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Leaving Is Trending

My work son, JC, submitted his resignation today. He was fed up with the place. He lined up an internship as a software developer along with two part time jobs to cover his monthly expenses. He’s willing to work three jobs to get out of the “hellhole”. Sadly, our departure will leave WF alone to fend for herself against the Indians. WF has been looking for a new position within the company. She’s great at networking so I expect she’ll soon find a new position in a department without a horde of H1B visa workers.

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It’s A Risk

I landed my new gig without an interview or a resume. That’s not the experience I had when I was job hunting in the first seven months of 2017.

I received a call from a man I worked with years ago. A woman I worked with previously recommended me for a position he needed to fill. Two other former peers also said I would be a good fit for the job. The man gave me his pitch. He remembered my work ethic and reliability along with my client relationship skills. The position supports new product introductions and user acceptance testing. I’ve done both in previous gigs.

The position is with the client who went bankrupt in 2016 and couldn’t renew my contract. That may be a shock to some. The private equity owners of the company traded their equity for debt forgiveness. The remaining debt was restricted. A new board and leadership team was installed. The company emerged from bankruptcy in December and went public in January. The company is smaller and leaner. It is no longer being strangled by $6B of debt.

The new gig is a significant salary increase and offers the opportunity to work from home. I’ll also be returning to 1099 status which offers more tax advantages for me. It’s a risk but I can’t stay in my current job.

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The Good And The Bad

My contract was signed today. I start my new gig on February 12th. I’m emailing my resignation letter to the New York consulting company tonight. Sadly, the new firm laid off a significant number of people today. I’ll be walking into an environment where the company tossed employees out the door and brought in consultants. I’m thankful the need for my skills was identified before the layoffs.

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A Minor Setback

The VP who approved my contract at the new firm was let go today. My contact said it was a shock to hear she was no longer with the company. I’ve been assured I’m still wanted and needed but the transition may take longer than expected. I was hoping to be able resign my current position today but I’ll have to hang in there a little longer.

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Friday Night Favorites

Mack and I hit the galleries on Friday night. Along with seeing a coffin in the back of a pickup truck, we saw some great art. Stops were made at Walker, Havu, Rule, Mai Wyn, Michael Warren, Niza Knoll, Spark and Core. I also attend an opening at Space on Thursday night. Here are some of my favorites.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, Indigo Daze, oil on canvas, 80 x 60, $11,500.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, The Bather, oil on wood panel, 57 x 45, $6,300.

Space Gallery, Jason Lee Gimbel, Crystal Blu, oil on wood panel, 45 x 57, $6,300.

Walker Fine Art, Mark Penner-Howell, Everything Is Going To Be, mixed media on wood panel, 24 x 24, $2,200.

Walker Fine Art, Mark Penner-Howell, Hallelujah, mixed media on wood panel, 24 x 24, $2,200.

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Getting My Protest On

My neighbor, Sheila, and I went to the Women’s March. It was epic!

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Friday Night Coffin

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Round One

Salary negotiations have started for a position at a different firm. Round one was yesterday. I was approached by the firm after they received recommendations from three former colleagues. I hope to share more details next week.

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Looking For A New Opportunity

Back in December I decided I needed to find a new job. Even though my contract will be extended, and the client has plans to convert me into a full-time employee, I have no desire to continue to work for the firm. The client has expressed their desire to have me join the company. Oddly, they have never asked if I was interested in working for their firm. Given my experiences so far, nothing inspires me to join the company. I’ve let my network know I’m looking for a new opportunity. My resume has been updated. I stopped deleting the emails I receive with job openings in my field. I’m looking for a new opportunity but I’m not in a hurry. I don’t want to jump to a new firm just to leave this one. I want to make sure the new position is a good fit

My current position enabled me to stop the financial hemorrhaging of my emergency fund. I’ve also learned a few new skills which has enhanced my resume. The gig has served a purpose but there’s no desire to stay, or a commitment keeping me in place. My initial contract term will end in a few weeks. I look forward to the day I tender my resignation. It’s time to move on.

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I went to the opening of Carlos Frésquez’s, Sangre Colorado, at the Center for Visual Art (CVA) on Friday night. The opening was packed with art and patrons. The CVA exhibit consists of work created over Carlos’ forty-year career. It’s billed as a mid-career survey which means there is a lot more to expect from Carlos. I need to go back for a second look when the gallery is less crowded. Here a passage from the CVA website:

The intention behind Frésquez’s work is often to make the viewer reexamine commonly accepted beliefs about the human condition and the façade of hierarchy among different groups of people. The title of the exhibition, “Sangre Colorado” is an example of Carlos’s playful use of language paired with imagery to convey meaning that is on one level humorous, but with a serious message behind the pun. The use of Sangre, Spanish for “blood” and Colorado, which means “red color” together are a play on the colloquialism, “red-blooded American.” Like that of many self-identifying Chicano/as, Carlos’s family has lived in Colorado for several generations. As he says, “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.”

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