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Round One

Salary negotiations have started for a position at a different firm. Round one was yesterday. I was approached by the firm after they received recommendations from three former colleagues. I hope to share more details next week.

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Looking For A New Opportunity

Back in December I decided I needed to find a new job. Even though my contract will be extended, and the client has plans to convert me into a full-time employee, I have no desire to continue to work for the firm. The client has expressed their desire to have me join the company. Oddly, they have never asked if I was interested in working for their firm. Given my experiences so far, nothing inspires me to join the company. I’ve let my network know I’m looking for a new opportunity. My resume has been updated. I stopped deleting the emails I receive with job openings in my field. I’m looking for a new opportunity but I’m not in a hurry. I don’t want to jump to a new firm just to leave this one. I want to make sure the new position is a good fit

My current position enabled me to stop the financial hemorrhaging of my emergency fund. I’ve also learned a few new skills which has enhanced my resume. The gig has served a purpose but there’s no desire to stay, or a commitment keeping me in place. My initial contract term will end in a few weeks. I look forward to the day I tender my resignation. It’s time to move on.

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I went to the opening of Carlos Frésquez’s, Sangre Colorado, at the Center for Visual Art (CVA) on Friday night. The opening was packed with art and patrons. The CVA exhibit consists of work created over Carlos’ forty-year career. It’s billed as a mid-career survey which means there is a lot more to expect from Carlos. I need to go back for a second look when the gallery is less crowded. Here a passage from the CVA website:

The intention behind Frésquez’s work is often to make the viewer reexamine commonly accepted beliefs about the human condition and the façade of hierarchy among different groups of people. The title of the exhibition, “Sangre Colorado” is an example of Carlos’s playful use of language paired with imagery to convey meaning that is on one level humorous, but with a serious message behind the pun. The use of Sangre, Spanish for “blood” and Colorado, which means “red color” together are a play on the colloquialism, “red-blooded American.” Like that of many self-identifying Chicano/as, Carlos’s family has lived in Colorado for several generations. As he says, “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.”

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Double A Update

Double A had a heart attack last Friday morning in his office. He was the first person in the office which is housed in a historic mansion. Thankfully, a coworker arrived who called 911 before unlocking the front door so the emergency services could enter the highly-secured mansion. The EMTs had to carry Double A down a circular staircase on a stretcher from the second floor. Double A spent two days in the hospital. He was released with instructions to see his cardiologist.

This is Double A’s second heart attack. The first one happened about ten years ago during services. There were a number of doctors also attending services at his synagogue that night so he received immediate care.

I only found out about Double A’s heart attack yesterday. Since I started my current employment gig we don’t talk very often. I used to chat with Double A several times a week in the early morning when I worked from home. There is no privacy at my current office so I keep personal calls to a minimum. Cell phone calls often drop in the building and I don’t have a land line since I’m assigned to a plastic table. I need to make a better effort to keep in touch with Double A. He’s a good friend and I value our friendship.

Double A has also decided to sell his house in the far northern suburbs just south of the Wyoming border (It’s not actually near the border but seems like it is given the drive is almost an hour). He wants to move back into the city to be closer to work and his friends. He’s starting his house hunt this weekend. Unfortunately, the average price of house in Denver is now $465,000 so he may also have to sell his rental property to find a decent place in the central Denver neighborhoods, which are more expensive than other neighborhoods. I look forward to having Double A back in the city.

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Negotiating Monogamy

A few weeks ago I was listening to a program on National Public Radio (NPR) about the evolution of modern relationships. The changing attitudes on monogamy were part of the conversation. One of the NPR panelists argued Monogamy is no longer guaranteed in a relationship. It has to be discussed and negotiated. That statement rang true given the number of men I’ve met in open relationships and multiple-partner relationships since I became single. It certainly is something to ponder.

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Sunday Art

As seen at the Denver Art Museum:

Thomas Hart Benton, Trail Riders, oil paint on board, 1964.

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What A Day!


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