Reprehensible behavior by another contractor at the office, along with recent political events in the United States left me reeling. After seeing news coverage of a woman with no soul giving a press conference, I was totally defeated. Why are some people evil? All of this along with a lingering upper respiratory infection makes me want to take to my bed and never get out.

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