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Darth Office

This office building in the Denver Tech Center always reminds me of Darth Vader.

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Friends In Transition

I’m back at work today after the long holiday weekend. Overall, the holiday was great but I learned of two relationships nearing, or at, end of life. Garrett, who I don’t see very often, ended a two year relationship with his boyfriend. I think the thirty-year age difference was a major factor in the demise. Garrett and his ex are sharing joint custody of a $3,000 dog. Another relationship was put on life support in December. There’s a sixteen-year age difference between these two, along with a very significant income difference. The younger of the two wanted to “take a break” while the older wanted to attend couples counseling. The younger one refused to go to counseling. The younger one quit his job before Christmas. He also moved out of their very large house in a swank suburban neighborhood. He now resides a one-bedroom apartment in a central-city neighborhood. Since the younger had no savings, he asked the older for support until he gets established. These two have been engaged for three-years. It looks like the separation will be permanent as both parties have been hooking up with other men. I’ve known the older one for twenty-seven years. It’s hard to watch this relationship fall apart. The only good thing is the house is not in joint tenancy. Well, that’s a good thing for the older one.

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A Southwestern White Christmas

Snow fell last night accompanied by sub-freezing temperatures. We’re going to have a white Christmas. The first one in a long time.

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My Son

I never thought I’d have a son. I have one now. JC has started referring to WF and I as his work parents. He calls WF mother and me father. I guess we’re his gay work parents. The guy is brilliant but, at times, seems completely lost in the world. WF has told him to stop wearing dirty trousers to work. It never occurred to JC that people would notice his pants were soiled. Almost every day I have to tell him to fix his hair because it looks like he just crawled out of bed. JC is always hungry but has strange eating habits. He pulls a sandwich apart in chunks instead of taking bits It’s rather strange to watch. When he’s finished eating he covers his plate with a napkin as if he’s hiding something. JC is a whiz when it comes to computers and coding but left his laptop at home this morning. The drive to fetch the laptop took an hour out of his day. I honestly don’t know how he survived living on his own in Russia and China.

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Moving On

Paddy’s sexual harassment allegations have been dropped.  All parties involved concluded there wasn’t a legitimate claim after Paddy’s lawyer explained what legally constitutes sexual harassment.  Paddy was not in a position of power given he’s an independent contractor.  Also, Paddy was recounting a conversation he had with his lesbian cousin, and not, directing lewd comments toward the woman who took offense.  The offended woman apologized to Paddy for misunderstanding what is, and is not, sexual harassment.  The other woman involved in the conversation did not take offense to the comments, and thought the issue was blown out of proportion, which helped Paddy’s defense.  The salon owner asked Paddy to stay but Paddy chose to move on.  He rented a salon space in a facility that houses mini salon suites.  All of the stylists are independent contractors.  

The whole matter was drama caused by Paddy’s inability to put a filter on his conversations.  He freely discusses all aspects of his life.  Not everyone wants to know the details of a coworker’s life.  The details of the conversation were not appropriate for my office environment.  I’m not sure if hair salons have a different set of rules concerning appropriate conversations.  I’ve advised Paddy to exercise caution going forward.  When in doubt, don’t verbalize it.  I know he will not take my advice.

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Last Sunday, a woman sideswiped my car. She was talking on the phone while driving. She was ticketed so my car will be fixed by her insurance company. It was her second accident this month. The initial estimate is $3,500. The car goes into to the shop on January 2nd. Oddly, there are three months left on the lease. The car was rear-ended when it was three months old. That repair was almost $8k. I need to call Mike and order a new car.

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Self Harm

I saw this at Pirate Contemporary Art last night. Jonathan Dow, Agreed upon Self Harm, mixed media, $300.

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Friday Flora & Fauna

Image seen last night at the Animals In Art exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

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A Few Good Things

There are a few things about the company I’m under contract with that I like. There is free tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, along with filtered water. The people I’ve met in other departments are friendly and engaging. There are many women in key positions. And there a quite a few blind employees. Previously, I’ve only worked with one blind person. At this firm, I’ve encountered at least eight blind employees. Oddly, all of them have been men.

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Religious Icons

Being raised Catholic, and attending Catholic schools for twelve years, meant I was exposed to many religious images and icons in my youth. The schools usually had a least one statue of Mary and a multitude of Jesus statues and images. Joseph was seldom seen unless a nativity scene was erected during the holiday season. I came across this image the other day. It’s unlike any I’ve ever seen. What were they thinking?

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