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Searching For Motivation

42FE0153-82E6-458B-822C-B47AF0B65FF5I’m searching for motivation to get off the bed and get cleaned up.  It’s a cool, but beautiful, sunny day here.  I need to rescue the fish from the water feature before they freeze to death and transplant some bamboo in the garden.  Wish me luck.

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A New Favorite

While I was unemployed, I came across a couple of artworks I really liked. I told the artists I would buy the pieces when I secured employment. Much to my surprise, both pieces were still available when I returned to work. Here’s one of the pieces.

Sharon Strasburg, laser cut monotype, 20 x 20. Represented by Mai Wyn Fine Art.

I hung the piece in my master bath. It brings me joy every time I see it.

Thanks for the comments on the last post. I was in a dark place but I’m much better today. I’m having a quiet weekend centered on me.

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I think I’ve lost faith in humanity. Reprehensible behavior by another contractor at the office, along with recent political events in the United States left me reeling. After seeing news coverage of a woman with no soul giving a press conference, I was totally defeated. Why are some people evil? All of this along with a lingering upper respiratory infection makes me want to take to my bed and never get out.

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The Migration

Every few days, a new contractor shows up at the office. All of the new people are from firms not holding a large presence at client’s office. None of the new people are Indian. All of the new people are United States citizens. It looks like the migration away from the major player has started. Unofficially, I’ve been told the company wants to reduce its reliance upon H1-B visa holders. All of the recent job posting requirements by the client include the ability to read, write, speak and understand English and the need to display professional, positive and approachable attitude/demeanor. I think that’s a good thing.

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The Dreaded 404

There’s been an issue for weeks in the client’s test environment that produces a 404 error (an error message that indicates a client can communicate with a server, but the server could not find what was requested). Nobody seems too concerned about the issue. Everyone is pointing fingers but nobody want to take the lead to resolve the issue. A new version of the client’s portal launches next week. At this point it will go out the door with the 404 error unresolved. Customers will have to call the care center for assistance. Who doesn’t love calling a toll free number and getting an agent in some developing country who barely speaks English? It’s no wonder all the companies in this sector of the communications industry are universally hated.

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Abstract Wonderland

Space Gallery opened a group abstract show on Friday night. The previous weekend I had met Patricia Aaron and Jeff Wenzel, two of the artist included in the exhibit. I wanted to see what type of work they were producing. This show did not disappoint. The gallery was packed with large scale abstract paintings along with sculptures. I liked every painting in this show. The gallery was crowded with art admirers, collectors and fixtures from the local art scene.

Patricia Aaron, Awash, wax and mixed media on panel, 48 x 48, $7,200.

These next two paintings were inspired by Patricia’s visit to Prince Edward Island.
Patricia Aaron, Mustad and Sky, wax and mixed media on panel, 48 x 36, $6,500 (on the left)
Patricia Aaron, Trade Winds, wax and mixed media on panel, 48 x 36, $6,500 (on the right)

Jeff Wenzel, Borrego, mixed media on wood panel, 44 x 63, $6,800

Jeff Wenzel, Angus, mixed media on wood panel, 56 x 80, $9,500

John Wood, mixed media on paper mounted on panel, 15 x 19, $,700 each.

A view from the mezzanine which demonstrates the size of some of the paintings.

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Islands Influencing Art

I met an artist at a brunch last Saturday. Her work is included in a group show opening at Space Gallery tonight. The works were started two years ago on a trip to the Bahamas, continued at artist residency in Iceland and a on a visit to Prince Edward Island. I hope to snap a few pictures tonight.

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