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Adios FB

I deleted my Facebook (FB) account. I only had a handful of friends on FB. I never wanted to have a lot of FB friends. I never understood how a person could have hundreds or thousands of friends on FB. I deleted the account after reading Walter’s post about spring cleaning. It seems like he was ahead of the trend of people deleting their accounts. I had grown tired of the relentless political posts and advertisements. I also didn’t care about posts advising a person had checked into a certain place or business. I never bought into the FB hype. It seemed to be a necessary evil at time I joined. Given the recent revelation of political misdeeds, I no longer wanted to support a social media vehicle produced by an unrepentant corporate entity. Adding to my ire was a statement released by FB lawyer describing the company as a victim. Describing FB as a victim is pure revisionist history whose only intent is to put an uncalled for spin on corporate malfeasance.

I kept my Instagram account even though it is owned by FB. At this time, Instagram does not seem to be caught up in the scandal. This could prove to be a wrong assumption. Again, I only have a handful of followers and only follow a few art related accounts. I don’t follow any account with a large number of followers. I don’t want to be a social influencer and I have no desire to follow a social influencer.

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Another Money Beg

Paddy’s party was one step above a frat house party. He talked a few days before the party about polishing the silver. Who knew Paddy had silver? Turns out he had silver plate, which his stepmother ruined trying to clean with some method she found on the internet. It was paper plates and plastic ware. The food was a mix of appetizers, pizza, eggrolls and corned beef with cabbage.

I only knew four people at the party. Given I’ve known Paddy for almost four years it was odd to see so many guests I did not know. Paddy socializes with many circles so the party was a disjointed mix of people whose common denominator was knowing Paddy.

The last guests departed a little after two in the morning. Paddy ended up staying up all night as his father and stepmother changed their flight to the first one out in the morning. Before leaving for the airport, the money beg happened. Just like their last visit, they hit Paddy up for money. Paddy’s father, who looks like the William H. Macy character Shameless, has been driving without insurance. As a result, his car registration was revoked. Adding to their troubles was a lack of money for food and the pantry was bare. Paddy gave his father a couple a grand for car insurance, registration and food.

Paddy has a relentless need to take care of people. Once again, his family took advantage of this need. At least, that’s my opinion. Paddy sees it differently.

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A Sobering Revelation

I uploaded all of my tax documents for my accountant today. I was waiting for one last 1099. I finally called the investment firm only to be told the fund, which holds my investment, did not declare a dividend, or distribute capital gains for 2017. I wasted weeks waiting for a 1099 that was never going to be sent. I should have checked into it sooner, but lately, I’ve turned procrastination into an art. My accountant called in the late afternoon to discuss the documents he received. He pointed out I paid more in taxes in 2016 than I made in wages in 2017. That was a sobering revelation.

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Friday Night Favorites

I hit the gallery openings last night. Sharon Strasburg and Fawn Atencio have stellar works at Mai Wyn Art. Brenda LaBier’s photographs steal the show at Sync Gallery. Zoa Ace has her usual whimsical works at Zip37. Richard Anderson has paintings with a somewhat vintage inspired color palate at Next gallery. Here are two of my favorites:

Sharon Strasburg, No Destination, laser cut monotype on panel, 22 x 17.5, $1,200.

Richard Anderson, Palace Front, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 12, $300.

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Murals On Santa Fe Drive

I snapped a few pictures of the murals on Santa Fe Drive on my art tour tonight.

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Nothing New

Nothing exciting has happened here. There are few gallery openings to hit tonight. Paddy’s birthday party is tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy another painting by Julie Jablonski currently on display at Pirate Contemporary Art.

Julie Jablonski, Arena II, oil on canvas, 48 x 60, $2,000.

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Paddy called this evening to ask if I would be attending his birthday party on Saturday. It’s the fifth time in the last month he has asked me. How many times do I have to answer that question?

Paddy turns forty on Saturday. It isn’t just a party, it’s a birthday extravaganza. The festivities start in the morning at the St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown, followed by lunch at an unspecified restaurant. The celebration continues at Paddy’s house in the late afternoon. Corned beef and cabbage is being served along with catered gourmet snow cones. There will be plenty of booze along the way.

The celebration started out with a handful of people but has now mushroomed into an eighty-nine person guest list. Paddy is flying his father and stepmother in to help with the party.

I’m only attending the party at Paddy’s house. I don’t think I can take an entire day of Paddy’s craziness and some of the people he considers his friends. The celebration has the potential to turn into an out of control cluster fuck.

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